This was posted 3 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Switch] Firewatch - $8.98 @ Nintendo eShop


Genuinely the first time the game has gone on sale in Australia for Switch.

Can't comment on the port quality (yet), but generally gets a good reception.

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    Bought this today! Been waiting for it to go on sale

  • Great game. Had this in my watch list on deku deals for awhile.

  • Wow amazing price, heard a lot of really good things about this game. Thanks OP got it. :)

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    Brilliant game. It really sucks console owners won’t see the next game by Campo Santo :(

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    About time! Would love to replay this on Switch.

    Maybe Untitled Goose Game will go on sale too….

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    Had never heard of it, looks interesting though.

    It's $4.99 on PC at GOG right now, is that the better buy?

    • As far as the 'switch tax' goes. $9 vs $5 on PC isn't bad.

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        Yeah, I guess my main concern is the quality of the Switch port.

        Reviews seem good, but then I was reading the comments on this video which talked about poor graphics and framerate issues, and the reviewer also mentions stutters and freezes at times.

  • Good price. That said if you want it for PC, it's on GOG now for $4.99

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    RIP In The Valley Of Gods

  • I didn't know about this game, but thanks for the comments, I'm sold

  • So how is the switch port?

  • Great game. It does rely on its atmospheric immersion, so play it while the Switch is docked if possible.

  • Never heard of it, but the reviews and the price helped me pull the trigger. Cheers OP!

  • Loved this game! Well worth a playthrough.

  • Firewatch is fantastic at any price. Absolutely pulled me in from the start and I reflect on it lots.!

    • and I reflect on it lots.!

      What do you mean?

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        I'd guess he means he reflects on his experience with the game quite often

        Most people I've spoken to who have played the game say it's quite a deep or thought-provoking experience

        • I bought because of this comment. I won’t hold you to it.

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            @chriise: Sorry been out and about all day. I don't want to spoil but yeah the game is a gentle experience and can be completed in around 5 hours. It's not Last Of Us level 'misey porn', though it elegantly covers themes around human needs. The game encourages you to jump to conclusions and my best advice is to just go with it!

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          OK, I bought it, but I'm a pretty thick/simple person, so I doubt I'll get any meaningful life lessons or epiphanies from it, I just hope it is a good game.

  • Good game, or say more like a saga. It's the first and only game by far that when I was playing, it didn't feel like playing rather than reading a book.

    The only thing is I got this game for free from Steam.

  • I played this on the Xbox, really enjoyed it. Well worth checking out.

  • Great price for a great game. Nice find!

  • Fantastic game. Played it on PC when it first came out, really great journey.

  • Interesting story, worth playing.

  • Fantastic game. I played on PC. The Devs were bought by steam/Valve after the game was such a success.

  • Amazing game. Played on xbox. High recommend - finished in one day sadly.

  • One of the best games I've played. Runs well on low-spec machines too, so you can run it on most computers. Even low graphics still looks spectacular.

  • Never really looked at the game when it was released, but this is a pretty good price so might give it a go. Cheers!

    • I’m enjoying it a lot so far. However there are quite a few frame drops and freezes if you walk quickly

  • Bought and finished it today.. Personally would not recommend it.

  • Bought this on PC at launch for $20 because I followed the designers on Twitter. I would happily pay that again to support them.

  • Finished it. Not bad. Terrible lag at times though, as mentioned here