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First Responders Day Deals: 15% off Most Departments, 5% off Computers, 10% off Phones (Exclusions Apply) @ JB Hi-Fi


Should be useful for some. Not sure if there's anything I need with those discounts. Was hoping for 10-15% off Surface on top of discount but Surface is excluded.

Full exclusions list:

Discount offer excludes Apple, Microsoft Surface products, Gaming consoles, Mobile phone contracts & subscriptions, Miele & Asko agency products, Dell Built to Order, Pre-Paid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties, Installation & Delivery. Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate on price, products are likely to have sold below ticketed/advertised price in stores prior to the discount offer. Offers not available at Airport & Express stores.

Remember to compare prices with JB Hi-Fi Solutions which you may have access to through your union.

Mod: All First Responders Day deals

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    • sale might not be there tomorrow

    • Yes it does! Picked up a Nutribullet Pro 1000 for $84.15 today with the discount :)

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    Discount offer excludes Apple, Microsoft Surface products, Gaming consoles, Mobile phone contracts & subscriptions


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      How do you react when something is actually trash?

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    I was a first responder to the trend of calling every example of wealth disparity a boomer issue. Do I qualify?

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      I think you should qualify on behalf of those who are going to get the wealth 1 day hehe :)

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    wheres me stolen valor discount?

    I will not be tipping JB HIFI waiters anymore or clapping when the bus arrives at each stop.

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    As a “first responder” I don’t really get these deals. Just doing a job. Do it cause it’s rewarding and a secure way to support a family.

    Not a hero, haven’t done anything altruistic. Tax payers and private health funds already pay for my work. Don’t know what the point of these deals are.

    Also, I’m at work all of tomorrow.

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      Yeah I agree. You're not a hero. /jk

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      the point of the deals is to appreciate the first responders working despite the dangers. i.e. bush fires, criminals, COVID, medical emergencies, etc.

      must be great being a 'first responder' that doesn't have to worry about saving another life without putting your life or your family's life on the line.

      you don't know the life threatening dangers police, fire fighters, doctors & nurses go through everyday.


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        Thanks for your opinion. I am in one of those categories so I guess by definition I kind of know the threats, perhaps not all of them.

        Just as a retort though. You sign up for the dangers. No one is compelling you. You’re rewarded through the job itself and other social benefits already.

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          Don't worry. Some people just get angry for no reason.

        • my final post.. not going to fill this thread.

          your a doctor, great, you save lives thanks.

          I signed up for the danger? - Yes
          did someone compel me? - No
          Am I rewarded for the job monetarily? Yes but not compared to a doctor like you.
          Social benefits? kinda if it makes you happy.

          I could have chosen a less dangerous and financially rewarding job not being a front liner.
          but I decided that the lives of people I help or save is better than the $$$ I would get.

          still too hard to understand for you?
          I rather help someone wanting to jump off the bridge than be a salesman that will earn me an early retirement.

          I leave it to your imagination what's the point of 'first responders day'
          you can be a good doctor but I hope you can be a better person

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            @VcR414: All the children say
            We don't need another hero
            We don't need to know the way home
            All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome

        • I didn't sign up 8 years ago thinking I'd be on the front line of a global pandemic standing in freezing hotel corridors meters away from infected people for hours at a time, eating rubbish food and not even being allowed to wear long sleeves! The term first responder is very broad. I think if you feel like you're not worthy of the benefits then you should at least be grateful towards those that are.

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        Spot the nurse

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      my husband is a first responder, has been for nearly 37 years. His dad and uncle were in the job as well, in fact his dad died on the job. He never thinks of himself as a hero either. When he first joined, the pay was utter crap and we really had to scrimp when the kids were small. He has PTSD from his years of work, but will keep going until he retires in around 4 years. He still doesn't get paid enough for what he does and sees and misses out on (family time, shift work, the abuse, the dangers, the chemicals he has been exposed to, the things he has to see) These sorts of days are a thank you from everyone else in the community that rely on first responders to be there, when things turn to shit and everyone else is running away. We prob won't take advantage of it, (the sales today, in fact he got called in to work today) but there are many that will. It helps the economy and makes some people feel a bit of the love from the community.

      that is all

  • Looking to buy a heat pump dryer, is there additional discount on top of the sale price?

    • Says it's off the "most recent ticketed price", so sounds like if it's on sale today it will be a 15% further discount tomorrow. I don't think they'll cancel all their current sales just to avoid paying out a 15% discount to first responders.

      • some of them have new prices start each Thu, so depends on when those prices finish

      • some of them have new prices start each Thu, so depends on when those prices finish

      • +1

        jb sales guy just told me the lg c1 65" oleds finish current sale tonight, so tomorrow they will be 15% off rrp for first responders. So cheaper to buy today.

        • Damn, that's the exact TV I was thinking of asking dad to buy for me, haha. Thanks for checking!

        • I was hoping to buy a 55inch tv for approx 1000-1200.would be cheaper to buy it tonight or tomorrow ?

          • @iamdragoon: need to give exact model to provide the correct answer.

            • @Dodg07: Whoops my bad.
              It’s okay I’ll just bite the Bullet and try to get it in the good guys hopefully.

  • Thought of getting a soundbar, but even 15% on the already discounted price is still more expensive than eBay with a promo code…

    • Same here a Sonos Beam or JBL 5.0 Multibeam. Trying to see if this discount using gift cards can get the price down.

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    I'm fat,lazy and contribute nothing what about me? Why am I being discriminated against?!

    • +5

      sounds like you're ideal for the last responder sale! it's coming.. later..

    • I'd suggest a strike, but thats already your lifestyle

      • Hopefully not a stroke. Might need a first responder.

  • Damn only being being a third responder. We get no recognition.

    • +1

      What about never responders ?

      • +4

        You get the benefit of being at a much lower risk of being assaulted.

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    Should I be surprised that it's become a thing get upset when businesses say thank you to some people?

    • +1

      I feel that it's a "me too" mentality. People yell "that's not enough reward for first responders" when they really mean "I can't have this deal so no one else should"

    • Tall poppy syndrome - its very aussie to be upset ahaha

  • Remember to compare prices with JB Hi-Fi Solutions(jbcommercial.com.au) which you may have access to through your union.

    Are they going to price match commercial deal?

  • What category would iPads fall under?

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      Excludes Apple

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    I really want that C1 48" - but I am usually the one "first-responders" (when did we start using that term?) attend to.

    • Cx 48 on clearance at Melrose park

    • not sure when "first responder" term started. I think it was an American thing. I only know it so well because in NSW they have been pushing and pushing for the firies to become medical first responders, which the firies don't want….esp as they don't get any extra training or pay to do it….so essentially doing more for nothing and it would have been a way for the govt to avoid employing more ambos….not only that, if you ring for an ambulance, you want an ambulance with paramedics, not a fire engine and firies with no medical supplies or a way to transport you.

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    Looks like 65 C1 still advertised as sale price as yesterday.

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    Can confirm this seems to be the same at TGG and that the price is off the advertised sale price. TGG gets a big tick as they refunded me the difference between first responders vs the click sale the other day, an extra $220 off my tv.


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    Thanks OP.

    I managed to get a LG C1 65" for $2850 after discount.

    There is no TGG or JB in my area (regional Vic) but HN decided to participate in First Responders Day so I ended up getting it from there.

    • After gift cards? And including delivery?

    • Yeah I got same for just under $3k out of pocket after discount, some discount gift cards with delivery. Went to TGG in the end to get the free disney+ for 12 months promo.

      • +1

        Yeah I went good guys but no gift cards. Extended warranty on my credit card is worth the small saving. Much less fight then ACCC. Plus Disney+

    • What discount did HN give you?

      • +1

        They offered 15% off most items. They dropped the price of the LG C1 65" to $2999, and I used 5% gift cards through Macquarie Bank.

        • Ah that's pretty good. Would be nice if they advertise it next year. Hoping Target comes back too!

  • +1

    Cheers! - Got that LG 65" C1 OLED that I've been mulling over all week at! $3000.75. Not as good as some - but still happy!

    • Damn, can you get me one too?

    • Cheaper than the 15% off?

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