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Lavazza A Modo Mio 16 Coffee Capsules $6.60 ($5.94 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Pack of 16 capsules with a dark roasting and a level 13 very strong intensity
Lingering flavour with intense notes of cocoa and spices
Lavazza experience in a coffee capsule for Modo Mio coffee machines
Blend with long-lasting aftertaste and spicy aromas, also suitable for preparations with milk
Blended coffee featuring beans from South East Asia, Brazil and India

Qualità Rossa
Dek Cremoso

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Only fits the Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines! So if you don't have the machine, this Deal is not for you.

    This part of the range of capsules is on special at times at Coles for $7, normally $11.

    The better capsules can be ordered from Lavazza. Some Coles now carry the better 12 capsule Bio-Organic Intensita at that price - bought a few weeks ago on special.

    Dek Cremoso is a decaf.

    Comparison of these different coffee (qualities, beans used, intensities) - is in the Amazon listing.

    Ordered a few Delizioso & Intenso on S&S (will cancel future orders later) - thanks👍

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    I personally think these pods taste better than Nespresso.


    Bought. Have been using my machine daily since last year lockdown, pair it with a milk frother and i get a really nice coffee, to the point i no longer like little coffee shop coffees anymore (maccas coffees are undeniably consistent and regular though, so still a go-to when out and about!)

    Did S&S, will see how that goes.


      Don't forget to cancel S&S later, as this special price won't be the price next delivery. Normal price is same as $11 normal price @Coles

      Have been using a few of these machines for almost 7 years - still in daily use. Bought almost free or made a profit after cash back from Lavazza.


      Mark the front orientation of the pod (I put a scratch on pod holder, and front of pod so always lines up), refill with fresh ground Coffee, cover with alfoil…enjoy.


        Good idea, but…
        Likely that works differently with the many different Lavazza A Modo Mio models.
        How the capsule is mounted & pierced varies.

        What model do you have?

        My main machine is the Electrolux built Favola. The other is a more recent version of that. The pod is placed in a shute, the lever at the top is pulled - which pierces the pod.

        Tried many times when I get free capsules from other brands. The pod is filled, packed, & correctly aligned, but water flows through too easily - avoiding the coffee (barely colouring the water), or the lever to pierce the pod applies too much force & crushes the capsule.

        Never had a good coffee with with your approach, on my machines ☕

        Don't drink much coffee to warrant buying bean supply & buy a grinder.
        Easier & less effort to order the pods @37c ea.

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          I've got one of the machines from here that was $49 with $50 cashback with several boxes of pods. Modo Mio midu maybe, with horizontal tray. Can see a drop in church would be tricky. Would need to use a piece of tape/ line to keep the orientation the sane (as the pierced holes aren't symetrical). Can't go back to pre prep pods after having fresh ground. That being said my MAP machine is the work horse for fresh ground coffee refills (central pierced hole, can't go wrong).


            @tunzafun001: Thanks.
            Yes - the Minu I was thinking it might be that model. Were popular in Deals.

            I bought 11 of those @$38ea with $50 back. Came with 2 free boxes of 16 pods. Lavazza sent me 30 free boxes!
            (Forgot I have one machine here still in the box, after a relative I gave it to died. It was only used when I visited & made him coffee.)

            It's not my preferred machine out of the 3 models. A very different operation to most Lavazza A Modo Mio machines.

            There is little force down when the pod is pierced, compared to the lever in mine & most other models. Then you gently slide the used pod out.

            Rather, it's a more complex & forceful action of moving the pod horizontally, piercing, then pulling the pod back to drop it down into a bin. Seems more destructive of the pods. Suspect the pierced holes are larger.

            Read your helpful suggestion in a Deal long ago - marking the machine & pods. Did it with white-out on the black machine.
            Had tried recommendations online before that saying it was easy - but with other machines.

            Doesn't seem a problem of lining the holes up. The pod remains vertical as it is moved forward by the lever. The marks seem to line up, but any movement may cause larger holes in the pod.
            They didn't design these more complex models for refilling of pods.

            Understandably, refilling would be better if you prefer the quality of your own fresh ground coffee.

            That's not as easy, quick, or cheap option for me on 1 cup / day. Plus it's more cleaning up. I'm lazy😊

            Will try refilled pods (with free Nescafe pod contents) in the Minu, & compare the used pods.


            @tunzafun001: Set up the Minu.
            The holes in used pod from other machine neatly fit the spikes in Minu. Holes look no bigger.

            Used pod from Minu looks same.
            Except the base of other used pod is a bit crushed. That's probably why refilling other models isn't as effective.

            Will later refill Minu pod & follow your advice.

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              @the INFIDEL: You can check out this Youtude tutorial video for Electrolux coffee machine but I don't think it's worth the hassle unless you loved your ground coffee can't drink anything without it.

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                @KOBH: Thanks.
                Yes, that's basically my machine.

                But wwwemptycoffeecapsules.com sold… empty plastic capsules! (They no longer exist.) Their vid shows how to fill & cover top of their new capsules in foil.

                Looked into buying empty pods about that time - 5 years ago. Wasn't economic with shipping cost from USA & required purchase of a large number.

                So approach won't work well with used pods, which already have holes in the capsule's base. (I covered with foil.) That means hot water doesn't come in contact with coffee as system was designed.

                Will try refilling the used pods in Minu machine as suggested by tunzafun001 above.

                But I'm lazy & bought 5 boxes from your Deal👍

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                  @the INFIDEL: The Steel Exquisite Reusable Coffee Capsules For LAVAZZA A MODO MIO JOLIE / ESPRIA seemed to have good feedback.

                  $37.96 each and good feedback. No foil and no mess.

                  Consider buying a new Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Capsule Coffee Machine $62 delivered?


                    @KOBH: Thanks. Another option.

                    But am considering phasing out my use of pod coffee, so wont be adding another machine to my existing 3.
                    (Bought a stove top coffee maker for $1 @Spotlight using $20 voucher. Requires ground coffee.)

                    The JOLIE is very similar to the older Minu.
                    So the reusable steel pod should fit one of my machines. Didn't know about it. But may not be good for the piercing mechanism?

                    Was more curious about refilling, than that keen. I got a pod machine to avoid grinding, cleaning, waiting, etc - I just want an occasional quick cup!

                    Buying a box or 5 on special suits my limited coffee requirements ☕


            @tunzafun001: 🎉SUCCESS🎉
            Refilled pod that had been used in Minu, used again in Minu.

            Refilled with coffee from a free L'or pod (less coffee than in these 7g coffee pods).

            Cut foil lid off used pod with knife.
            Placed the round lid from L'or inside base of used pod. (Stops fine coffee falling out holes.) Can use foil.
            Filled with coffee from L'or pod.
            Tamped down with tea spoon.
            Covered top of used pod with aluminum foil.
            (Not as full as these pods. Fill to top if using own ground coffee.)

            First time - took about 1min.

            Placed in Minu tray.
            (Forgot to line up holes with mark. Probably not necessary in Minu - just move pod until spikes enter holes.)

            Watched a good coffee colour emerge ☕
            Tastes great!
            Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

            Even worked with main Favola machine - reusing that same refilled used pod from the Minu!

            Seems the Minu is gentler on the pods, so refilling is more successful.

            Good advice - Thanks 👍


              @the INFIDEL: Great stuff. Wait till you get fresh grind in there.

              P.S. An unused upside down nespresso pod makes a perfect tamp for the Lavazza pods. Teaspoon would be fairly fidly.. I also don't put anything in the bottom (never seen anything in the bottom of a new pod)? A good tamp holds it all together.


                @tunzafun001: Wait till you get fresh grind in there.
                Trying to push me onto the harder drugs…
                I prefer a good hot chocolate ☕

                Found a broad teaspoon that almost covered the top of the capsule & worked well, applying strong pressure with thumb. Will experiment with a different tamp next time. The kitchen is full of suitable gadgets. Otherwise have lots of free nespresso pods.

                The L'or nespresso capsule used for refill has very fine ground coffee, likely to fall out the holes or be flushed out with the hot water. Adding foil in the base of the capsule worked great. Likely unnecessary with coarser ground.

                What coarseness of grind do you use?
                (Only have a Astivita hand coffee grinder. Don't think I will be doing much grinding with it. But don't want to invest in grinder that will barely be used on 1 cup/d.)

                Just pleased it works - with the Minu.
                Gives me more options.

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                  @the INFIDEL: Ive got the Sunbeam Conical Burr grinder that was posted on here for $30.

                  The grind size depends on the texture of the coffee bean. For reference, I prefer Aldi Brazilian single origin on the 11 setting (no idea if the Sunbeam settings are any form of standard). I just did tests until the coffee came out at the best rate / taste.


                    @tunzafun001: Thanks for your helpful advice👍

                    Looks like the Sunbeam EM0440 GrindFresh Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, 25 Grind Settings is currently $70. Most are dearer.

                    Might be interested if much cheaper…
                    Will try hand grinding on medium setting for a while. If I enjoy the coffee, will consider.


                      @the INFIDEL: Good plan. Could also try a few pre ground coffees. Just check the roast date (usually a code on the pack which is the date it was roasted backwards). Ie today would be 126052.


                        @tunzafun001: At current consumption, would use about 2kg/yr!
                        So considering a small amount of pre ground coffee. Will check out Aldi.

                        5 boxes from this order arrived today + 3 existing boxes = 4 month supply.


                        @tunzafun001: Bought 250g Aldi ground coffee for $5. Choice of Peru or Honduras in that size. None of your suggested Brazilian in any size. Didn't have a roast date I could find.

                        Tried the Honduras. It's OK. Peru next time. Will try in new stove top coffee maker as well. The main reason I wanted ground coffee.

                        Made 2 cups, with same amount of coffee from a measuring scoop, tamped with your suggested top of a nespresso pod - works well. Very quick to do.

                        Only difference - with & without the foil (offcut) in the base of the capsule.
                        Water flowed quicker without the foil - almost wasn't worth drinking. With the foil in the base of same reused capsule, it was stronger & better tasting. The capsule was also so easy to empty - an added bonus of the foil.

                        Of course grinding your own would be a different story - as you experimented.

                        Thanks for your help & suggestions👍


                          @the INFIDEL: Ok, I'll try the foil in the bottom. Cheers for the tip. As for the Honduran tasting notes summary, I think it says 'Floral' (not my thing). The Brazilian says white choc/ toffee.


                            @tunzafun001: From memory, the Puru is the floral, the reason I chose the Honduras. (chocolate, citrus, Raisin) - I'd say that's what I taste in this coffee. Would have preferred the Brazil.

                            As I find there are scraps of foil left over, placing in the bottom of the capsule before filling rather than discarding makes sense. Especially as it makes clean up easier. Worth a try.

                            When I tried refilling pods last year & failed, I wrapped the foil under the base of the pod. The machine had trouble with that approach!

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    Thanks Op!