OzBargain EoFY 2021 Treasure Hunt - Next Gen Consoles & Supercars to be Won! Starting 23 June at 12PM

OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021 Has Finished! See this comment on what to do if you have won a prize.

Original Post:

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is Back! For those who have done it before — you know the drill. TL;DR

  • Hunt starts at 12PM AEST on Wednesday 23 June 2021.
  • Hunt finishes at 10AM AEST on Friday 25 June 2021.
  • Around $10,000 worth of prizes will be given away to OzBargain members.

For those who aren't familiar with the OzBargain Treasure Hunt, it's a site-wide event that we run (almost) every year since 2015. The format hasn't really changed much, so here is just the instruction from last year's hunt. Basically various prizes will pop up on the site throughout the day during the hunt. You'll need to do a bit of scrolling as they pops up in the middle of the page. Here's an example:

Click to Reveal the Prize

There are quite a few factors that determine whether a prize pops up on the current page or not.

  • Each prize has a probability
  • Each prize also has a starting time
  • Some prizes only appear on certain pages — more on that later.

When a prize pops up on a page, it won't stay there forever. The "Click to Reveal" banner will disappear after 20 seconds without interaction. However after you click on the prize, it will reveal what the prize is and allow you to claim it.

Click to Claim the Prize

After you have claimed the prize, it will be added to your inventory, which is available on the Marketplace page (that page will be enabled 2 hours before the hunt starts). Marketplace would be very important in the later part of the hunt. You can add at most 4 items to your inventory — prizes basically would stop popping up on OzBargain once your inventory is full.


On the Marketplace page, you can

  • See what prizes you have in your inventory.
  • Drop prizes to vacate your inventory. Dropped prize will be back to the wild, ready to be picked up by other OzBargainers.
  • Put your prizes on the marketplace for trading.
  • See what prizes other users have put on the marketplace.
  • Request / Accept / Reject trades.

Trading is important because many prizes come in multiple parts — and you can only claim the final prize when you have collected all the parts!

Multipart Prize

Feel free to use private messages or this forum to organise trades.


Here is a list of prizes for the OzBargain Treasure Hunt 2021. There will be lots of Prezzee Gift Cards where you can exchange with merchants' gift cards to be spent online or instore. There will also be some OzBargain T-shirts from last year's competition. Moreover there are also OzBargain hoodies to be won — collect them all to complete your OzBargain lifestyle.

Finally the grand prizes — OzBargain will be giving away some Next Gen game consoles, i.e. Sony PlayStation 5 (disc and digital edition), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Do note that for PS5 and XSX — I might not be able to deliver those straight away, but rather a promise that OzBargain will get the winners a console sometime this year, as hunting them down at RRP can be difficult.

Since Automotive forum has been OzBargain's most popular forum with all the insurance and car accident advice requests, I thought we'll give away some car related prizes as well — Supercars — Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Sian and a few others. In LEGO though.

Here is the list:

  • 50x Prezzee eGift Card $25
  • 20x Prezzee eGift Card $50
  • 10x Prezzee eGift Card $100 (2 parts)
  • 50x OzBargain T-shirt
  • 50x OzBargain Hoodie
  • PlayStation 5 (3 parts)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (3 parts)
  • Xbox Series X (3 parts)
  • Xbox Series S (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 (3 parts)
  • LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender (3 parts)
  • LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR (3 parts)
  • LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R (2 parts)

For multi-part prizes, usually the last part would be more rare. For example there will be 3x PlayStation 5 Part 1 & 3x PlayStation 5 Part 2 in the wild during the hunt, but there will only be one Part 3, as there will only be one prize. And for game consoles & LEGO set, the final part will be hidden on specific pages on OzBargain, which the hint will be revealed at set hours on 24 June.


Official starting time for OzBargain EoFY 2021 Treasure Hunt is Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 12:00PM, and will conclude at Friday 25 June 2020 at 10:00AM. Most prizes will be released before the evening of Thursday 24 June, but and the extra time will allow trading to take place.

Here's the schedule.

Wednesday 23 June

  • 12PM: Start the hunt!

Thursday 24 June

  • 9AM: Hint for LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R
  • 10AM: Hint for LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR
  • 11AM: Hint for LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 12PM: Hint for Xbox Series S
  • 1PM: Hint for LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender
  • 2PM: Hint for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
  • 3PM: Hint for LEGO 42115 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37
  • 4PM: Hint for Xbox Series X
  • 5PM: Hint for LEGO 42083 Bugatti Chiron
  • 6PM: Hint for PlayStation 5

Friday 25 June

  • 10AM: Finish!

After the hunt finishes, those with prizes will be presented with a form on the Marketplace page for filling out the delivery details.

For T-shirts & Hoodies, these are Gildan 5000 and Gildan 12500, which you can check their size guide.

Participation Eligibility

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is open to OzBargain members, and

  • You are not currently in penalty box
  • Your account was created before this post. I am blocking new accounts from accessing the treasure hunt to stop people creating multiple accounts to game the system.

Also any attempt of scripting / gaming the system would result your account(s) banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is adblocker okay?

Yes, prizes will still show up when you use adblocker on OzBargain.

Q: Is mobile okay?

Yes, mobile browsers should not have any issue.

Q: Is dark mode okay?


Q: Where do the prizes pop up?

Most will pop up on random pages throughout the OzBargain website.

  • OzBargain front page
  • OzBargain new deals page
  • Individual page for deals (including expired), competitions or forum topics. They need to have 10 or more comments (to make the page long enough).

It will always be below the fold, i.e. requiring you to scroll down at least one full page. It pops up when the page is loaded, but will disappear after 20 seconds. Whether a prize will popup on a page is governed by probability — most prizes have low probability (0.5% to 1%) of chance popping up on a page. Some prizes have high probability but will only appear on specific pages. Please see "Timeline" above for those scheduled drops and hints on their locations.

Q: I am getting error "This item has already been claimed" when I try to click on Claim This button! What's going on?

A prize can simultaneously pop up on many ozbargainers' browsers, but only the first person clicking on "Claim This" will actually add the prize to his/her inventory. Others will get the error message after clicking on "Claim This" button. It's like multiple people can simultaneous spot a $50 notes on the floor, but only the first person who takes the action to pick it up can claim it.


  • Where are the hints posted?

    • Hints will be posted as comments in this post.

  • +12

    Nice to see that some people found my method useful and it's getting harder for me to find the treasures.

    Here's another tip for those who can spam F5 but don't have the screen space to open multiple windows.

    1. Open this page https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633086
    2. Scroll down & zoom out so you can see the entire comment section like this https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/203846/89757/screensho...
    3. Wait for Treasures to be active https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/203846/89761/screensho...
    4. Start spamming F5 (ideally 2-3 or even 4 times/sec)
    5. Pop up should appear in the blue section, but mostly in the yellow section. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/203846/89760/screensho...
    6. pop up looks like this, click twice https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/203846/89763/screensho... (video https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/203846)
    7. Congratulation you've won!

    This will give you the same chance as me in discovering the treasure (found 12 so far), but I don't do this because you're more likely to miss one from the constant refresh. The chance of finding one is about 0.8 per round (2 if lucky) from personal experience. Obviously, the chance will drop as more people join.

    TLDR: Don't do this pls

    • So basically, it's desktop only? am I not able to find treasures on mobile?

    • So maybe I've been misunderstanding the competition for the last few years, but you say 'open this page', like it's that simple.
      Don't you have to be incredibly lucky that the page you decided to look at is the one that has the active prize in it? My understanding is the prizes drop on certain pages when they become active.
      So given there's millions of pages that fit the criteria, and only a handful of prize that drop every hour, how have you been so lucky to choose those sites?
      Or do some prize appear on every page for a few seconds for someone to claim - so confused…

      • scraping bot

      • Sounds like on every page load a prize has a certain probability of appearing. So basically pick a page with >10 comments and if you refresh enough, probability says a popup should appear towards the bottom of the page… eventually…?

        Oh inventory page is useful:
        Treasures: Found 157, Active 0, Inactive 123, Total 280
        New items in the system: 17 min to go

      • This is what Im confused on. I found my prizes all on different pages to be honest. I was on the deal page, and went from page 1 - 50 over the course of yesterday. By the way once you get to 50, ozbargains bugs out and says cant be found (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals?page=50). All the prizes I found were on different pages.

        Im still determine to get the PS5 LOL i've offered my tshirt for part 1, but no bites hehe.

        • Given it seems like the prize(s) goes active at a certain time rather [than] randomly, I see two possibilities; 1) prizes appear [simultaneously for all users] on all applicable pages or 2) prizes appear on only some applicable pages based on an unknown probability. My guess is its the former and you just happened to be on different pages when the prizes 'dropped'.

          • @SwarleyAUS: I wonder where the hints will drop for the specific prizes tho… surely theyre on specific pages

            • @Mintee: The hints are dropping here in this comment section if thats what you mean

              • @SwarleyAUS: no no what I mean, is the prizes for the hints would be on specific pages I assume

          • @SwarleyAUS: Yes prizes appear simultaneously for all users on all applicable pages, except for certain prizes that only appear on designated pages, which the hints will be provided in comments today. So both (1) and (2) are correct.

    • wow you are a true magician.

    • You're quite selfless for doing this, thank you.

  • Location for LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R (2/2)

    Forum post — "Wife is right about the bike"

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626862 ?

      has it been redeemed already?

      • Surely it couldn't be that simple.that was the first one that popped up on search

        • Yeah. It's just the first one for a relatively minor prize. However the Automotive quiz aren't meant to be hard, if you have been on OzBargain for a while.

  • Every year I have the best intentions to give this a red hot go and every year the same disappointment haha

    • Yep that was an infuriating 9 minutes!

  • YES I scored a Lego Land Rover.!! Thanks OzBargain.
    With the trades can I request more than one trade at a time? I only have the one item to trade but assuming my requests are likely to be declined… I have always dreamed of owning a Lambo =)

    • Lol i think that may have been mine i dropped back in hehe. But its only 1 part?

      • "LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender (2/3)" Thank you if so.

        • +1

          Oh nope, I dropped back in 1/3. you need call 3 parts mate before you win :) But good job!

        • …wait did I misunderstand… I thought I won 1 of 3 being given away… So I only have one third of a prize?

          • @smarti77: To use an analogy … I really dont want to take away a lolly from a child right now because you seem so happy…. but as interpret the above "LEGO 24110 Land Rover Defender (3 parts)" "Trading is important because many prizes come in multiple parts — and you can only claim the final prize when you have collected all the parts!"

            • +1

              @Mintee: Maccas Monopoly all over again…

              • @smarti77: It seems incredibly difficult to find one part. Finding three parts only seems possible by those with all day hitting refresh…

  • +2

    Hmm ok bots at play… 10 prizes claimed by 4 winners -_-

  • Have never seen an active prize popup. Will it be blindingly obvious when it appears on my screen?
    I'm one of those people that will just ignore popups because they're either a virus or an ad that directs you away from the page you are actually interested in.

    • +1

      They are 'below the fold' so you will either need to scroll down (or possibly zoom out) to see them

      • I just tried the zoom technique magic mentioned for the last 2 rounds… nothing… im going to go back to my click and scroll

        • I think we're just too slow with 100s/1000s of people competing at the same time

          • +1

            @SwarleyAUS: " Online 2,906 " lets say 8 prizes drop, thats a 0.2% chance! What do you mean, we got this!

            • @Mintee: take into account the bots and id say that drop a little. maybe to like 0.000001%?

        • here we go again…

  • +5

    Anyone else not able to see even one chest?

  • My goal in life today is to see what this pop up actually looks like

    • it actually looks EXACTLY like the screenshot in the post. Like Identical.

  • Location for LEGO 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR (3/3)

    Forum post — "AMG"

  • +12

    Great job at setting up a competition that rewards bots and F5 spammers instead of people that actually use the website normally.

    • -3

      ClickFrenzy was worse, be grateful for free stuff :)

      • I'm neither a bot nor an F5 spammer so i won't be getting any free stuff. Just a website that I frequent loading slower than normally for a couple of days. What the (profanity) should I be grateful about?

      • Yeah, between ClickFrenzy, eBay deals, Amazon restocks etc. F5 spamming is a favourite pastime of ozbargainers ;)

  • +1

    won nothing again.. err

  • +1

    After trying this for a few hours and getting nothing, I am turning on my ad-blockers again.

  • +2

    Been trying since yesterday whenever I was free….nothing and nothing. I think it's better to run as a raffle or something, one shot, you win or lose…

    • Strongly agree.

  • @poorman, almost has a full ps5 :O

    • I wish! One was digital, one wasn't lol

      • But thats an easy trade!

  • -2

    I won a shirt! I can confirm the F5'ing is worth it :D

    • How much time have you spend trying to win, to get a OZB shirt?

      • +1

        Not much… just randomly swapping over to a deal tab every now and then when prizes are active. I've always wanted an ozbargain tshirt though so I'm stoked… first time in years I've actually seen a prize pop up!

  • Here comes the VW BEETLE!!

  • +1

    Location for LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle (3/3)

    Forum post — "High Yield Investment Vehicle"

    • Got it - was here

      • +1

        Good job! I was looking for that post, I knew it was a bank person but i searched commonwealth…. this has highlighted some search improvements LOL

        • +1

          I'm loving the hints just being a gentle push in the right direction as opposed to a race to one thread.

          • @Hinee: Things seem to be all about automotive forum posts. Im expecting some 'whos at fault' question next. better do some studying

            • @Mintee: I would think that all the forum posts will relate to the item - we just had 3 lego vehicles in a row.

              • @Hinee: Oh so, the next is the xbox, you're expecting a gaming question… hmmm… biggest failure this year? Cyberpunk forum? but its xbox… hmmm

      • Is it only one hunt every hour or should we keep looking for more Legos?

  • +3

    @scotty, when u post the hint, if I am the first one to find the topic, is that 100% that the prize will be there or do I still have to refresh the page till it pops up?

    • Very high chance that you'll see the prize. However the probability is not 100% so might still need to refresh.

  • +1

    with the multipart prizes, what happens if the people with the other parts don't trade them? Or if the person that gets the rare piece doesn't have anything to trade for the other 2 but wont give it up?

  • 0 for me at 11.30 :( PS5 chances are being slimmer by the minute.

    • PS5 is only obtainable from the hints anyway isn't it?

      • You need 3 parts, 1 part from a hint, yes. But there (assuming) 3x part 1 of the digital and 2x part 2 of the digital out there, given that theres some on the marketplace.

        • well the one from the hint is the rare one though. the others have multiple.

          • @Dowhatuwant: Be positive! Win the part 3 xbox and maybe someone will trade!

  • Can I confirm all trades must be complete by 10am tomorrow?

    • Thats what it appears like.

  • Location for Xbox Series S (3/3)

    What was the most voted Xbox One game deal on OzBargain? The deal must contain only one game and on the Xbox One platform only, i.e. no multi-platform games and not part of store sale.

    Hint: It was a freebie 13 months ago.

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