OzBargain EoFY 2021 Treasure Hunt - Next Gen Consoles & Supercars to be Won! Starting 23 June at 12PM

OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021 Has Finished! See this comment on what to do if you have won a prize.

Original Post:

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is Back! For those who have done it before — you know the drill. TL;DR

  • Hunt starts at 12PM AEST on Wednesday 23 June 2021.
  • Hunt finishes at 10AM AEST on Friday 25 June 2021.
  • Around $10,000 worth of prizes will be given away to OzBargain members.

For those who aren't familiar with the OzBargain Treasure Hunt, it's a site-wide event that we run (almost) every year since 2015. The format hasn't really changed much, so here is just the instruction from last year's hunt. Basically various prizes will pop up on the site throughout the day during the hunt. You'll need to do a bit of scrolling as they pops up in the middle of the page. Here's an example:

Click to Reveal the Prize

There are quite a few factors that determine whether a prize pops up on the current page or not.

  • Each prize has a probability
  • Each prize also has a starting time
  • Some prizes only appear on certain pages — more on that later.

When a prize pops up on a page, it won't stay there forever. The "Click to Reveal" banner will disappear after 20 seconds without interaction. However after you click on the prize, it will reveal what the prize is and allow you to claim it.

Click to Claim the Prize

After you have claimed the prize, it will be added to your inventory, which is available on the Marketplace page (that page will be enabled 2 hours before the hunt starts). Marketplace would be very important in the later part of the hunt. You can add at most 4 items to your inventory — prizes basically would stop popping up on OzBargain once your inventory is full.


On the Marketplace page, you can

  • See what prizes you have in your inventory.
  • Drop prizes to vacate your inventory. Dropped prize will be back to the wild, ready to be picked up by other OzBargainers.
  • Put your prizes on the marketplace for trading.
  • See what prizes other users have put on the marketplace.
  • Request / Accept / Reject trades.

Trading is important because many prizes come in multiple parts — and you can only claim the final prize when you have collected all the parts!

Multipart Prize

Feel free to use private messages or this forum to organise trades.


Here is a list of prizes for the OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021. There will be lots of Prezzee Gift Cards where you can exchange with merchants' gift cards to be spent online or instore. There will also be some OzBargain T-shirts from last year's competition. Moreover there are also OzBargain hoodies to be won — collect them all to complete your OzBargain lifestyle.

Finally the grand prizes — OzBargain will be giving away some Next Gen game consoles, i.e. Sony PlayStation 5 (disc and digital edition), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Do note that for PS5 and XSX — I might not be able to deliver those straight away, but rather a promise that OzBargain will get the winners a console sometime this year, as hunting them down at RRP can be difficult.

Since Automotive forum has been OzBargain's most popular forum with all the insurance and car accident advice requests, I thought we'll give away some car related prizes as well — Supercars — Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Sian and a few others. In LEGO though.

Here is the list:

  • 50x Prezzee eGift Card $25
  • 20x Prezzee eGift Card $50
  • 10x Prezzee eGift Card $100 (2 parts)
  • 50x OzBargain T-shirt
  • 50x OzBargain Hoodie
  • PlayStation 5 (3 parts)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (3 parts)
  • Xbox Series X (3 parts)
  • Xbox Series S (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 (3 parts)
  • LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender (3 parts)
  • LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R (2 parts)

For multi-part prizes, usually the last part would be more rare. For example there will be 3x PlayStation 5 Part 1 & 3x PlayStation 5 Part 2 in the wild during the hunt, but there will only be one Part 3, as there will only be one prize. And for game consoles & LEGO set, the final part will be hidden on specific pages on OzBargain, which the hint will be revealed at set hours on 24 June.


Official starting time for OzBargain EoFY 2021 Treasure Hunt is Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 12:00PM, and will conclude at Friday 25 June 2020 at 10:00AM. Most prizes will be released before the evening of Thursday 24 June, but and the extra time will allow trading to take place.

Here's the schedule.

Wednesday 23 June

  • 12PM: Start the hunt!

Thursday 24 June

  • 9AM: Hint for LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R
  • 10AM: Hint for LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR
  • 11AM: Hint for LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 12PM: Hint for Xbox Series S
  • 1PM: Hint for LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender
  • 2PM: Hint for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
  • 3PM: Hint for LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37
  • 4PM: Hint for Xbox Series X
  • 5PM: Hint for LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron
  • 6PM: Hint for PlayStation 5

Friday 25 June

  • 10AM: Finish!

After the hunt finishes, those with prizes will be presented with a form on the Marketplace page for filling out the delivery details.

For T-shirts & Hoodies, these are Gildan 5000 and Gildan 12500, which you can check their size guide.

Participation Eligibility

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is open to OzBargain members, and

  • You are not currently in penalty box
  • Your account was created before this post. I am blocking new accounts from accessing the treasure hunt to stop people creating multiple accounts to game the system.

Also any attempt of scripting / gaming the system would result your account(s) banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is adblocker okay?

Yes, prizes will still show up when you use adblocker on OzBargain.

Q: Is mobile okay?

Yes, mobile browsers should not have any issue.

Q: Is dark mode okay?


Q: Where do the prizes pop up?

Most will pop up on random pages throughout the OzBargain website.

  • OzBargain front page
  • OzBargain new deals page
  • Individual page for deals (including expired), competitions or forum topics. They need to have 10 or more comments (to make the page long enough).

It will always be below the fold, i.e. requiring you to scroll down at least one full page. It pops up when the page is loaded, but will disappear after 20 seconds. Whether a prize will popup on a page is governed by probability — most prizes have low probability (0.5% to 1%) of chance popping up on a page. Some prizes have high probability but will only appear on specific pages. Please see "Timeline" above for those scheduled drops and hints on their locations.

Q: I am getting error "This item has already been claimed" when I try to click on Claim This button! What's going on?

A prize can simultaneously pop up on many ozbargainers' browsers, but only the first person clicking on "Claim This" will actually add the prize to his/her inventory. Others will get the error message after clicking on "Claim This" button. It's like multiple people can simultaneous spot a $50 notes on the floor, but only the first person who takes the action to pick it up can claim it.


    • +1


    • Have been hitting up a bunch of pages and threads with more than 10 comments. I think it's a fake to drive up site metrics. nothing to see here.

  • When a deal becomes active, does it only have a set url page it will show in or does it move from one page to another?

  • +1

    I might better work from my home office now. better rate working for 8 hours than hunting a 25 bucks voucher for 8 hours and probably not finding it…

  • +3

    There are only 5 prizes shown every 30 minutes?

  • +1

    will the prize pop up inside a deal a page? or will it show up while scrolling through deals?

  • +29

    They have done this type of thing a few times and I have never seen one of these things to click.

    • -15

      you need to spend more effort (like others).. or just have better luck.

      • +10

        I get negged for pointing out I have never seen a banner pop? I mean really I wasn't negging this give-away, just making a statement of fact as observed from my experience.
        Then you tell me to "have better luck" … how is that meant to occur?

        • -12

          Have better luck

    • Yeah same here - though I'm not here for all hours of the day, religiously refreshing.

    • its 100% a scam to drive traffic,

    • Same here, I've spent a few hours doing this each year for around 3 years of this and never ever seen one on mobile or desktop.
      I have read all the instructions carefully.

  • +27

    I never know how to play this in spite of reading the instructions. I have never seen a banner :(

  • +4

    Once the price is own, can the moderator publish the post how it was appeared so that users know whether we are looking in right way.

    i saw few comments that last one hour refreshing the screen but nothing found, i am also in same boat.
    if anyone using the script to refresh and finding the ad, would be tough to get price.

  • +1

    What if someone gets the rare Part 3 of a prize and doesn't get the other parts? Does that stop others getting the prize who may have the other two parts?

    • That's correct, and that's where the marketplace comes in, where people can trade parts. Last year the community managed to claim all the prizes.

      • For example, 1 person has 1 piece of a $50 gift card, the other person has the second piece. Could you PayPal that person money and then trade the part or is that not allowed?

        • They can trade on the marketplace. However whether there's money exchanged under the table — that's not our concern, and we prefer not to get involved.

          • +1

            @scotty: just one question, may be answered already, Do i need to refresh the page everytime to get the popup alert ?

            • @Ozfanmel: Yes it always appears when the page loads. I was hoping that people will spot those prizes while browsing through OzBargain like how they have been doing. However it appears some people are dead set on winning the prizes so they just refresh vigorously on the dot.

  • Why is everyone whinging?
    You're the one choosing to take part,
    If you find it and win…GREAT! Congrats!
    If you dont then better luck next year.

    And no I have never won but these constant comments popping up in my notications saying the same thing.

    Just sit back and enjoy playing and scrolling through ozbargain πŸ™‚

    • +3

      Because honestly this is BS according to me, I never saw such a orbargain treasure hunt tab or something even on website.
      May be site has disabled me from seeing it or something. Whatever the case I find it a scam/spam/waste time.

  • +6

    Under the inventory marketplace it says 14 found, and 253 inactive, 0 active.
    Does that mean that there’s no deals to find right now? Do we have to wait for it to be active??

    • yes

  • +5

    OzB servers taking a hit. The whole site is slow for me

    • +2

      Yes, I am looking for bargains not even searching anymore and this slows everything down

  • -1

    Not paying the bills I see

  • What happens if multiple OZB tabs are open, can it appear on any one? Should I close the other tabs saved as reminder/contemplating??

  • +9

    i give up… waste of time.. and the whole website is laggying.. doesnt help at all.

  • +1

    Have you seen anything? Last year I have found many nut this year no chance even to see one. :(

  • +5

    2 hours of my life gone and I haven't even seen a treasure hunt banner yet

  • +3

    all active ones have been claimed! How are people finding these. Imma try when the next drop happens in 20 mins

    • How do you see the claimed one? is there any specific time?

      • +3

        You can see all active treasures on the Treasure hunt page https://www.ozbargain.com.au/marketplace

        • +1

          thanks :)

        • How you find out when is the time? oooh from New items in the system??? yeah got it got it :)

          Treasures: Found 41, Active 0, Inactive 239, Total 280
          New items in the system: 13 min to go
          Winners: 36
          Last claimed: 8 min ago

    • Same here, I tried for about 10 minutes before seeing 0 active left. It was interesting to notice that in the first like 5 minutes none of those new items were found.

      I have tried Infinite scrolling and none Infinite scrolling method. They worked equally well for me as I didn't find anything.

  • +4

    Is it just me or is there anyone else who saw the phrase "supercars to be won" in the title and clicked it. Nice click bait

  • +1

    Where have people commonly found them? I haven't even seen a single prompt yet.

    • I found one on the main homepage half an hour ago :)

  • Would this work with PiHole?

  • +12

    For anyone interested, this is how I do it https://imgur.com/a/vAdPsDH

    • How do you know which deal/forum to look for? Just guessing popular ones?

      • This

        Individual page for deals (including expired), competitions or forum topics. They need to have 10 or more comments (to make the page long enough).

        Any deal/forum I find that doesn't need scrolling.

        • Yes, but plenty of deals/competition/forum topics will fit that criteria. I will just take it as pure luck.

    • thanks for sharing, I was wondering why I couldn't find anything

    • +1

      Thanks but wouldn't having just 1 tab and refreshing be the same as having 5 open since the page reloads pretty much instantly?

      • +1

        Sometimes the site/internet is slow and all 5 pages are still loading. Also gives me more time to skim through the page so I don't miss one.

  • My name is Mike hunt and I'm here for the big hunt.

  • Whether a prize will popup on a page is governed by probability β€” most prizes have low probability (0.5% to 1%) of chance popping up on a page

    Calculating on my calculmalator I need to look at average of 150~ pages before I score the loot.

    • An average OzBargainer will do that in no time at all!

  • +3

    I havent come here to complain, only been here ~yr and think this is pretty kewl of the site owners to run with shit like this..

  • +1

    To complicated for me :(
    Every year i have no idea what to do after following instructions.

  • +3

    Has dealbot been running scripts again :)

  • +3

    I feel people with scraping bots will grab most of it.

  • +6

    I GOT A HOODIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) 4 hours of scrolling… legit my boss is going to kill me

  • +5

    I never know how to play this in spite of reading the instructions. I have never seen a banner 😟

    Waste of time - can't beat the script bots …..😑

  • Holy crap i have 3 inventory prizes… so determine to get a ps5 tho… lol You can beat the bots. I literally have been scrolling for 4 hours. Trust me, when it popps up, you cant miss it. Its like 'above' text. think of in it word when you place an image over text.

  • +4

    I have an unopened PS5 bought from BIG W that you can use for this competition if you can't get hold of any.

    • +1

      Why gracious me, how generous of you! I most definitely could use it!

  • I know you said ad blocker is fine but what about Brave browser? Occasionally I need to switch to Firefox (with ad block running) to get a website to behave correctly as Brave blocks a lot of content.

    • It works with Brave browser + adblock on.

  • +9

    Goddamn, they get claimed instantly! Was refreshing the Marketplace page for one to become available. Instantly claimed before the counter changed to 1. Refreshing every 5 seconds..
    Every year, same result :(

    Deal/Comp should be marked unobtainable :P
    I do appreciate what the guys have done but perhaps it needs to be tweaked..

    • +2

      Treasures: Found 100
      Winners: 59

  • +2

    Goodluck everyone, no luck for me so far

  • Just want to confirm,
    Do they pop up on the deals /new deals pages or on any page/forum on the site?

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • +1

    Not a good way of doing treasure hunt!! haven't seen a single one since noon!!

    • Yeah not me too some people found 3 ! LOL

  • +9

    This game isnt that fair.

    User ryzie has 3 prizes?! WTH

    Ive been searching and found none

    • -5

      I found 8, missed to click 2, didn't claim 1, claimed 5, released 2 and currently have 3 prizes in hand. Participated in about 6 rounds so far.

      • Hey, where abouts do they pop up? In the deals/new deals area or inside the deal?

        • +7

          I only focus on inside the deal. So far all popped up inside the blank 'Post New Comment' box where you write the comments.

  • +2

    Should be one prize per person or account though?

    • There's a limit of how many prizes you can win, as you can only hold 4 at a time. The big prizes use up 3 of those, + a hoodie/$25 giftcard.

      • oic, maybe people are just better at searching

  • +3

    Work productivity until Friday 10AM will be down 500%

  • got nothing yet :(. using Chrome on Android phone.

  • +1

    @scotty, you should put a couple of random cursed badge prizes in. Everyone will keep getting their hopes up and then dropping them back into the wild :D

    Who ever has it last gets a new black badge "The Cursed". I wouldn't mind winning that prize at the end of the day if nothing else eventuates!

    • What would be the image for cursed prize? Photo of jv?

      • Hah, can be. I was just thinking another black badge. It'll give more people a 'virtual win', as they're finding prizes and might also act as a deterrent if bots are being used - constantly having to drop the cursed prizes :D

      • +1

        I present to you "cursed jv". Also passable as spooky JV.

  • +4

    12 pages refreshing on nearly every round today frequently and nothing. This is why these kind of thing of "competitions" suck lol

    • +1

      Oh I won a piece of an Xbox. What a coincidence πŸ€”

  • +8

    I don't want to whinge. It is very generous from the people who run this website. But I think the people who find those prizes are mostly nerds with 3 or 4 screens next to each other and using all tricks as possible. Good on them winning then. For us general OZbargainers who are just here for deals and voucher codes it is a bit nerve wrecking to compete. however I love this website and check it more than once a day!

    • +2

      Some people have won multiple prizes

      lots are using bots

      viewing the marketplace, some people have found like 6 prizes while others have found none

  • +4

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/marketplace 4 items from diguinBR, 3 items from ryzie, 2 items from IM0128, fair game!

  • +1

    The 8pm drop (8 active) was all claimed by 8:01pm. No chance that they were all found legitimately. Surely people are using scripts/bots

    • @scotty this! What if the competition was setup where members had to complete certain actions every hour and then these members are put into random generator to determine winner(s). I love the prizes and marketplace concept

      • +3

        Like 'Find the most popular deal in 2021' and that post will have a bottom anyone can press within a 10min window. Then everyone who pressed it has the same chance of wining the prize after the time limit.

  • +2

    Could've used this money to upgrade the servers

  • +2

    Way too complicated, too many leechers that only take and not contribute.

    • -3

      follow MagicMushroom tip, it worked really well for me

      • Ok seeing what he needs to do- yeah nah

      • -1

        I followed that tip and for some treasure as well :)

  • I would like to thank @MagicMushroom for showing us the only treasure we will ever see

  • +5

    Haven't seen any. I give up

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