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Apple Watch Series 2 42mm Gold Aluminium Case $205 C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Apple Watch Series 2 is a superior sports watch that measures your workouts with detailed, customisable metrics. An advanced activity tracker that shows you how often you move, exercise and stand, and lets you share your progress. A powerful health tool that helps you be more conscious of your overall wellbeing, starting with your heart rate. And an all-day assistant that provides instant access to the people, apps and information you care about most. There are cases made from aluminium and stainless steel, and a full range of interchangeable bands in a variety of styles, colours and materials.3 All models run watchOS 3.

Wearable Type Apple Watch
Apple Watch/accessory type Apple Watch
Apple Watch strap Sport
Apple Watch series Series 2
Apple Watch Case Size 42mm
Apple Watch case material Aluminium
Colour Gold
Face size (mm) 42
Strap Size Adjustable
Smart Watch Yes
Pedometer Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Heart rate Yes
Bluetooth v4.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Battery life Up to 18 hours
Rechargeable Yes
USB Charging Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Built-in microphone Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Manufacturer's warranty 1 Year

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  • 2017 model…….. Battery would be severely degraded after almost 5 years sitting in the box.

    • +7

      means you are very likely to get a faulty one and then apple replace it with a latest version LOL

      • -4

        Our warranty doesn’t cover batteries that wear down from normal use. We offer out-of-warranty battery service for a fee. A$ 349

        Won't be covered. Unless it's a manufacturing defect. Normal degradation isn't covered.

        • Not even for 6 months from date of purchase? That sucks.

        • +11

          This is not "wear down from normal use" though, the item is sold as brand new

        • +4

          Just a quick fact-check:
          Battery service is $119

          Also Apple will replace the device/battery if there is excessive degradation within the warranty period. For iPhones I think if it’s under 80% then they will replace under warranty.

          That being said, I wouldn’t buy the series 2. It was so old and slow now that it would be a pain to use and would just give you a bad experience.

          • +1

            @username1: I have a series 2 and wear it every day - had it since new (bought in 2018).

            Generally happy with it, but it is starting to feel a bit old/battery sometimes doesn't quite last the day.

            Also these are no longer getting OS updates.

        • Apple warranty. Or any warranty is from the day u bought it

      • +3

        Apple will have plenty of refurbished stock to replace like for like.

        • +1

          Had an original non cellular replaced with series three cellular by Apple

        • +2

          I had my 3GS iPhone replaced with a 4 that was just released at the time.

          • @PainToad: Mine was replaced with another 3GS after the 4S was released. Sadly no guarantees.

            • @kyteflyer: I went through like 6 refurbs until I demanded new.

      • No. You will get a free repair. Having some experience with past models I would not bother. Very slow and chances are will be left out of future versions of watch os.

    • Based off mine that I used for a year, boxed for 2 and brought it back out again, it’s fine. Lasts a day and then some, and that includes a workout and constant notifications.

    • Agreed it probably would be, but Apple's post sales support has a proven track record of honouring warranties from purchase date for brand new items, and sometimes upgrading too… so I wouldn't be too worried about that.

      But if that didn't happen, an Apple Watch 2 in 2021 would be horribly slow to use even without many apps/etc.

    • I call bullshit honestly. I bought a new in box iPhone 5C a month or so back and get a good couple days out of it no problems.

  • +4

    This won't be getting the update coming in a few months. I got the Series 3 used off Gumtree for $150, and certainly wouldn't be getting an older model than that. I'd recommend the 4 or higher.

    • Sorry noob here. What are the major updates from 2 to 4?

      • Main things would be additional software support (likely gets the newest WatchOS for at least the next 2 years), and it would just feel a lot snappier in general to use. It also has ECG which provides additional metrics for heart health. People seem to like the always-on display, but I can't comment as I have the Series 3 (which doesn't support that).

        • Always on display came in Series 5.

          • @lint: My apologies, you’re correct

      • Screen size and speed

      • +1

        Series 2 has a comparatively weak SoC compared to the leaps that came in Series 3 and later. It’s very slow, it missed out on a lot of features that came with later OS updates and was dropped from getting new updates with watchOS 7 last year. In comparison, Series 3 will still be getting watchOS 8 later this year though it also misses out on features exclusive to the larger display that was introduced with Series 4.

        I’m still using mine and it is still very usable, don’t get me wrong, but I got mine when it was the latest model and I’m looking at upgrading this year. There’s no way I’d buy a Series 2 brand new right now.

  • +4

    Didn't know JB sells antiques

    • +1

      They do still sell vinyl records don't they?

  • I got an ex return one for $180 from jb in around October 2019 and at the time it was an amazing deal, battery had slight issues in mid 2020 and it was still under apple warranty which was surprising so they sent me a brand new one but it it was the same exact model (was kinda hoping they upgraded me to series 3) but the battery life was actually awesome on the replacement and even lasted close to 2 days without needing a charge with quite a bit of usage. That said I wouldn’t recommend getting this as you can easily find a series 3 on gumtree/Facebook marketplace for around $150 or even a series 4 for around $300. Also series 2 isn’t getting any software updates anymore so it’s just stuck on old software. I still have mine laying around somewhere since I upgraded to a second hand series 5. Series 5 is a night and day difference to the series 2, so much more responsive.

  • +1

    Hey Matt we found this while spring cleaning bro what do we do ?

  • "Apple Watch Series 2 is a superior sports watch"

    Not anymore…

  • Is it too slow now?

    • yes

    • No. I'm still using it. Not laggy at all.

  • I wouldn’t touch this one. At least go for the Apple Watch 3, but even that is having trouble doing updates now.

  • You still can't use these on an Android phone can you?

    • Nope

  • Looks like it's out of stock/gone.

  • Wow people actually buy this? Extremely lagging and loosing software support from Apple

    • +1

      It's not laggy at all. Still using it with Watch OS 6.3

  • +1

    Bought this for $658.00 in 2017 Jan