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$9 for Lavazza Favola after $50 Cash Back at Harvey Norman (Broadway NSW)


It is $59 for coffee machine and you can claim $50 cash back promo which is end today. I found 4 units in stock at Harvey Norman Broadway. This model is ELM5000BK. Happy Father day.

Edited link for cash back promo

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • ** NOTE**
    Might spray water on your window or display naked pictures of Lara Bingle.

  • OP so is HN Broadway out of stock now?

  • I can't find it on the website. Anyone find them in other store?

  • These things are like printers: give away the coffee machine and make all the profit on the refills.

  • I have not personally tried Lavazza pods, but have read from many coffee enthusiasts that they are one of the better quality pods around from your major Coles/Woolies strores. Their beans are normally decent quality, but unless on special you have to pay for it. I switch between grinding my own beans and manually making one in a Sunbeam E6900 when I have time and in the mood. When in a hurry or need to make multiple coffee's I use an Aldi pod machine which works well and has decent range and quality pods for 37 cents each. The best of both worlds. Their 1 KG Medium roast beans for $13 are good too for the price. I've got the taste for it now, no, not a VB, it's coffee time.

    • Where do you get it for $13/kg?

      • Aldi. They have dark and medium roast. For me the medium is good value. I have tried most of the mainstream top brands, many more than double price, this compares well. Unless you go to a roaster, or get some from a small producer, you will not get much better. Ideally we would use our roasted beans within a few weeks of roasting. Oh well, not everyone has a roaster shop around the corner, so we must compromise at times.

  • Rang my local HN in Brissie, $99 or $79 for display model :-(

  • Picked up the last one from HN,Springvale,VIC.
    Phoned before going and lady said its for $99, but she was ok with the Price Match as per OP deal.
    She even put aside the machine with my contact details on it.
    Thanks OP!

  • i couldnt find any on the website, local store didnt know anything about it.

    however Myer has the Lavazza Simpla on its website which does have a $30 cashback. Add this to today's 15% off small appliances and you can get this other machine for less than $30 after cashback if you cant find the one that OP mentioned.

  • thanks OP got the last one from HN Broadway $59 (put aside by sales guy over the phone), was calling some HN stores nearby earlier (live in sydney south) and all sold out, hope this worth the half hour drive.. a nice $9 (nett) gift too

  • Got 2 from HN Aspley no problems at all.

    • Both stores in Mt Gravatt Brisbane said no, buy Mega Center dropped to $79. What's your winning way?

      I'm still in Mega Center at McGregor, so a receipt could swing the deal.

      Don't worry…
      They are ringing Aspley as I post… And she said really! Sounds promising. CONFIRMED :-) Now gone to see manager.

      Only 1 display stock left at Aspley.

      • Can you let us know if mcgregor store says ok to price match and got any in stock. I am near by and can grab one or two. Thanks.

        • Manager said I could have it for $89, after staff earlier offered $79.
          Reason - while it is now a local price under their guarantee, it's a manager's price reduction, not an advertised price.

          I pointed out the unit would be effectively $50 more expensive tomorrow, and they countered with you want it for $9. I said yes.

          They suggested I take a hike… to Aspley for the display one.

      • Negotiating on display model at Carindale. No other stock. Price at $59 at the moment.

        Final price after Cashback $6, plus discounted pods next time. It's my local HN.

        • I wasn't going home without this deal ;-)

          Wish I could have bought more at that price. It's half the price of a pack of pods at HN, & includes 12 assorted pods.

          The old inkjet printer pricing strategy. Ink/pods cost more than the unit.

          Staff member ran up to checkout excitedly waving cash back. I said why do you think I'm buying it ;-)

          Now to fill out the forms before the Cashback expires.

  • Ringwood Outlet doesnot have any stock, went to Nunawading, the manager told me to take a hike cuz he claimed their purchase price was $86.

    PS:It's Victoria.

    • Great service and great respect as usual at Harvey Norman.

      • Lol.
        The "boys" were sharing war stories from the weekend as I went there near closing. Completely objectifying the customers. "Funny" is upselling people some piece of crap they definitely didn't want etc. Their inner world 'aint pretty. They really are a pack of dicks.

  • Got a slightly different model for $75 at Moorabin ELM5100G.
    It's in the cash back too, was apparently $299 well that's the sticker that was on it. $25 after CB is fine with me.

  • Harvey Norman Whyalla had heaps of them but wouldn't match the price. Treated like a criminal for even asking. Dodgey Normans.

  • I bought the model above this one from here for $99:


    After cash back it too is a cheap deal at $49pp.

    • Ah a newbie ;-)
      Joined today to promote that merchants deal?

      After cash back it too is a cheap deal at $49pp.

      So you lodged your claim with your receipt before midnight last night I hope.
      The promotion ends at 11:59pm (AEST) Sunday, 7 September 2014

      But that merchant is not even a participating retailer or eligible for Cashback.
      purchases via eBay or similar online third party Internet websites are excluded from this offer

      So that model costs $90 (+delivery/ pick up in Melbourne) more than this $9 deal. I'm happy with my $6 model.

      Although ELM5250K does have
      250ml milk frother jug capacity (max)
      Steam wand / Hot water function

      • A small point regarding the claim period vs the redemption period from the T&Cs:

        "Purchase period…..and closes 11.59pm AEST on 7th September 2014"

        "final claims closing last mail on 30th September 2014 (for mail claims) and 11:59pm AEST on 30th September 2014(for online claims"

        So purchasing period is over but still plenty of time to redeem - just in case anyone hasn't done it yet and was worried.

        • I was wondering why you said 23 days last night ;-)

          My Cashback form is in. Can't risk missing out on $50 later.

          So the condition was a on purchase, not submit form, by last night. Dazzar1 doesn't say when purchased.

          Sorry Dazzar1!

      • Shipping is over $15 to Brisbane.

  • In fairness, the Countdown Deals website has the Cashback offer pasted all over it. So I guess the seller would have to honour the cashback if it didn't work out. A good price anyway….well played young newbie!

    • countdowndeals.com.au isn't in list of participating retailers for this offer - in link above, and seems excluded as stated.

      That made it a risky purchase yesterday if expecting Cashback. Merchant can just say it was a mistake & it's up to buyer to read t&c. But it's still a good price without Cashback, if it I'd denied.

      Cashback on a purchase made after last night , like this deal, has expired anyway.

      countdowndeals.com.au is still promoting price after Cashback despite the offer expiring on new purchases!!

      Slight mistake in my wording of Cashback expiry above :-(
      Must stop drinking the coffee ;-)

  • I got the version that had the milk frothed for about $69 after rebate (which I've goten confirmed but am awaiting deposit within 28 days) - the rebate was about $60 from SSC-QLD maroochydore Joyce Maine. Im keeping the frother as its one of the best I've used and giving it the excellent machine away at xmas as a present.

  • Cleaned the unit out with water a few times before using for coffee. Washed all fittings in water with detergent. The water still tastes & smells of plastic, like taking a drink from a garden hose on a hot day. Terrible taste :-(

    While waiting on price negotiations, I was given a coffee & pitch about how much better units costing thousands are. But the salesman said, you must start with good water! I hope the quality improves.

    • Hmmm I haven't fired mine up yet.
      I would trust my nose over any marking BS. If you can smell it or taste it, its there. "It" is most likely plastisizer or fire retardant. The first is the group of chemicals that make plastic soft and the latter is required by law in certain jurisdictions, particularly in the US, and so many manufacturers put them in the whole run. Both chemicals are usually released when heated.
      We have a Sunbeam espresso machine which makes excellent coffee but I can't use any more as I still smell and taste that horrible chemo/plastic taint every time the machine is used.
      Basically both are not the greatest for your health. It may burn off to stable level, much like new heater but I would be wary of it until it did. You are, after all, ingesting it.

    • The manufacturer warns against straight vinegar for descaling, but the 1L reservoir filled with diluted (1vinegar:2water) worked well on plastic taste & smell. Rinse well.

      Attached a digital thermometer with probe to place in cup.
      First cup: 70C (seems a bit cool?)
      Second: 60C!
      Third: 50C!!
      If you give it a few minutes between cups, temperature rises.

      (Was reading a Choice review of expensive coffee machines, which recommended around 91C measured at coffee is best from ground beans. Of course this is a different process & temperature was not taken at coffee, but in cup.)

      Machine is noisy & vibrates. Reduced that by placing rubber/firm plastic foam under feet.

      Would be disappointed if I paid $100, but for $6…

      Now to try my first coffee ;-)

  • More heating time between cups perhaps?
    $6? Wow, well after the first two coffees I guess it paid for itself then in coffee terms.

    On another note have you or anyone else heard back regarding the cashback? Got an initial auto reply nut nothing else so far,

    • Was worthwhile setting up the temperature probe to find that limitation.
      Well the 12 pods were worth more than purchase price after Cashback;-) Smart people got more than 1 machine.
      And no.

    • Just received confirmation - below.

  • Temperature increases to about 75C if you leave machine on for a few minutes before making coffee. This may affect quality of coffee.

  • For those without a milk frother, I put about 150ml of milk in a mug in the microwave for 1 minute (1000W). Then carefully whisk with a food blender stick. Nice & hot & frothie. Good in lattes.

  • Had my first capsule coffee. Not bad. Instructions don't say how much water to add, so for a newbie like me it's time to experiment.

  • Congratulations, your recent claim for a $50 cash back with Lavazza A Modo Mio has been approved!

    The  $50 cash back will be transferred into your nominated bank account via EFT within the next 28 calendar days.

    Applied late on 7/9, email received 15:24 today.

  • $50 deposited yesterday :-)