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[Prime] Echo Dot (3G) $19, Fire TV Stick 4K $59, Echo (4G) $99, Echo Show 5 $59, Fire TV Lite $35 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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                • @kiriakoz: That's exactly what you did, you judged the whole Echo ecosystem in a blanket way as "bad" without knowing the difference between the separate devices or the features they provide.

                  Your basis for these devices being "bad" is your personal opinion of Jeff Bezos.

                  Your comments about the "stupid", "lame" Echo devices highlights your lack of knowledge about the abilities, features or functionality of any of these multiple products and how they can be used in ways perhaps not even intended or advertised by the manufacturer. It's lazy to write off a whole technological ecosystem when you don't actually know the functionality or complete feature set.

                  Your lack of knowledge regarding technology has led you to incorrect assumptions e.g. the Echo Auto which provides an everyday car with voice command handsfree smart features. This device is installed in your car and is only powered when you're driving so it's a bit paranoid to think that it's tracking all of your purchases.

                  This lack of knowledge has caused you to don your tinfoil hat, climb on your soapbox like a mad man and rave on about Lex Luther and his technological doomsday machine all whilst clutching a copy of 1984.

                  Unless you live off grid your online purchases are already tracked on your phone and when you're at home, face recognition advertising is in trial phase at shopping centres. CCTV monitoring will be adopted in all cities within the next 10 year's for cities that don't already have it. Cars now have cameras built in on current models, all company vehicles use dash cams and usage is widespread in civilian vehicles. Houses now use surveillance and doorbell cameras which cover the footpath and street. All of your metadata has been recorded and kept on file by Australian government agencies since the legislation was passed in 2017.

                  You are already part of the system, you don't have a choice and if you're scared of a wifi kettle then you are likely suffering from technophobia.

                  • @Togsy: The Echo ecosystem is not all of technology, don't conflate the two. Why are you talking about the Echo Auto? That's not even for sale in this post, you're just bringing up the one exception to defend up a poorly made point.

                    I agree that because I clearly life on grid (which is obvious as I'm replying to you), that most things I do are being tracked. However, halfwits such as you accepting this blindly are just going to speed up the process of everything we do being monitored. Your toilet breaks will be monitored at work, your retina will be monitored to make sure you're super happy all the time (by the way, you'll never guess who already monitors his workers toilet breaks - your hero Lex Luther).

                    I'm not suffering from technophobia, as you suggest… it's the tracking and lack of privacy (which I agree is already bad and going to get worse) that I don't like. I make a point, you completely generalise it and then accuse me of the version that you've made up (e.g. me not liking echo = me suffering from technophobia). It's very poor logical fallacy from you.

                    • @kiriakoz: "Your toilet breaks will be monitored at work, your retina will be monitored to make sure you're super happy all the time."

                      You seem overly paranoid and delusional, this is not healthy.

                      Also I said if you're scared of a wifi kettle then you are likely suffering from technophobia.

                      The first step is admitting that you have a problem - I sincerely hope that you get the help that you need mate.

                      • @Togsy: I’m not scared of a wifi kettle, it’s just that I’d rather Nescafé not continually market to me if I have a choice.

                        As for me being paranoid, some of those are things Jeff Bezos is doing now so if living in reality is paranoid, I guess that’s me.

                        You seem to know a lot about this stuff in some ways but then be blind in others which leads me to believe that you’re deliberately being selective.

    • My data is useless anyway.

  • Is fire stick lite better than Chromecast?

    • Depends on the echo system your invested in. Not better just different. Neither comes with native support for every app.

      • +1

        "echo" system- I see what you did there :)

    • With Chromecast you need your mobile with the apps installed, with Fire stick the apps are on the Firestick.

    • it's better then the old chromecast

      but the Chromecast with Google TV has the same experience as the lite

  • +1

    I have a Fire Stick TV Basic in the kiddo's room and it does the job fine (soon to be replaced with a free Foxtel Now box though), but the Fire Stick Lite there having "50% more power" than it should make it pretty sweet for the price. On her's I've got RetroArch running PS1 games for the (profanity) of it and all the streaming apps and it goes fine, for 35 bones a more powerful version of that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

  • What is use of Echo Show? Display picture? Never used. Thanks

    • +6

      You could've at least made it a haiku.

      what use, echo show
      display a picture? never
      cancel votes bookmark

  • Can you use fire stick to control your home automation with voice command?

    • +1

      If it's hooked into Alexa, and you have a Alexa activated on your Fire TV, then yes.

    • +1

      Yes, device doesn't need to be directly connected to Alexa if you use Home Assistant etc

      e.g. Alexa announces when my washer and dryer has finished and will keep announcing until the machine door is opened.

      Possibilities are endless.

      • How do you read when door has been opened? I am thinking of a power monitor to know when finished, but no idea how to check when door opened.

        • Xiaomi Aqara window / door sensor on each machine (2 piece). They are very reliable (out of the 3 brands that I've tried). Were cheap and zero issues so far in 6 months, I've now replaced all of my windows/door sensors with this type. Using with Conbee II usb stick and deCONZ addon in Home Assistant.

          • @Togsy: Thanks Togsy for the info about Xiaomi Aware.
            Are you using them with power monitoring to detect end of cycle or something else?

            • +1

              @ruddj: Sorry that was a typo (now corrected).
              It's Xiaomi Aqara.

              Yes, I use power monitoring AC power socket (wifi) model is TP link HS110. Using via the TP-link integration in Home Assistant. One on each machine.

              In Home Assistant I've created a Boolean switch that switches on when the power socket detects a certain amount of amps / power draw and then switches off when the amps / power draw goes below a specified value.

              The Boolean switch changing from on to off activates the voice announcement automation on all Echos in the house and only stops when the corresponding machine door is opened. I've set a rule so it doesn't occur at night just incase my wife puts on a load before bed.

              It was quite easy to setup and there are multiple versions of instructions online that helped me work out the best way for my exact setup.

              • +1

                @Togsy: Thanks for the summary, it is very helpful.
                I just got some HS110 in this deal so now just need to get door sensors and I'll look up some more detailed info.

                • +1

                  @ruddj: What a coincidence, fantastic price! Feel free to PM me if you get stuck or need additional info :)

  • Are fire sticks better than chromecast? Can you cast everything to a fire stick?

    Could use an upgraded casting device

    • -1

      Fire TV does NOT have Chromecast capability from the factory. It's the one major thing it lacks. There are ways to add that capability however, since it's based on Android TV, so if you can find a app to add the ability…

    • You can cast by clicking the cast button. The Firestick will show as part of the list of devices as long as on same network.

  • Brain error - self edited

  • i wish someone with both a chormecast with google tv and an amazon fire stick 4k would give us an opinion about which is the better device, all these reviews are fly over specs comparison not actual real world use.. some places i read that the chromecast turns off sometimes during use.. or even if you have 4k netflix it sometimes plays a 4k title in 1080p if its playing in dolby vision..

    • +3

      I have both, they are both similar. Can't go wrong with either.

      Main Differences:
      Amazon fire stick 4k.

      • No built-in chromecast support (Except youtube).
      • Better remote size and button layout.
      • Slightly faster loading to home screen.
      • No Google play store (Can be a PITA to side load when an app isn't available on the amazon app store)
      • Variable frame rate matching. (Auto match the refresh rate of the TV to the content you are watching for smoother playback.)

      Chromecast with google TV:
      - Built-in Chromecast for casting shows directly from phone.
      - Google play services and will receive Android TV updates directly from google.
      - From memory, no Dolby Atmos support. (Just read this online)
      - In general its abit more buggy. The auto turn-off while watching has happened once to me before. This happens when you watch a really long show without pressing any buttons. The chromecast thinks you are no longer watching and turns off. It does give you a warning though and you just have to press a button to stop it before it turns off.

      I think to get the best of best worlds you can buy a cheap chromecast on sale for $40 and a Fire Stick TV 4K for $59.

      This works out to be similar price as a Chromecast with google TV.

      • about that frame rating feature. is that a gimmick or do you use it alot?

  • Extra 100 dollars for a Kindle with 4g is that even worth it

    • +2

      Can't imagine so. Just hotspot your phone.

    • So it's not free as it's advertised, why it called Free 4G LTE + Wi-Fi (32GB)?

      • You can't even use the 4g for browsing, you are locked to Wikipedia and the kindle store

  • Is a firestick (4K) worth getting if I have a caixun android TV that has all apps necessary? Better resolution? Easier to navigate?

    • +2

      Depends on your current experience with what you are using. If you already have what you need and the experience is fine for you then what else do you need?

    • Is your Android TV missing any services you want? e.g. Prime or Disney+?

      If is works well, you have nothing to gain.

  • Thinking about getting the echo show 8 but do I really need it?

    P.S I know this is Ozbargain where people do buy stuff cheap because it is cheap and I myself have fallen into that trap before

    • Get a 5 or a Dot, and see if it works well into your day.
      The 8 doesn't add anything a 5 can't, and takes up extra space. I have all three, and the 8 does not really distinguish itself from the 5, but ironically I use the Dot series more than the Show.

      • We already have a google home mini in the bedroom and one in the kitchen so apart from the screen is there anything else the Echo show has to offer

        P.S I hear there is no youtube support

        • Probably not, though it may have more skills to choose from and offers notifications about your Amazon deliveries.
          Other than that, it isn't going to greatly distinguish itself from the Google device.

          I have found integrations with third party devices easier and think the Echo Studios could be linked for surround sound, as well as being Zigbee hubs, but I'm getting a bit off topic now.

          Overall, the Google device has better screen presentation. Still needs a bit of a polish with the Show devices

        • Echo Show has Youtube app built in.

          Echo 5 works well as a bedside device, get an 8 or 10 for elsewhere in the house.

  • +1

    Alexa does look good and cheaper. I sometimes regret signing my life over to Google.

    • +3

      Yeah I'm thinking of switching to alexa from Google home mini (old version). Only reason is that with alexa I'll finally be able to turn my TV on and off with voice control and not has a search for the stupid remote each time. Lol

      Plus Google knows too much about me now so should spread my personal information on two platforms. Lol

  • Basically the exact pricing as expected (which is great as I wanted to grab some firesticks) however it's a real shame there is zero discount on the 1080p version. I have a few family members I share my Netflix/Plex library with and was hoping to get them all the HD firestick at <$50. Have the older firestick 4k and the new remote would be a game changer for some of the older relatives who want 'netflik' compared to the old one. It's so easy to say 'just press the netflix button on the remote' compared to teaching them how to navigate the very busy home screens.

    • Or you could teach them just to press the mic button and say Netflix on the lite edition remote.

      • And when it inevitably doesn't register (which happens) it makes things more confusing when it shoots them off to some search it tries to make. Or they don't understand if they need to hold or simply press the button down. Been down this route before, voice commands in theory are easy but nothing quite like an obvious button they can press.

        Dunno, just a shame there's no deals on the 1080p version is all. Need to buy 3 of them so the prices difference to the 4K adds up, particularly when you don't need the 4K aspect. Oh well bummer.

  • Bugger, just bought a Fire Stick Lite for parents for $49 on Amazon on Friday. Haven't even received it yet.

    Anything worth doing to get the lower price? Normally I don't care but somehow feel ripped as I haven't even received mine yet.

    • +1

      Can always ask Amazon for a return slip and send it back or try your luck with a rep to see if they will refund the difference or at least give you some Amazon credit in the value of what you overpaid or if it has not even been shipped yet, cancel it.

    • +1

      Contact Amazon customer service. I've done that before when a special came on shortly after a purchase and they can provide the difference as a Amazon credit.

      • +2

        Amazon Customer support is pretty good.

        • +1

          Thanks all for your help. FYI they offered refund of higher priced item, refund via original payment method, or as gift card credit.

          Took the gift card credit. Seemed like the easiest choice, considering we buy stuff often and I wasn't sure which account was used.

          EDIT: Credit already gone through

        • +2

          Australian Amazon customer care are one of the best.

      • Anything special you said to get this? I have tried twice recently and they basically said no we don't do that

    • You can just return it as a prime member. Could ask a rep and see, might get lucky with price adjustment. But yeah, literally just request a return. That's their whole thing, returns being super easy (and they truly are).

    • You can cancel if it's not shipped.

      • It was; ordered Friday afternoon and shipped that day. They work fast.

        • Then like others said return it but don't say change of mind or price difference if you want free return label

  • +1

    Good price. I was just about to buy another chromecast TV with remote for kids' room, bought the Firestick 4k instead.

  • so it begins

  • Can I use the show as a permanent security monitor?

  • +1

    $40 loss for me. Bought from jb hifi few weeks ago.

    • +1

      That is always the risk you run when buying things when they are first released.

      • Yeah. I wasn't expecting such big discount.

    • Buy another for $59, then sell the new one unopened after Prime Day Sale is over. You might not get $99 for it, but more than $59 should be no effort.

    • Buy this and return it to jbihifi. Not sure what jbhifi customer service/policy is like on returns

  • noob question as I barely watch tv. I have an old hd tv. Lg brand. would fire work fine with it?

    • +1

      As long as you have a HDMI port, I don't see why it wouldn't. It will also control your tv power and volume buttons.

      • -1

        Can you please check your inbox? I sent you a dm.

  • I wonder if Google will price match the Nest mini to the 3rd generation Echo Dot ($19). We have a couple of Echos for the kids' Audible books, but Google home integrates with more of our stuff.

  • Is it possible to use YouTube Music on the Echo Show? Quick Google isn't really very clear, was hoping it would be like Google Home.

  • I've got an original mi box. Is it worth swapping over to the 4k stick? Mi box still works ok but interface can be a bit laggy. Mostly use kodi, netflix, prime video and youtube.

    • I've just jumped on the 4k fire stick as an upgrade from the original mi box. It's served me well, but keen to see what the fire stick can do

      • Yeah I'm tempted with the price. If it can run the above fine, I'll probably grab one for our second TV.

        Edit: Caved and ordered one.

  • Bought the $19 dot as a bluetooth receiver/headphone amp for my GoogleTV .

  • Is there a way to get non-laggy headphones on the Fire stick? Roku has an app thats pretty good for it. Is there an amazon version?

  • I need a good cheap bluetooth speaker, is the echo dot worth it for $20? Or even the echo dot 4 for $40?

    Does it need to be connected to the internet 100% of the time or can I take it to a mates house and play music through it with just my phone connected to the bluetooth? I'm a little confused on how it works.

    • I can play my phone's music on Echo dot, although it is always connected to the internet for me.
      But I much prefer the Google Home max for music.

    • I also wanted to know this as I found out too late google home mini was wifi only. Echo dot works as a Bluetooth speaker without wifi. Got mine today, sound is good enough for bedroom or small office but don’t expect too much. Good for $19

  • Thanks OP.
    Some good deals there

    I have the Google Home devices, but the echo for is starting to grow on me, as
    1. Its non English language support is much more natural ( doesn't seem you are taking to robot)
    2. Some Dyson devices don't work with Google Home, only Alexa.

    Searching is much better in Google, and can view my home remotely etc with Google ecosystem. Am sure Amazon might have something similar.

  • I have old apple tv devices which are getting dated and a one of my tv's is not a smart tv.
    What's best device to get fire stick or Chromecast google tv?
    I am a prime member and have ipad and Android phone, waa thinking of adding one to non smart tv and possible kids tv which is better option.

    As in fire tv what's it normally cost and what can you add to it vs Google tv.

  • I got a fire stick last year. It doesnt have enough internal storage. I downloaded a couple of Jackbox games from Amazon, and ran out of memory..
    Not worth it.

  • Some great deals

  • Just wondering if there is a need for the Fire TV Stick if you own a recent model Android TV (e.g. Sony X9000H)? For example, can you connect an Echo Studio directly to the android tv and control the tv accordingly through Alexa, or is this only possible by inserting the Fire TV Stick?

    • +1

      I have a X9000H, wouldn't think a fire stick is necessary for it as the onboard android is really good on the Sony. I'm getting a firestick for our older TV though as it doesn't have any onboard smart features.

  • if i get a fire stick 4K and jailbreak it is there a reliable app that can be sideloaded that will allow live streaming of TV channels from Europe for free ?
    With or without a VPN.

  • Thanks, got a firestick!

  • Thanks, slept on it overnight and decided to buy a Fire stick 4K, Echo dot 3rd and 4th gen to test out Amazon's side.

    Currently invested in Google Home + YT Music, so will see how it goes.

  • Worth buying the firestick 4k as an upgrade to my Xiaomi mi box 3?

    The mi box 3 works fine but it is a little buggy at times.

    • Coincidentally my Mi Box 3 died so I bought a Fire Stick Light on the weekend. Obviously not exactly the same as the 4K model but first impressions are good (just make sure all your region settings are Australian to get the Australian apps, see below).

      It zips around without to much of a fuss and the new interface seems much better than the old that are in screenshots.

      • Ah cool I can ask questions then.

        So is the Amazon app store just as comprehensive as the Android tv one?

        Do you know if viutv and surf shark is available there? I use that to stream overseas shows.

        What's the difference between the lite and 4k? I don't actually have a 4k tv so if that's the only difference probably can stick to the lite too.

        • +1

          Somewhat. Some of the majors are missing here in Australia (Binge, Kayo). Not an issue for me as I use neither.

          YouTube is on there, I think it's too big for Amazon to ignore. Can't say the same for Google Movies though. Couldn't find Viutv but Surf Shark seems to be there. Looks like mobile screenshots, so no idea if it will work but does say I can install it on my Fire Stick. Also, you can easily sideload apps to the device. There are apps on the Google Play store like apps2fire, etc. but I haven't used them.

          Lite = 1080p + 1GB RAM + standard remote.
          Standard = 1080p + 1GB RAM + upgraded remote.
          4K = 4K + 1.5GB RAM + upgraded remote.

          With the Lite being $35 and that you don't have a 4K TV, unless you're thinking of upgrading that soon I would go the Lite model.

      • I'm also guessing Google movies and YouTube apps can't on there? Will have to cast it from the phone if I ever want to use it?

  • Got a fire stick and a echo dot, the fire stick isn’t due to arrive until next Wednesday what the (profanity)

  • Has anyone tried the Echo 4th gen with premium sound? Is it really good?

  • Received the fire stick 4k and set it up, but when trying to download the Optus sport app, it says unavailable.
    I’ve changed my region and payment details to Aus. Any tips?

    • Hey, I had the same issue with my Fire Stick Lite. It's the Kindle country settings on Amazon's website, needs to be changed to Australia/

      Weird because I've never owned a Kindle/Amazon device.

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