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[Prime] HORI Split Pad Pro (Pikachu & Eevee) for Nintendo Switch $59.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lightning Deal for Prime Members.

Officially Licensed by Nintendo and the Pokemon company International

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • $85.63 is a weird price

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    $59.61 for the black one but coming from Amazon US.

  • 100% Claimed :(

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    Worth noting: Not a wireless Controller - only for handheld mode. Does not include motion controls, HD rumble, NFC, or IR Camera. Note: if having trouble with the Switch recognizing split pad Pro, please ensure that all Joy-Con are off and not connected via Bluetooth.

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      Doesn't include any kind of rumble, which is kind of a deal breaker for me.

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        these controllers are so much better then joy cons regardless of all the things they are missing

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          Depends on how much you value the things that are missing.

        • I agree, I use my hori pad every day and when using my partner's switch with joycons it isn't a vibe 😅

          • @BShandy23: Never looked back since using Hori controller. I actually sold all my Joycons and just kept one pair. Hori for handheld and Pro Controller for docked. No drift and my thumbs are much better for it!

        • Just bought these used the other day for $45 from someone on FB marketplace - yah they're 100% better than joycon for shooters (Metro, Apex, Forntite, Wolfenstein etc), only issue is they make the switch absolutely huge sideways (it's already the biggest portable console in recent memory and the new controllers only add to it). Also if you have a plastic console shield for the switch tablet itself you have to take it off, even a thin one because there is weird raised clip looking section son the back I think designed to prevent drops, but they go over the top back and the controller won't slide on with something else underneath.

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    Midnight Blue is $59.86
    Translucent Black is $59.61

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    Brandogs mate I hope big Jeff is paying you a kickback for all these prime deals haha!

  • Love my set, had the since release as I only play handheld. Great for Overwatch and Apeout

  • Is it me or anyone else read it as iPad Pro and checked the price $59.95?

  • Unless you really want this version. Other colour has been 58-61 from time to time. no deal to me.

  • An missed out

  • sold out and gonee

  • What the heck was that? How many did they stock? One?

  • I got one earlier when I saw this - thanks OP.

  • Damn, would rather get a themed one than those normal coloured for the same price. At least make the standard colours $49! Marketing people come on!!

  • +1

    Thanks just bought the black one. Was playing my switch the other day and the cramps are real.

    Now they can announce the Switch Pro.

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