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[Prime, Waitlist] HEYMIX 65W 2 Port SAA GaN Charger + 3 Adapter + 100W Cable $33.99 Delivered @ AU SELECT Amazon AU


12:10PM: Black one is back in stock with same price
Be quick!

Another lightning deal from Prime Day
One of the lowest price (with PD cable)
SAA& RCM Certified in Australia

[Waitlist] Edit: 100% claimed Join the waitlist and check the page, you only have a short amount of time to purchase. Note that the waitlist might not be able via mobile site/app, request the desktop site.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • Thanks OP! got one!

  • Can this charge a laptop (I have a Lenovo IdeaPad S540)?

    • +1

      Not sure about your particular one if most laptop uses PD if it is a type C and it should work.

      • Thanks, bought one as I don't want to regret missing out

        I think my laptop is rated for 65W

  • Wow, is this the cheapest it ever got? I have 2 and they are so portable as a 65W

  • I've got one of these. Really good and definitely one of the better examples of more innovative use of GaN tech in that it's smaller (although not the smallest) and the shape can be really useful in some circumstances.

  • Can I use for samsung or iPhone fast charging??

    • I believe so as I use my lenovo charger that is rated 65W to charge my galaxy S usbC, not sure why the downvote as it's a pertinent question..

      • not sure why my Lenovo 65W doesn't do superfast charge (does regular fast charge) on my S20FE. I didn't realise until I used my friends s21 ultra charger

  • +4


    FYI - 3port options are also available but little more expensive


    • This is much better compact 3 port option $46 delivered.
      The delivery from china is quite fast around 10 days.


      • This one doesn't mentioned PPS so any Samsung folks are gonna miss out on that super fast charging

        • +1

          I have the Minix Neo P1 and can confirm that it supports PPS. I get super fast charging on my Samsung Note 10+

        • how about huawei 40W?

      • wow so cool….
        now i need to find a laptop so i can use this charger to its full potential. any suggestion ? any that uses usb c as charging port, right?

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      20% coupon on the black variant of this one, brings it down to $31.89!
      GO PEOPLE, GO!!!!

      • +1

        got one. even better deal. thank you!

      • How do you get 20% coupon?

        • If it's not appearing anymore it must've reached capacity.

  • I missed it :)

  • +1

    Just got the 3-port with a 20% off coupon brought it down to $31.89. Not the travel version so won't include different plugs


    Edit: Aaaand claimed

  • FYI both colours in stock again!

  • Black is currently listed as $33.99 lightning deal right now

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    Back in stock now, both in white and black at the same price of $33.99

    • +8

      if you dont need the extra adaptor or cables, this one is $24.79 in checkout

  • 12:07pm - Deal is marked expired, but was able to order one for $33.99

    • black one is back in stock with same price
      28% claimed as of posted :)

  • still availbile, just ordered one thanks

  • I think 3 port is best value one if you dont mind paying another $5

  • +1

    Does anyone here charge an old 'magsafe' style Macbook using a high watt USB power supply (like this) and a USB magsafe cable from eBay? Magsafe power supplies are expensive and getting hard to find.

  • ThxOp got black one for $24 love you Kiss

  • finished

  • Pretty good, only issue for me is won’t change Apple Watch from USB A port

    My bad I’m referring to the 3 port version, no idea if this has same issue?

  • Bought white one for $24. Forgot Cashrewards

    • +1

      electronics = 0% (until 4pm, @TA posted 12% on all categories)

    • dont worry you didnt miss anything as i dont think they ever pay any cash back on electronics . IMO best use a gift card or amex offer to pay

  • ref Universal Fast-Charging】With 65W high power output and quick charging protocols support for Apple/Samsung, so can anyone confirm is it supports S21 pps charging mode?

  • this one or 100w one? for 100w i can charge 2 laptop at the same time?

  • 65W charger with a 100W cable. Huh?!

    • +3

      Better than a 100W charger with a 65W cable.

      • ha! Good point!

  • Got a S21 Ultra, will this work fine? 65W not too high (as samsung only sells 45W max).

    • +1

      With Samsung S21 series, it isn't just about looking at the W. Samsung ones have support for Programmable Power Supply (PPS) which is what allows the phone to charge at 45W.

    • +1

      I use this with my S21 Ultra and it's fine. The device being charged decides on how much power it will accept, so 65W is fine.

  • This is a good alternative for people chasing a good charger for multiple devices. FYI it doesnt come with a cable and international plugs.


  • +3

    Sold by:shanghai juqia wangluoxinxikeji youxiangongsi

    should I concern with this one?

    • Apparently it translates to :

      "Shanghai Bureau Qia Network Information Technology Co., Ltd."

      • was going to pull the trigger when I got the waitlisted deal.
        but saw that "sold by: shanghai" during the check out, and I think I will skip that one. Sounds dodgy..

        • I did buy two of these (one AU only and one with internal adaptors). Will see if it charges my Lenovo X1 Carbon. If it does, then I'm happy. Otherwise I'll just return it.

          • @ar7ist: I have the same question but I read somewhere it only supports upto 6 gen

  • I'm on the waitlist still but both times more stock became available I don't/can't get one in my cart to purchase. Ahhh!

  • I get pretty loud cool whine from mine charging a 13” MacBook Pro YMMV

    • Just ask for a replacement.

      • Return window closed already (1 month). Unless I’ll missing something. Don’t see any option on Amazon to get warranty.

        • You can contact the seller for warranty issues through Amazon's help desk/support service.

        • Normally the 30 days return is for any reasons, and for warranty, just use the Amazon online chat, they sort out the problem pretty quick.

  • I just read that if you're monitoring the waitlist via the app, you don't get notifications if your number comes up. Only works with a browser apparently.

    Wonderful :(

    • It comes up as push notification for me (iOS)

      • That's interesting. In Amazon's "Join a Lightning Deal Waitlist" guide, they say :

        "When you're next on the waitlist, you'll see an alert in the upper right-hand corner of your Amazon.com.au page indicating that the deal is available. Note: If you're using the Amazon App, similar notifications are not available just yet. Please log-on to Amazon.com.au using a web browser on your personal computer or tablet device to make sure you don't miss the waitlist alert."

        • +1

          Make sure you enable "Your Watched & Waitlisted Deals" under Settings -> Notifications in Amazon app

          • +1

            @littlesoldier: Thank you very much, I've found and changed those settings now. Clearly I was very poorly equipped for this sale but I'll have a better chance next time.

  • with this sort of chargers what is the risk to plug in and the device needs for example only 25w ??? blows a fuse???

    • +2

      You cannot "blow a fuse" for drawing less power than the power supply produces. So when this says 65W, it means it can produce a maximum of 65W of power. Anything needing less will just draw whatever it needs (eg. a mobile phone). Anything that needs more will most likely just not be able to charge.

  • Anybody got luck charging their Lenovo Laptops using these GaN chargers?
    I have tried this model and also this model but no luck charging my Lenovo IdeaPad S540

    Note: I have tried with the included 100W PD cable that comes with one of the model

    • Does it charge slowly or not charge at all? I have same laptop looking to buy additional charger.

      • Looks like the included cable is not compatible with my Lenovo S540 - it doesn't charge at all.
        The cable works though - charging my mobile phone etc.
        However tried charging the laptop with a Baseus 60W rated PD cable and it works.


        Edit - tried the included cable via an USB-Hub and its charging now!

        Super Strange!!

    • It didn’t charge my surface book 2 at all. Not even a slow charge. Didn’t have any other PD cable to test it out but it charges my phone fine. Returned it for a refund

  • Mine arrived DOA. Returned it for a refund.