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[Prime] Up to 25% off SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds @ SoundPEATS AMR Direct Amazon AU


Amazon Prime Day Deal

The PD deal will end on 22 June 2021, so if you like one of them, hurry up and take them home.

Details of some Hot Models for reference. For other models, you can go to the link of our store to have a look, AMR Direct

Trueair225% off-35.24
4 Mics & cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation & Crystal clear calls
Qualcomm 3040 & Bluetooth 5.2
TrueWireless Mirroring & Seamless Connection
Melodious Sound & 25 Hours
Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Fit

A625% off-53.99
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation/ANC Technology
Crystal-Clear Sound & Deep Bass
USB-C Quick Charge & 40H Playtime
Unique Durable Foldable, Convenient to Carry
Ergonomic Design & Superior Fit

Truengine3SE25% off-47.99
4 Mics to Enjoy Crystal-Clear Hands-Free Calls
Crystal Clear Treble and Deep Bass
Low Power Consumption and Stable Connectivity
30 Hours Duration & USB-C

T225% off-52.49
Active Noise Reduction
Transparent Mode to Amplify the Surrounding Sound, Pick Up the Ambient Sound Through the Microphones
12mm Large Dynamic Driver with High-Quality Sound and Deep Bass
4 Mics & Crystal Clear Calls
30 Hours Playtime, USB-C Quick Charge

Sonic25% off-44.99
Bluetooth 5.2 & Seamless Connection and Lower Consumption
Immersive Bass with Powerful Bass
Qualcomm CVC Noise Reduction & Crystal-Clear Phone Calls
35 Hrs Playtime & USB-C Charge
TrueWireless Mirroring & Game Mode(Triple tap MFB on left earbud to enter the Game mode)

Truefree225% off-32.24
Customized EarFins & IPX7 Waterproof
Type-C Charge & Power Indicators
Seamless connection
Pleasant Sound & 20 Hours

Q25% off-35.24
Dual Mic 10mm Driver & Crystal Calls
Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging & 21Hs Playtime
Bluetooth 5.0 & MCSync Connection True Wireless Technology
Different sized ear tips(S/M/L) & Comfortable Fit

Details of some GOOD PRICE EARBUDS for reference

Trueair 30% off-37.59
14.2mm biomembrane speaker, with latest QCC3020 chipset and Qualcomm aptX codec **
**Stereo Hi-Fi sound with exceptional clarity

30 Hours Working Time
Up to 30 feet Bluetooth range
Compact & Lightweight Earbuds

Q30HD30% off-28.97
** High-Quality Stereo Sound**
Built-in Magnetic Design & Long-Lasting Usage
Customizable Accessories with 2 additional size of XL,XS to secure fit
IPX6 Sweat Resistant & Good Compatibility

Sound PEATS provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase, you can contact us via SoundPEATS After Customer Service

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • A6 do not reflect discounted price somehow.

    • Anyone knows how they are in comparison to TaoTronics?

    • Sonic not showing any discounts and definitely not $45

      Are they missing codes or coupons to click?


  • +2

    not much of PD deal, it is like a normal day deal. Eye on Sonic for a while and it is just disappointed with this price on Prime day.

    • You mean the $60 its priced at, or the $45 in the post? Which isn't currently working..

      • $45, they were $45 a dozen of times last year, prime day just added 1 more occurence.

        • Yeah, OK but I think $45 is also equal lowest or pretty close?

          What are you expecting? Cheapest ever?

          • +1

            @nismo: Isn't this a prime day? Advertised for so long, so much expectation.

            Shouldn't expect a bit lower to become a prime day specific?

            Doesn't have cashback either 0%

            • @SnoozeAndLose: CB is negotiated between the Cashback provider and Amazon, nothing to do with the seller here..

              AMR Direct (who is the seller) isn't Amazon or related so I think if they do the best / equal best price, that is pretty good.

              I'm not sure how much you expect from a 3rd party?

              • +1

                @nismo: I only look at the end price, and here in ozbargain is getting the best price.

                If it is just a normal promotion then it should call it a Prime Day deal.

                Or I can say no Hopeno disappointment right?

                As an Ozbargainer I expected a better price when the Aussie dollar is higher compare to last year.

                • @SnoozeAndLose: Yes, I agree. But I don't think the Sonic has been under $45 before?

                  I could be wrong, I will do some more digging. As I'm likely to buy a second pair, as a spare. Bought mine in December for $45 and love them.

                  These have been the best fit and tick all the boxes for me personally, long battery compared to just about all others. I returned the SE 3. I also like the TrueFree 2s but I don't get as good a fit as the Sonics

    • Agreed this is just everyday deals apart from maybe t2

    • Regarding the Sonic, keep in mind that they aren't the headphone to get if you like things loud. I have the Truengine 3 SE and the Sonic's and the Sonic's are about half as loud at max, and I feel like i have to have them close to max volume at all times to hear them properly. I actually thought they were faulty they are that much quieter but I was informed that it is normal. I don't have the best hearing though, so things will differ depending on the person I would say.

      • So another reason not to buy, thanks .

  • How do I get the 25% off?

    • Ok, finally got the coupon shown up. Rep, can you make the coupon available for the white Trueair2 too?

  • +1

    PD prices don't look to be showing. Same seems to have happened for your smart watches - they were on sale earlier, but PD prices are now gone.

    Hoping these prices will come back, have been happy with SoundPEATS products and looking to get some new ones if they're on sale.

  • Which one of these is best for Win10 MS Teams calls? I want a good mic.

    • +1

      This question comes up nearly every single time a soundpeats deal is posted, perhaps trawl through previous deals or check proper reviews.

      I think the TrueAir 2 are commonly recommended

  • Can any of these pair with 2 devices at one time? ie phone and pc

  • Any suggestions for an alternative to SoundPEATS Truengine 3? Love the sound quality (for the price), but have had the charging case die on two in a row now after only a few months each time, no longer trust the build quality. And looking at reviews it seems like a very common issue.

  • Will TrueAir 2 fit teen age kids ears? How do these compare to Airpods wrt size?

  • Best bud style?

  • Hello,
    Does any know if the SoundPeatsT2 buds can still stand-by while it's not being used (so, when I get a call, it still goes through the buds as long as it's connected to the phone)?
    Thank you

  • Is this deal expired now? Cant see the coupon option.

    • They seem to have removed the coupon but price is now the same as after the coupon anyway.

  • Merged from [Prime] 25% off SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds trueair2 $35.24 Delivery ($0 Prime/$39+) @ SoundPEATS Amazon AU

    Free delivery with Amazon Prime. If you haven't yet joined amazon prime, start a 30-day free trial here(amazon.com.au)
    If you don't have Amazon Prime, delivery is free with orders over $39

    Sound PEATS provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase, you can contact us via SoundPEATS After Customer Service

    Except the following products have a big promotion, there are also the others, you can go to the below link of our store to have a look

    AMR Direct (https://www.amazon.com.au/s?me=A275AR54GLEN&marketplaceID=A3...)

    Trueair225% off-35.24
    4 Mics & cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation & Crystal clear calls
    Qualcomm 3040 & Bluetooth 5.2
    TrueWireless Mirroring & Seamless Connection
    Melodious Sound & 25 Hours
    Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Fit

    Join our SOUNDPEATS facebook Australian fans group where we have reviews info on upcoming published products, notification of deals, free warranty extension, polls, and Giveaways for fans from SOUNDPEATS.

    • These are superb little headphones, great sound, superb mic, incredible value.

      Only slight downside is that touch controls are unusably fiddly.

      • Is the mic actually good? I've seen many reviews saying the opposite. I was looking at getting these to use with Teams.

        • I think people mean superb [for the price]. I kept hearing good things about them and ended up buying them to use for Win10 MS Teams calls and am super disappointed with them. The mic is mediocre, at best. They don’t pick up voice as good as I would expect, so sometimes, when speaking softly, the start of my speech is cut off. People have also said that I am muffled compared to AirPods and the built-in laptop mic. Also, the audio quality is okay but when multiple people speak they really struggle, unlike AirPods or the built-in laptop speaker.
          They may work better on iOS or Android, as I know Win10 ruins some things with other headphones I use, too. I’m looking for something else now.

        • I've had a couple sets of these. Mic is… only fine. Not superb.
          Most people think it's fairly quiet and there is a noticeable difference when switching to handset mic.That said it is quite good for the price, and does do a decent job of blocking out background noise.

    • +1

      Good headphones although I've had an issue with the right earpiece - sometimes when it goes in the case, the LED stays white showing that it is still powered on. I need to wriggle it a bit before the LED turns red to indicate it is charging correctly.

      • This is the common issue in this price range.

    • Dear rep, what have you done with the A6s???

      • Not the rep, but it would seem out of stock to me

      • out of stock now, has sold out yesterday

      • +1

        Back in stock and I'm seeing them at $53.99

        It says it's a Prime Exclusive Deal though

        • +1

          Legend! Thanks for that, just nabbed a pair.

          Picky Audio rates them really highly for the price. He did a comparison with XM4s:

          • @Qbagger: Nice, back out of stock again!

            • @nismo: 😬

              • @Qbagger: I might have bought the A6, but I already bought the Sound surge 85s (taotronics) 2 weeks ago..

    • +1

      I have a sneaking suspicion it will miraculously come back in stock once 25% off sale is over!

      • yes, yesterday has some issues and we are talking with Amazon all day yesterday and today they are coming back

        • That is great to hear, thanks for the quick reply!

    • Any H1 available?

      • out of stock now, has sold out yesterday

      • The H1 had a couple of price drops yesterday, best was around $96 - might have been a lightning deal?

        Then reverted to $120 with a 10% off coupon.

        Generally, it's been sitting at $120 with a 15% coupon (when in stock, before Prime Day).

    • Does anyone know how these compare to the Soundpeats True Free 2 deal?

      • Completely different earphones.

        The TrueAir 2 pods here are terrible if you are into sound quality as they are at best only Semi In Ear.

        I don't really know the best use case for these TA2, but for the TrueFree 2 the sound quality is miles ahead, simply for the fact they can seal in your ears nicely, if you choose the right tips - this is for any In-Ear really (lots of people get this wrong and complain there's no bass &/or sound isolation)…

        Both have aptx so the actual streaming quality can be better, especially on Android, I don't think Apple supports the codec…

        One other big difference is the TA2 have smart / touch controls, I'm not a fan as this leads to many miss-clicks and accidental presses..

        The TF2 have buttons you actually have to push, which I prefer but also have cons about them…

        • Thanks, that confirms my assessment - sound quality matters to me, so being truly in ear matters, less noise bleed, etc. Bit worried about phone call quality, but let's see. Unfortunatley not many reviews out there on TA2 yet, but Rtings has reviewed TF2 and describes it as being on par or even superior to Air Pods!

          • @gryphondarks: I've used the TrueFree 2s for Teams meetings and haven't had anyone complain. Though I am indoors, at home with just general background noise (not much) during any Teams calls.

            I use them at the gym and find they are just as good as the Sonics (still my fave SoundPEATS) but have a bit more volume to them.

          • +1

            @gryphondarks: I tend to watch Picky Audio's reviews & the TF2 popped up in his Top 5 most used wireless buds


            Helps me decide if something has the features I'm after.

    • What is the best one for phone calls please?

    • Anyone can recommend covers for this? Way too loose in my left ear, and left ear only :(

  • +1

    If anyone wants in depth reviews on these models I highly recommend checking out the picky audio YouTube channel. That guy covers everything

  • Here's my thoughts after using the SoundPeats TF2 solidly for a couple of days. Great sound quality which rivals the AirPods (because of closed back design, etc). Picky Audio's review was right when he said these are great for EDM and electronic music. Quality of sound on phone calls is something I was worried about - no such problem. If anything, I was told that I could speak softer with the headphones on (note this was indoors). I was able to find a fit that worked for me with the silicone tips and wings supplied.

    Probalby only real thing against these headpones is that they do get uncomfortable after prolonged periods (hours) of use, to the point where I have to take them off to give my ears a break. But then I suppose that happens with any headphone (I've used AirPods and Bose QC35 before). The case is a bit chunky. But for $30 this is an excellent purchase.

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