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[Prime] Samsung A30 Wi-Fi Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock $369.99 (Was $569) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Incredible price! Was about to pay $525 at Bunnings as that was current best.

Also Samsung SHP-DP609 $599.99

Samsung SHP-DR708AU $729.99 SOLD OUT

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • thanks OP, picked up a couple of these.

  • OP- which product was at bunnings? Can you get price match + 10% at Bunnings?

    • A30, but was out of stock. It said I could order online, but there is no price matching for that.

      • FYI check local stock, i found a few stores that had it.

        • Nice! Nope was all out around me in Brissie.

  • Just not sure whether this will fit on my door as my lock is positioned quite close to the long vertical handle just above it.

    • +1

      I think you need 110mm by the specs.

      • The width of the units are only 77mm. Is there a reason why you need 110mm clearance?

        • Need 50mm from the edge of the unit to the edge of the door

    • +1

      I measured about 120mm from centre of deadbolt.

      • Thank you both. Will check when I get home but sounds like it won't fit.

  • Any way of integrating this to Home Assistant (not Google Home)?

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      Yes but only with Samsung smart things app and only lock/unlock.

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        I haven't had much luck with Smartthings integration. The accounts are linked, I can see the lock in Smartthings, says it's online and it reports the battery level but if I try to unlock I just get "a network or server error occured" and it always shows as Locked regardless of actual state.

        I don't have any other ST devices so don't know much about it. I noticed there is a History tab in the app though, maybe if it worked it would also provide lock/unlock history.

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    Does anyone know if these are allowed in apartments? Or they break code due to accessibility issues in an emergency?

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      You will need to run it past your body Corp. the more expensive ones Auto Unlock when heat is detected inside. Wether that suits your body Corp or not.

      • So to break in carry a lighter?

        • And burn the house down?

    • +1

      They make it so hard to know what is and isn't allowed. As far as I can tell, there aren't any smart locks which are fire rated for apartments (at least in NSW) but I can't find why. I thought the only required feature is that you need to always be able to open the door from the inside without the need for a key/passcode, but plenty of smart locks have the feature. However when you do a bit of research you find things that say smart locks aren't allowed. It's very confusing.

      • Samsung DH537, DH538 are fire rated and have been installed in thousands apartments in Melbourne, Sydney…

        • Do you have a source or anywhere it specifically says that? They make it extremely hard to actually know for sure. I have no doubt people install these locks all the time in apartments but I'm sure people do lots of things without proper approval. Would be excited if these definitely do comply though.

    • A30 or any deadbolt locks (smart or normal) are not allowed on fire rated doors of apartments because it stops door from self-latching in emergency.

  • wonder how these go when there's a power outage lol. I've personally got a Yale (takes batteries) and pair it with a secondary key deadlock and have no issues. Not sure I'd want to risk one that relies on wifi

    • The locks are battery powered, and can be unlocked with a 9V battery in case of the batteries inside dying.

      • ohk so same as the yale. 'Wi-fi lock' in the headline through me off

    • No reliance on WiFi to unlock, you've got fingerprint and PIN.

    • Not sure about this specific model, but I believe that they generally give a few notifications that the batteries are running low, and some have the ability to connect a 9V battery from the outside if the batteries are completely dead.

    • WiFi just means you can remote unlock/lock from the internet. Nothing to do with power.

  • I'd be waiting for the new Ultraloq smart lock.
    I've had a Samsung previously, they're decent but overpriced IMO.

    • That's why it's great to buy at this price! The fingerprint sensor is really good on these current gen samsungs, very accurate and fast.

  • I've been keeping an eye on this.

    Don't think they are available here yet

    • No fingerprint.
      Also if it's invisible, how can you use it? "The Invisible Smart Lock."

      • From a quick 30 sec look on their website, it looks like the lock is app-controlled and possibly even unlockable by proximity detection? So a bit like some cars today.

        The invisible bit is probably referring to the lack of a keypad, fingerprint reader, etc.

        • Yep, but cars don't use BT scanning, personally would avoid proximity locks, I prefer a physical switch, being app button, or fingerprint touching. It would be convenient though, but I don't use BT on my phone, only NFC.

  • I've had the A30 for 6+ months, AMA.

    • +1

      What are your thoughts on it? Does it integrate with Google?

      • So far had no issues, works as expected. It does integrate with google home.
        I picked it because it has a fingerprint, built-in wifi (don't need to pay extra for wifi module like yale) and a keypad.
        It also looks clean and modern. App is good enough, pretty easy to add new fingerprints and to setup notifications when the door has been opened, can look at history etc.

        • +1

          Would you recommend it at this price?

          • @Killua27: I got it at $500+ so I'd recommend it.

    • Do you know how to open/close it using the Google Home app? When I click on the icon I can only see "Name" "Home" and "Room" - no lock/unlock button.

      • No idea, I control it through its app or smart things. However I want to say I remember it having the option?

      • +1

        There should be the option to lock/unlock under the icon but mine is missing as well. After enabling voice unlock for Google Home in the Samsung app and setting a PIN, that part works fine in Google.

        Same thing for my Tuya based garage door opener, voice works but no option to tap.

        • Yeah same here :/

  • Was looking at this yesterday, glad I waited a day! Got one thanks!

  • Has anyone come across a smart lock rated for outdoor use? I'm after a rim type lock(wifi or Zigbee) for a side entrance gate but these are almost impossible to find apart from some unbranded ones on Aliexpress.

    • What do you mean by "outdoor"? Are your door and lock fully exposed to rain and sun?

      • Correct. As mentioned above it is for a gate not a door and fully exposed to the elements - Similar to this one. I've searched all the known brands including Samsung for a rim type waterproof lock but pretty much impossible to find an IP rating in their specs. So far I've only found this one but I'm a bit hesitant to pull the trigger being an unknown quantity.

  • +1

    I just tried to get the 10% price beat at Bunnings, no luck because you have to pay for a Prime membership to get the deal.

    • Even if you can prove you have prime membership?

    • Even if prime membership is added for $6.99, if they price beat it will be almost $30 less.

    • Yeah I have a prime membership, apparently it's because the deal is only exclusive to prime members. It could just depend on who serves you on the day

    • They may also try on the "must be available for same day delivery or collection" loophole they've added to their conditions.

  • These samsung fingerprint locks are nice. I use one at my front door and Lockley one for the garage door. While both are great, I like the Lockley fingerprint response a bit more. Look wise samsung any day.

  • Great price

  • How does this compare to the eufy T8520T11? Looking at reviews they both seem pretty on par?

    • Reviews of the eufy raise auto lock issues. Only reason I didn’t buy it.

      • Ahhh, thank you 🙏.

        Trying to decide between the two.

        • Haha all good mate. I prefer the appearance of the eufy but want the reliability and functions of the Samsung.

          • @onlinepred: I ordered the Eufy simply because it would suit my place better. If the Samsung had atleast come in black..

            Fingers crossed they fixed the issue, if only Bing Lee would get off their butts and ship the thing. Tempted to just cancel and get it from Amazon.

            • @TheContact: Agreed, I'm going to try and use wrap to cover the silver body. Not sure how it will go…. Good guys have been pretty slow for me.

  • +2

    Price drop on the Samsung SHP-DP609AS, $600 now

    • Nice that's a great price! Added to description

  • How easy is this to install. Do we replace the old door lock with this or install this separately?

    • You can replace current lock or newly install. Just like normal lock, 54mm hole and 25mm for deadbolt

  • +1

    Is the A30 lock the same one as as this? If it is, it's $368.99

    • Yea they price matched.

  • Got a SHP-DP609AS.
    How much should I be paying for someone to replace my existing lock for this one?
    Got one quick quote was 600.
    Seems a bit much, I don't know I want a smart lock that much anymore.

    • Tried hipages?

      • No, I thought those directories and free lancer sites give you the bottom of barrel workers. Why else would you compete to the bottom with no care about skill or quality.
        I don't want someone to ruin my door then I have to replace the whole door.

        • Then get more quotes. I’ve had no issues with hipages. I just called a locksmith and was told to expect around $200 installed max.

    • Which state are you in?
      If you live in Melbourne, try Jimmy at Smart Lock Installation. He is the best with Samsung.
      I have called SS service line and they recommended him. Completely satisfied

      • in Sydney. Send mail to Samsung but no reply.

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