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[Prime] Bosch Bench Drill PBD 40 $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have one of these and find it good. This is not the cheapest ever, but still a good price. (I paid $319)

Marketing stuff:

Highly versatile The Bosch PBD 40 is versatile and can be used both in furniture and model making, as well as handicraft and restoration work. Its maximum drilling depth is 40 mm in wood and 13 mm in steel.
Comfortable and effortless work The PBD 40 bench drill is lowered using the setting wheel with Softgrip surface. The 710 W drive unit in the PBD 40 is mounted so that the entire motor block also moves as the drill bit is lowered, rather than only the drill bit itself, so the work height remains constant. This makes drilling effortless, allowing you to save your energy.
High functionality The PBD 40 has two gears. First gear delivers a lot of power, while second produces high speed. The Constant Electronic function ensures a consistent speed on the PBD 40 – even when drilling into hard materials. An LED lamp provides good illumination of the working area.
Digital display The PBD 40 has a digital depth measurement feature, i.e. the drilling depth reached can be viewed conveniently and at any time on the digital display.
Controlled precision Unlike handheld drills, the bit of the PBD 40 always penetrates the work material vertically. This produces precise drilling results and controlled drilling processes for repeated drilling depths. An integrated laser serves as a drilling aid here.
Technical Details
Power input: 710 W
Max. drilling diameter in steel: 13 mm
Max. drilling diameter in wood: 40 mm
Machine weight: 11.2 kg

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  • Paid 399 for this, they work pretty good

  • +1

    There's a lot to like about this drill, but I regret purchasing it. There is a considerable amount of free play in the spindle that makes it pretty frustrating at times. Many people have reported the issue and have said that Bosch say it is "normal".

    • Oh this is good to know. I always figured that this setup where the whole thing moves down the stand would be more rigid than the traditional drill stand where the spindle just gets extended further and further away from the motor!

  • I'm recently bought it from ALDI. Looks as a full replica of Bosch, didn't skip any features, even better there is electronic speed regulations from 500 to 3000 by 100 steps. Almost no free play of spindele - was able to drill 0.4mm. Amazing precision! Also made test to drill 10mm in 7mm thick steel. No problem as well.
    Actually I been sceptical and bought it for testing, and particularly doesn't need it, cos have one bench drill in my garage. But this is a very good for precise DIY. Now I'm sitting on the fence with tempting to keep it, or not.