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[eBay Plus] Creality3D Ender-3 V2 3D Printer $287.78 Delivered @ floralivings eBay Store


I purchased one of these from Creality3D's official website last week (~$305 delivered), and while shopping for an enclosure, noticed they were also selling the printer for a decent price.


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  • Great deal, but will be lost amongst the sea of Prime day deals being posted.

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    Managed to grab one of 3 remaining from another one of the sellers during the last 22% voucher for $264. Solid little unit can definitely recommend for this price.

  • I'd love to get one for fun, but what are some common items that can realistically be printed for general use?

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      check thingiverse.

    • Being able to design simple objects for everyday use using stuff like Tinkercad ect. but there is literally 1000s of items available on the I

  • dang so tempting

    Have a Wanhao i3 but its just so annoying to use and aged.

    These seem great for the price with modern features and i like the idea of the silent drivers

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      You can also upgrade them pretty significantly, or even take it down the route of turning it into a voron

      • got a link to do this?
        is it voron 0, 1 or 2?

        also how big is the print area?

        • There are some conversions for Ender-3 (pro/V2) to Voron switchwire have a look here github

          • @tracpants: i was referring to the i3 conversion not ender 3

            • @pinkybrain: Oh, sorry

              I wasn't very clear with my response lol, I meant you could convert the ender into one.

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      Silent drivers are great, but the fans negate any of the "silence" of the drivers on this machine. You need to upgrade the fans if you want to be in the same room as it.

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        yeah the fan is the loudest part..
        drivers aren't that annoying or loud as the fan.

    • what is wrong with the i3?

      it should be able to print the same stuff as this
      and with upgrades/mods it is really good.

      Why not go for the CoreXY printers..

      Getting another i3 clone is the same design..
      better to try something else

      • its about 5 years old now every time i turn it on it some thing breaks

        board design is old and does not have basic safety features eg thermal run away and mosfets for the heated bed

        and loud AF

        Was looking at one of the CoreXY models but its a fair bit dearer for not a heap more functionality.

        • did you do all the upgrades for it?
          what i3 model you got?

          i got i3 as well
          but don't see much point getting another i3 clone
          My printer still works.

          I probably want to try coreXY to see how well it prints and to experience something new.

          Which core XY you looked at?

          What types of stuff you mainly print?

          • @pinkybrain: wanhao duplicator i3 one of the early ones

            buy the time i replace all the bits i need might as well buy a new one.
            and get a few $$ for this one

            was mostly looking at the creality models

            • @macmanluke: is that i3 V1 or V2?

              so you never did any upgrades to it?

              I upgraded alot of shit before they had cheaper creality printers like ender 3 now..

              you can upgrade the board + mosfet if you never done it for your i3..
              You can do that cheaply and keep the i3 as a backup printer or second printer

              yeah you can get the ender 3 if you like
              the price is quite cheap nowadays compared to wanhao i3 prices back then

              ender 3 is the wanhao i3 nowadays.. ie everyone recommends getting the ender3

              have you considered resin printers?
              also what do you mainly print?

              pm me if you get a new printer..

    • I'm trying to find the differencs between Ender 3/ Ender 3 Pro / Ender 3 v2.
      I have never used any 3D printer. Could you give some recommendations?

  • Does anyone know a good 3D printer big enough to do star wars helmet sized prints?

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      Depends how big your head is!
      It's not much help but will ultimately depend on how well you can split up the helmet into multiple smaller prints.

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      Most consumer FDM printers aren't big enough to print helmet sized prints in one piece, in most cases people will print in sections and join to make the larger part. This printer would work if you printed larger parts in smaller sections.

    • try the bigger CR-10s etc..
      they have big print area
      but you may still need to print in sections and glue it together

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    Is there a noobs guide to buying and setting up your first 3d printer?

    • There are heaps of YouTube videos which show the assembly process.

  • I saw another seller are selling Ender 3 for 156 after 22% off and Ender 3 pro for 210 after 22% off. Just wondering whats the big difference between 3, 3 pro and 3 v2. Should I get Ender 3 for 156? I want to get one just for fun.

  • Anyone still waiting on theirs to arrive? Mine is apparently stuck due to some train derailment