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Nintendo Switch Neon or Grey $348 Delivered @ Amazon AU


They just marked down the price on Amazon to price match Harvey - get in through Shopback for the next 30min to get another $20 off

$328 is a good price so I finally went for it

Update: use Cashrewards from 4-6 p m to get $20 off

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    Suck shit Gerry!

    • lol

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      He still has the very last laugh. He rounds up all the tax paying pleb's money and wont even need to bother selling us a thing to get it. Taking money from the government is easy as taking from a baby.

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        Yeh but I'm gonna poo in his letterbox

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    Thought it was a good price to get it at $349 this morning, damn it.

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      Yeah so did I, but I didn't. I then thought maybe they would price match Harvey and checked - just coincided with Shopback luckily

    • Cancel and re-order?

      • you have 13 minutes to decide (order again and then cancel the other) - actually look at the comment below

      • If you cancel, it'll show as you've claimed the deal even after cancelling and you'll get regular discount not lightning deal. takes time to go through customer service to explain why you want to re-order at the deal price.

    • $1 difference ?

  • Can't seem to cancel my $349 order.
    Anyone else having the same issue?

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      Already started processing, happens - they won't cancel it. You'd have to buy it again and then return the first one when it shows up, if you want the shop back.

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        But you wont be able to buy it cause its a 1 per person limit.

      • Ah right… Thanks.
        Yeah, I placed the order about 7 hours ago, so must be processing by now.

        Do I need to hand in my OzB badge if I don't go through the (crazy) exercise of buying a 2nd to return the 1st?

        • It's past 5pm, shopback won't work though…right?

          • @ssx: True!.
            Goodo… I don't need to hand in my OzB badge then :-)

            • @SomeRandom: I missed out by 4 minutes on the shopback…..argh…..otherwise I would be doing the same crazy exercise!

  • Not sure how ShopBack would work on this. I am pretty sure it says 0% for games/consoles last I checked. Has anyone confirmed tracking?

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      It says on all categories

      • Says up to 10%
        Video games/ computer 0%
        Maybe I am missing something!

        • Got it!! Between 4-5pm lol!

          • @Zac1122: Bit shit to have a one hour sale like that with no warning…

        • Rep from Shopback on the original post confirmed all categories: was only from 4-5 p.m. thou