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Up to 51% off Shott, Monin, & Davinci Coffee Syrups & Extra 30% Discount on Order over $80 + Delivery @ Flavournook


Get an extra 30% discount on purchases above $80 @ flavournook.com.au. Shott syrups have the greatest discount, are made in New Zealand and are of excellent quality. Excellent for cocktails, mock-tails, coffees or even just poured over icecream.

I have purchase from FlavourNook several times before and have always had great service. They must have taken a big hit during COVID, hence their closing down sale.

Site lists save20 as the only code, but an extra 10% off is available with the code save30.

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    1) are u associated with this company cos it doesn’t appear to list the discount codes on the website?

    2) can you link to the 50+% discount as when I search by brand “schott” nothing comes close to 50% off?

    • Not associated with them no. The 51% comes from the 30% off price listed on the website, and the additional 30% off with the save30 coupon.
      Also the code save30 came in an email, and the syrup is shott, not schott.

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    Also even with discount prices don’t appear that cheap unless you spend over $80 to get the extra coupon discount

    Eg this non discounted price is slightly cheaper than the discounted price at flavournook



    • Even with the discount they aren't all that much cheaper than regular prices elsewhere and the shipping kills it. Trying it for kicks, minimum shipping for me was $13.75 for a single bottle versus $6-$10 at other places.

    • Bare in mind that the prices at Cafe distributors is excluding GST.

  • Yep and the headline 50% if largely bogus.

    You only get that if you combine something that’s allegedly 30% off (ie reduced to competitors normal price) then spend over $80 to get the coupon 30% off.

  • Edit: misunderstood the deal, but if you're buying a half dozen bottles you can probably get this price or cheaper anyway.