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Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat with Massage Areas $39.99 Delivered @ Win-wonderful via Amazon AU


bought last week and got delivered today so here is the love of sharing.
not super soft like others that our feet will sink on it, but also not hard plastic. material good, many massages areas ie front middle back and sides and centre moving ball. good for people with flat feet like duck i guess ?
the fun part is most other stores sell this at minimum $80 or even over $100. except kogan - slightly different style.

i wish the dots dots areas are made a bit closer so i dont need to spread my feet too wide

example $120 has video as well !

kogan $38

The anti-fatigue standing mat has a soft, contoured polyurethane foam surface with a built-in roller ball, which allows you to exercise the soles of your feet while sitting or standing. The soft but durable mat surface reduces pressure on feet and legs, while providing supportive firmness. The mat provides a comfortable surface to cushion and support your feet, knees and hips; and helps to reduce the risk of aches and pains during long periods of standing. The roller ball provides active feet exercise and stimulates circulation.

The contoured surface lets you place your feet however you want—one or both feet resting on the elevated features, or in a neutral standing position. However you stand, this raised-surface mat relieves pressure on your heels, legs, and back. It’s also resistant to spills.

Keep comfortable in a balanced position, and relieve excess pressure on your feet and legs that often causes discomfort. Whether you have a sit-stand desk, stand at a counter, or even when cooking at home, the anti-fatigue standing mat provides foot exercise, support, and promotes better posture.

Makes standing at work more comfortable
Supports the joints while standing and stimulates healthy movement
Perfect for sit-stand desks, food preparation and retail shop assistants
Improve circulation while you work
Suitable for all types of flooring
Soft but durable polyurethane foam surface
Roller massage ball for active sit-stand position
Anti-slip backing for safety
Sturdy edge with barriers prevents tripping

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    Quack quack


    Been staring at this in my cart for two weeks now, how's the comfort when barefoot?

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      im using thin socks but yeah i feel ok. soft but not sinking moving soft if you get what i meant


    These always look like major trip hazards.


      well you stand on it and put aside when not using
      if you trip yourself then its your fault of getting too excited with work:D

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    Is this just normal price?

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      yes but cheapest so far and if you need one then it becomes a good deal.

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    I'm getting fatigued just reading all that text lol


    These look a little small and awkward to stand on - generally the anti fatigue mats are much bigger so you can have some more movement - i get that is one has the massage component built in but it looks a little awkward.