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500 Bonus Yums for Booking at The Fork (App)


Usually 150 yums. Now 500 yums. Use the app to book.

Can redeem 1000 yums for $20 off or 2000 yums for $50 off at selected restaurants.



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Referrer gets 500 yums
Referee gets 1000 yums

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    Ahhh… the artist formerly known as Dimmi!


      As I was typing up this post I mulled the etymological rationale for the name change.

      Sometimes when I get to the restaurant the waiter asks who did you book through? I hesitate to say, the fork?

      • -1 vote

        i wonder why they dont choose the spoon instead….
        or the chopstick ? chopchop also can can la…..


          because urbanspoon.com died since 2015


    500 yums, no deal!

    Waiting for the next 1000 yums :)

    • +1 vote

      Lol I still have 20k yums to spend and some expiring soon so would still book on 500 points offer

      • +1 vote

        How did you accumulated so many 20k yums?

        • +2 votes

          lol time and 1000 pt bookings. I had 10k but but using them, down to 4k.




        Can anyone with 15k plus Yums PM me? I have a question I don't wish to share with the internet (ozbargain community is cool if you also want in).

        My main/native language, the one I'm most accurate in, is English.

        有 15k 加 Yums 的人可以 PM 我吗? 我有一个问题,我不想与互联网分享(如果您也想加入,ozbargain 社区很酷)。


        请原谅,我对你的语言使用不当。 我们(我?)还在学习。


    only good thing i can see to redeem is meat and wine co.

    there are actually a few places i go to without thefork so i get bonus points just to book for somewhere i would have already gone.