This was posted 7 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $899 / 128GB $979 (Save $300), iPhone 12 64GB $1199 (Save $150) @ JB Hi-Fi


Apple iPhone 12 Mini $300 off, 64GB $899 / 128GB $979 (expired)


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    • +1

      Yeah, after I calmed down, I decided to wait too.

      Another thing is that the dollar is a bit stronger compared to when the 12 was released so the 13 should be ~$100 cheaper ordinarily…

      • -1

        The dollar strength won’t change the price. Apple standardises the price world wide. I am expecting the new iphone 13 to be about $80 more expensive than the current model.

        • +1

          Apple pricing changes pretty regularly in response to exchange rate fluctuations.

          The only market where the price is “standardised” is the US. You’ll note in Australia iPhones are priced slightly differently pretty much every year.

          • @tp0: Really? I’ve never seen Apple prices change. How often does Apple update the pricing on their site for products?

            • +1

              @solidice: Usually when a new product is released however sometimes they’ll adjust prices mid-cycle if there’s been a big shift in the exchange rate.

              • @tp0: This. And sometimes it can catch you by surprise. Same thing happens in other (non US) countries too even within the official Apple retail stores where prices change not because the product itself changed but they did a refresh of pricing in line with FX changes.

                In all fairness though, many other brands/products do the same thing to avoid arbitrage.

    • But, 300 extra
      Faster processor, and..?

      • +1

        Better battery.

        • probably faster refresh rate

        • +1

          Everyone that had the "iPhone 12 mini" complained about the battery life, so it's going to be fixed with a 8% increase in battery capacity. Plus of course a smaller notch. hopefully battery percent reappears.

          iPhone 12 mini – 2,227mAh
          iPhone 13 mini – 2,406mAh (8% increase)

          • @Alp3r: It would be nice if the notch was proportional to the rest of the phone. But if they can do that they’ll make the notches on the larger phones smaller as well, which will make the mini still look out of proportion lol

  • Geeze, just sold the iPhone mini 128gb I picked up from the plan deal for $1000 yesterday.

    • whoever bought would be spewing rn!

      • I mean, they would have saved $21 getting it today (assuming they can find stock) - for all intents and purposes its a brand new phone in packaging with a receipt so….

  • Don’t forget to use gift cards for an extra discount

    • But if something goes wrong they’ve won’t refund you like normal if you pay with gift cards, I’d be careful with it

      • Used to be a risk for me but given three years validity at a store I’m likely to buy from again in the future I am less worried… but fair game.

  • +4

    $930 for Mini 128GB after price beat at Office Works. Thanks OP,

    Nice upgrade from my gen 1 SE.

  • Wish they’d do a deal on iPhone SE :(

    • +5

      Why would you buy an SE when this gives you the full flagship iPhone experience for only another ~$220?

      • +5

        Touch ID

      • +1

        For my elderly father who would prefer things to just stay the same (as his iPhone 6S) and doesn't trust Face ID (he only recently got into Touch ID). Given his use case is limited to Whatsapp, and more recently the Dine and Discover vouchers, he doesn't have high end needs but his iPhone 6S is on it's last legs battery-wise as I can literally see the battery percentage go down whilst I hold it!

        … that being said, just bought him an iPhone 12 Mini as I figured it's similar dimensions/size, and he'll just need to relearn some of the gestures.

        Also had plenty of HIM JB Hifi gift cards stocked up :)

        • +1

          I love how you changed your mind within 3 hours! I think he’ll be very happy with his present. A 5.4 screen vs a 4.7 makes a big difference for the elderly!

          • +3

            @bozbargain: OzBargain/FOMO has that effect on me. Wouldn't be the first time :)

            I actually was more concerned about having to teach him how to use gestures/etc but upon reflection, could just put Assistive Touch button on screen anyway to make it pretty similar to his beloved 6S.

  • Wonder if this is covered under JB's price drop policy

    • Interested

    • Should be if it’s within 14 days

  • Wow. Wish I hadn't bought a phone earlier this year I would love to have smaller phones.

  • +5

    $1 cheaper at Harvey Norman… for price matching of course

  • iPhone 12 128 all out of stock in OW Victoria apparently, except for purple color lol

  • +1

    Thanks, just price matched at officeworks, very happy!

    • +1

      But why?

      • OZBargain virus, couldn't resist missing out on a bargain.

  • Looks like officeworks has dropped their online price to match jb hi fi’s

    • Yeah. The fun is over with PM

      • +1

        Unless they accept Harvey Norman, I’ve read above

        • Yeah it will take another couple hours before they realise

          • @fossilgem: already done to beat the prices of HN and JB but still they don't have stock anywhere. rather pointless

  • Does Price Drop Policy cover iphone 12 mini from the Jb $99 plan?

    • i got the 12.99 plan, its better. you also get the first 3 months free, so you are going to only be paying for 9 months instead of 12.
      the $99 doesn't cover screen replacement which you need because its not if you will crack your screen, its when you will crack your screen.

    • confirming Price Drop Policy cover, so long as purchased within 14 days.

      • I tried at 2 stores. They refused because phone was purchased on the plan. They can tell by the $1200 giftcard on receipt.
        How did you ask them?

        • +1

          might be a different scenario, I got my iPhone 12 Mini on the $99 Plan with $900 towards any phone deal (last Saturday) had to pay $379. The staff at JB were fine about it… might be the approach.

  • It's time to upgrade my iPhone X (touch screen issue not fixed after replacing the screen for free…)

    • But if the next iPhone comes with adaptive 120Hz display…. is $150 saving now really worth it? I guess if you need it now, then it is worthwhile.

      iPhone 12 Mini, I can understand with the $300 saving (or more if you PM).

      • Thanks for the input. I just realised that I am going to receive a replacement work phone (replace the 8+) - an iPhone 12 128GB next week. So I should just save the $ for something better as the X should work fine as a backup personal phone most of the time…

  • +1

    This should be the original price back when Apple released it in Nov2020.
    NOT 1199(64gb) or 1279(128gb)

    899 (64gb) & 979 (128gb) seems ok. Could be lower.
    But Apple is Apple the way they control market prices.

    we are about 3 to 4 months away from iPhone 13 launch so hmmm… Are they offloading lacklustre sale stock of the 12 and 12 minis?

  • +3

    Just bought iPhone 12 last week for my daugher for $1349 but nett (note sure with discounted gift cards) less than $1349.
    However back to jb hifi today, asked them to refund the price changed and they did.
    Yeayy, $150 back to jb hifi gift card

    • just did the same thing, JB you've done it again!

  • Can price beat at Officeworks against Harvey Norman's pricing.

  • +1

    Officeworks has reduced to 884 and 964. Hopefully this a price war!

    • Savage!

      • doesn't matter if they reduce it to zero if they don't have stock!

  • not sure if mentioned already, for those buying dont forget your bonus apple tv subscription:

    Bonus One Year Apple TV+ Subscription, via redemption

    Offer ends 11:59PM AEST 30th June 2021. Here's how to activate your one year of free Apple TV+: Turn on your new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac, and sign in with your Apple ID. Open the Apple TV app on 1 November or later. Make sure your eligible device is running the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS or macOS. The offer should appear immediately after you launch the Apple TV app. If not, scroll down in Watch Now until the offer appears. Tap Enjoy 1 Year Free. You might be asked to enter your Apple ID password, confirm your billing information or add a valid payment method. Subscription costs A$7.99 per month after free trial. One subscription per Family Sharing group. Offer is good for three months after eligible device is activated, starting 1 November 2019. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Restrictions and other terms apply. See full terms at:

    Special Price
    Offer ends 11:59PM AEST 11 September 2021 (12016122)

    • don't forget to set a reminder to cancel too. i activited mine, but don't see anything i really want to watch. i already have netflix, amazon video, disney, now apple tv +.
      i guess free is free, lol

    • +1

      Apple TV is garbage, got a free 12 month subscription from buying the Apple TV 4K and used it once… Bugger all anything on there

    • Good time to redeem as well, from July it's only going to be 3 months with a device purchase

  • Got the mini yesterday and it's causing me eyestrain and headaches 🥺, just a heads up

    • Hmm. That could be because the screen size is too small for you, or could be related to PWM flickering. If it's the latter, look into the "Reduce White Point" setting and see if you notice any improvement. What phone were you using before?

      • Was using a S10+ and haven't had the same issue, I slept on it and tried the mini phone again this morning and it's unusable, makes me nauseous, it's so bad I'm actually at jbhifi right now, hopefully I can get a store credit 🤞

    • I bought 12mini last year. Love it. nice and compact sits inside my back pockets.Not like girly big chunky mobile, sorry no offence to big size screen fans.

    • I suggest having an eye test

      • Right, the phone is so bad it had me thinking the exact same thing!

  • Thanks OP. Got a red mini from OW for $964.
    Would have rathered blue but it'll do. Time to retire the 6S (aka hand down to the 12yo).

  • Thanks OP. Got a purple mini from JB for $964, pricing match OW.

  • So just realised these don’t come with a power adapter?

    • No they don’t anymore.

    • It's to save the environment… bottom line

    • Any recommendations on a power adapter from the prime sales for it?

  • Pleased to report I was able to snag a iPhone 12 mini 256gb from JB in Geelong (though they had none in store, and had to get it from another store for me).
    Went to Harvey Norm - no stock in Victoria (but they did agree on the phone to match Office works $1134).
    Office works… no stock either.
    JB was happy to price match the price listed on Office Works website (though it clearly stated out of stock), for $1134.

  • Yasss! Submitted Price Protection claim! cant wait to trade this in for Iphone 13 Mini!!!

    • How does that work?

    • You must had a really bad phone or buck load of cash…..

      Trade in value for this phone is now at 50% and by the time yo do it its most likely to go down to 40%….

      I was doing all the maths and all point to just wait for the next release give its so close.

  • thanks op
    i assume jb has the price gaurantee 14 days thing right?
    i signed up 99 deal on thursday and they now dropped the price.
    hopefulyl i can go to store and ask what they can do about it?

    • As in the $99 and get the free 12 Mini deal?

      If so, I don't know what your thought process is, but what exactly are you going to price guarantee? You didn't pay anything for it. It would be different if it was x amount of $ towards a phone and you paid cash on top to get the phone, but given it was just a free phone I'd suggest you are SOOL and rightfully so.

      • nah paid $79 more to buy the phone, basically they charged me 1279 and now they are only charging 979

        • I’m that case you might be in luck!

        • I am almost certain that the deals with contract is excluded from price gaurantee.

          although you have a receipt showing $1279, but you only pay $79 for the phone because you got a evoucher.

          $979 is a price that sold without a contract.

    • Let us know how it goes!

    • Any news?

  • I am reading these comments on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and none of these make sense.

  • What version of iOS are these running out of the box? Wonder if they're still jailbreak-able

    • It forced me to update as a part of activation.

  • Does anyone know how long this price is set for?

    • No
      Buy now ask later

  • Picked up one. JB price matched Officeworks for me, even though they don’t have stock.
    $884 for the 64GB model.

    • I did same with JBHIFI for my 128G

  • Are there many people still waiting on their iPhone? I placed an order with TGG on 20/6 and they still don't have any stock ad seem to be moving my order around various stores without anyone having any idea when they're coming in.
    iPhone Mini 256GB BTW

    • Not seems can come in, JB hifi has lots stock for now if you can their website, worth to try there before cancel your TGG order.

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