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40% off Sumatra Coffee Beans: 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 + Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Deal Ends Midnight Wednesday 23rd or when stocks run out.


Use Code AIRJO40 at checkout.

Get 40% off 500g bags and 1kg bags PLUS Free Express Post.
Sumatra Only.

500g Bags $18.93 - 1Kg Bags $30.57

All Orders get FREE Express Post - roasted and shipped within 48hrs.

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Airjo Coffee Roaster

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  • +1

    Thanks! Great coffee. Picked up a kg.

  • +3

    Can highly recommend.

  • Good timing, bought one

  • I'm in!

    I'm usually well-stocked when these deals pop up, but great timing for once! Soon, I'll be singing like Sumatra ;)

    • +2

      Great stuff fookos!
      Will that be Frank or Nancy? ;)

  • +1

    I tried you coffee last time it was 40% off, taste great, I'm a happy return customer.

    • Thanks so much catear.
      Super pleased you are enjoying it.

    • Ditto! Got myself 500g ground for my Delter Coffee Press. It’s been great.

  • Hi op, purchased this blend in your last deal but would like to try something creamier, any deals with the twilight blend? Cheers

    • Hey there Heebz - thanks for asking - you can use SAVE20 on the Twilight.
      Keen to hear your feedback and comparison when it suits you - Thanks heaps - Dan

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    Hey guys, do you have a recommended grind size and dose for a breville barista express with these beans?

    • +1

      Hey there EP - we run ours around 3.5 on our Barista Express - see how that goes for you.
      If you want some specific feedback mon your results please reach out any time via email [email protected]

      Hope that helps.

  • Got a bag to use with the Moka pot. No matter the changes (temp, brew time, etc) kept turning out sour. Might try to go one grind size finer next time .

    Smelt amazing tho hahaha and the coffee Def was fresh with a very good bag for what it's worth.

    • Hey there Doc - thanks for your feedback - sorry to hear you weren't nailing the flavours.
      Let me know how you go with the change in grind size - you can email me directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to help.


      • Thanks Dan! Ordered and will give it a go!

  • Does it suit milk coffees or black?

    • It’s a single origin. Enjoy the characteristics of the bean by its lonesome and go black.

  • Hey rep, I purchased on the weekend. Is it possible to get this deal applied to my order as it hasn't been shipped out yet? My order no is #15862. Thanks

  • Order placed! Thank you for great deal

    First time trying your beans :)

  • 40% off is the perfect price for these awesome beans. Thanks Dan!

  • Is the free Express Post via AusPost? If it is I could select delivery to Parcel Locker.

    • +1

      Yes - always Auspost with us - thanks

      • Thanks. Trying 2kg.

  • Is there a way to delay shipping? Just bought a kg but love the sumatra.

    • Unfortunately not juju - as soon as you order it it's bagged, boxed and shipped basically - you can set order dates though our subscription service but not any deals as such.

      Hope that helps.


  • Ordered 1KG Filter for the first time.
    What's your recommendation with regards to spoons per cup?

    • +1

      Hey there Marcx33 - thanks for your order and question - we would simply start with 2 tablespoons per cup and then adjust from there based on your results and preferences - be sure to stir the bloom well and allow a minute or two for gases to release given this is super fresh.

      Hope that helps and thanks again.

  • Does anyone have feedback on how these beans are for V60 pourovers?

    • I’m buying for espresso but will try a V60. It’s a light roast SO. Should be fine.

  • I just had a bag of this delivered. Do you have a recommended brew temperature for espresso?

    • Good question @thestig.

      I'm on 93.5 degrees for my current bean, but I think for light roasts you can benefit from going higher than for medium or darker roasts as it can be harder to extract all that goodies out of the bean to get full flavour.

      Would be keen to hear what the rep is brewing this at for espresso.

      PS. Mine were delivered today, too. Roast date was yesterday, so will need to wait a few more days to tuck in…

  • Just ordered a kilo, great deal.