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Sony 65" A80J OLED $3,595.50 | 65” X90J Full Array LED $2,245.50 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Seems like pretty good deal for the newest series. It is applicable for all other models too

Sony X90J 65"

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys



    Did you link incorrectly? Shows nothing


      It did work :/ i just tried


    The a90j comes down also with there promo to $4499, which I'm going to grab tomorrow. They come with a year of disney plus for those that care.


      mate do you have much idea about OLED burn? is it good to invest in oled or stick with led?

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        LED is basically the last-gen production of TVs. Just move on and if you put money on LED, that’s not an investment really.


          Got it.. but whats with all these oled burn fuss about??

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        You could go on about it for days, but over simplifying it in two lines would be:

        OLED is a new tech and provides a better quality picture, but cost more.

        LED, or QLED etc would be the choice if you watch TV in a bright and potentially reflective environment, or need to save money.

        Neither are an investment as you wouldn't be making any money back on these. You need to decide how much you value your entertainment from TV and if its affordable.