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Nando's Hot PERi PERi Sauce 125ml $1.92 @ Woolworths


PERi-PERi sauce is made with African Bird's Eye chilli and a blend of ingredients - sun-ripened lemons, onion, garlic and spices. This one is particularly hot and fiery, packing a whole lot of flavour! PERi-PERi is the heart and soul of Nando's and the secret ingredient behind Nando's restaurants worldwide.

  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Added MSG

Product of South Africa

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  • No Dice, Temporarily unavailable

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      Damn. Available around my area.

  • what's the difference between this and the marinade? trying both the only thing i can think is that marinades only have two spice levels and is less viscous.

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      Please correct me if I am wrong, but the marinade has a higher sugar content which helps caramelize the cooked food. I have tired cooking with the sauce when I've run out of the marinade and it has burnt a lot quicker.

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      Don't you apply the marinade before cooking, and the sauce you pour on after cooking?

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    How does Nandos hot sauce compare to Franks and Tabasco?

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      Hot sauce is watery. Peri peri sauce is thicker

    • franks sucks; tobasco is different.

      fried chicken i use tobasco
      grilled chicken i use peri

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    OP, would be more informative if you provided the % discount over normal price as well as expiry date of deal (if available). Thanks

    • Expiry date of the deal is 3 days now, just above the Report link.

      • Thanks OP.

      • The Woolies i went to yesterday had this as a clearance item. So it may last until stock levels or how the Woolies handles the clearance of this item.

        Its half price, normally $3.85.

        Expiry in 2022.

        • Thanks for the info

  • Why is it always the Hot only on spesh?

    And not the medium nor Extra Hot that i want