This was posted 4 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Golf Umbrella $9.99 @ ALDI

  • Auto open
  • Assorted colours and designs
  • 100% polyester
  • UPF50+
  • Moulded Handle

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  • Any good for windy weather ?

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      only for golf

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        Weirdest looking club I've ever seen.

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          that's what she

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          That’s what she said.

          Edit: I had to write “said” and got beaten by seconds!!

  • I bought one last time, the construction is pretty good.

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    Last years deal has comments about quality, and comparisons vs the Bunnings umbrellas:

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      Suppliers to Aldi source from different manufactures, so quality may not be same sale to sale.

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    Cable ties in the same sale however is not a bargain…

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      Glad you mentioned it then.

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      welcome back jv

      • Thank you.

        Are you coming to the welcome drinks of Friday?

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          yes all set for Friday, Feb 3 2079

        • where? u paying?

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    I might pick up 2 just in case I get a hole in one

    • Only if the hole is big enough for a birdie to fly through…

      • better buy a green one in case of a bougie

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          Will do, once I finish my cup of tee…

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            @jv: What kind of sandwedge are you having with your Tee?

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              @Mosher: A Club sandwedge…

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                @jv: I’m calling mulligans on that.

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          These puns are a bit below par.

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            @emjaygodd: My FORE? or all of them ?

    • U win the internet today

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    this or bunnings one?

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      Depends which store you are in.

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      This one doesn't have a bloody great advert you have to pay to display on it, so I'd go for this one.

  • Saving from flying golf balls?

  • How is this any different to a regular umbrella?

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      It's big and cheap

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    Does anybody know how these compare with woodworm ones?
    Bought my 3 pack woodworms around 8 years ago, 2 have finally broken (ribs snapped). So considering getting a couple of these Aldi ones as replacement.

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      My Aldi ones have lasted longer than my Woodworm ones. But as mentioned elsewhere, year-on-year the manufacturer for the umbrellas may change, so your results may vary.

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    I've had my Aldi umbrella now for at least 8 or 9 years, and still as good as the day I bought it. Admittedly it doesn't get as much use now as it did when I was going to work and using it on wet days. Also double canopy so can deal with mild winds. Wouldn't try it in a gale.

    My only complaint is that the plastic handle now gets a bit tacky for some reason. Maybe something leeching out of the plastic?

    Still the same price as I paid all those years ago, so maybe quality has deteriorated.

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      clean with alcohol (from the other post)

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      8-9 years ago… I doubt it is supplied from same factory or same quality now.

      Aldi's quality control can be patchy - with some receiving great products & others lemons. Lemons were returned or binned long ago, so often forgotten about.

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      I hate things with this soft rubber style handle.
      Sure, they feel nice initially, but they always end up going tacky.
      I will have to try using alcohol, because sometimes the thing that has gone tacky, you don't want to throw out. For an umbrella - ok, but for a cordless drill - not so much.

  • can you post again in 10 days?

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      You can set a reminder for the day (button is just below the post).

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        always good to throw one in the car innit

        • I've looked all around my car, but I seem to be missing an innit.

      • logged in just to upvote this, cheers

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    Q:Do you know what a 4 under par in Golf is called?
    A: A Condor
    P.S.I'm not a golfer but didn't know this useless bit of information.YMMV.
    P.P.S.Also known as a Triple Eagle or a Double Albatross

  • Ahhh. It’s this time of the year again

  • I usually get 3-4 every year. They are great value for money, but kids tend to lose them on trains :(

  • People mention this compares to the Bunnings Golf Umbrella. But doesn't the Bunnings Golf Umbrella only come on Green with the branding and logo's ?