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[PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX] Scarlet Nexus (Free PS4 to PS5 Upgrade) $68 Delivered @ Swapware Games via Amazon AU


Doing a good deal on the new game Scarlet Nexus on PS4 - Next Orders Ships Monday …

Ive bought down Amazons price but ill do $69 on the PS4 /XSX/XBO

[PS5] Scarlet Nexus AUS Stock $72 Sold out

[PS4Scarlet Nexus AUS STOCK $69 (INC FREE UPGRADE TO PS5) Sold out

[XB1, XSX] Scarlet Nexus AUS STOCK $68 - Edit: Back in stock with $1 price drop.


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    This comes with pre-order bonus just like pretty much everyone else??

    • sorry i don't know if it comes in sealed case, if its separate card then no..

      • usually the store will email the code out to pre-order customers, I'm guessing you don't have access to this?

        • never had to do what you said, normally the preorder either comes external card (or if its an item) to the pack or is packaged in the case when factory sealed by the manufacturer. Ive never had to email out preorder codes in the last 15 years, the only exception was when the Switch version of the one piece pirate trilogy had the EU code packed in the australian version and we had the codes resent out for the Australian eshop. It would be great to let us know when you receive your game if its inside the box. Unfortunately they are all factory sealed so i cant open them to check. The UK copies use to come with a piece of paper with the preorder code on it (eg Nauruto shinobi Striker).. I have heard EBGames email out preorder codes for there exclusive releases.. thats the only thing i can think of.

          • @Swapware: ah ok, maybe it's just an Amazon thing, I get pre-order bonus codes emailed from Amazon all the time for PS4/PS5 games

            • @arvz: lol good to know - i order from a distributor or the manufacturer, only from amazon if the offer is too good to refuse. The limits on items sucks but understand why they do it :)

  • i saw trailers for this game and immediately thought - isn't this just code vein?

    • No its very different. I liked this way better when I played the demo.

    • I'd get it if that was the case but sadly this has no coop.

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    bought one. it's a shame it won't be delivered to nsw until next week, but good price, thanks

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      it will go express in the morning, im processing it now for you :)

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        Can't believe it got delivered just now! What a champion! Thanks mate.
        Btw I ordered PS4 version but got a PS5 one - luckily I'm playing on PS5 so not a problem 😆

        • thats where the PS5 version i was looking for , for another member - sorry about that , hopefully i get some more replacements next week to keep my members happy - again apologies for that. Btw did it have a preorder code in the case or not :)

          • @Swapware: No worries. There is indeed a code inside the sealed case with "get 100 EP!C points & a free digital bonus" however it didn't mention pre-order

            • @fukajk: Update: can confirm it is NOT the preorder code.

          • @Swapware: Not sure if I should message on Amazon or here, any chance to check with your distributor to see if they have the preorder bonus code?

            Those preorder bonus item are kinda cool 😆

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              @fukajk: oh well, to get those special prices (~$30 cheaper than retail) from namco we go through the manufacturer rather than the distributor, must be done at the distributors end then - thanks for the feedback..I specialise in switch but sometimes i get some good deals for the consoles through the manufacturer.

  • Thanks OP, best price, bought one

    • thanks ill be able to get it out - since i sold a few for friday morning express, only 1 xbo version left - hopefully i get more.

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