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[Zip Pay] Spend $100 in-Store or Online, Get $20 Cashback @ JB Hi-Fi


Spotted as part of the most recent catalogue which goes live from tomorrow.

Not live on site as of yet, but expected to come later tonight or tomorrow with terms then being posted.

$20 cashback will be applied as a credit to your Zip account. One use per person. Offer ends 30/6/2021.

Important things to know:

  • Zip will show during checkout for orders of $20 - $1000 (excludes any applicable delivery costs)
  • You cannot use Zip to purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards or digital products like Microsoft 365 or Playstation store credits.
  • Zip is not yet available on purchases made through our phone sales line

How to Use:


  1. Add your items to cart
  2. Select Zip as your payment method at checkout
  3. You’ll be redirected to log in to or create a Zip account
  4. That’s it! Your purchase will be split into the payment schedule you setup.


  1. Download the Zip app
  2. Tap the ‘In-store' tab at the bottom of the app
  3. Tap ‘Pay in-store’ to generate a 6 digit code to provide the JB HI-FI staff member
  4. Confirm the payment on your mobile and that’s it! You can take home the goods today.

Alternatively, if you have Zip set up in your digital wallet you can use Tap & Pay in-store with Zip Pay everywhere Visa contactless payments are accepted. See the Zip Pay terms and conditions

As always, enjoy :)

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  • You cannot use Zip to purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards or digital products like Microsoft 365 or Playstation store credits.

    Nuts. There goes my plan.

  • Waiting for them to give a decent sized initial signup bonus may be $20 like that last deal, to signup.

    Somehow found out today that last time applied for bloody Zipmoney instead of Zippay, so thats why my account perhaps never ever even worked?

    Whatever the case not signing up to them without a good sized Signup bonus.

  • -1

    U have to pay $6 every month to them…

    • Only if you have an outstanding balance on statement date.

      • it has always confused me, if I pay the full amount before the date, then purchased some more. There is a balance on the due date but not the previous month item, what does it do?

  • +1

    Been 7 days since my purchase last Thursday and still no credit on my account… Guess I gotta talk to support again. Only way I could find last time was a complaints email, is that the only way to contact them?

    • Yeah I’ve not been credited yet, what’s the contact address?

    • We did this on the Sunday and still no credit. I will give it until Sunday before raising a complaint.

  • Anyone receive Farron Research paid market research for zip customer?

    I got one email saying $100 eft. For the survey. I know I should ignore.

  • Just received the $20 credit for my 30/6 online order.

    • +1

      Same, 30/6 instore giftcard purchase.

      • Google pay or Zippay code?

        • +1

          Google pay

      • Also I received $10 JB voucher and have no idea what triggered that. Only bought a soundbar and a giftcard recently.

        • Ya, i got it too instore. Its valid in July only.

    • Mines gone the other way. Was showing my balance to pay as $20 less than what I spent, but now showing the full payment amount.

      • They have found the kulprit of gift cards transactions.

  • +1

    Yep received my $20 cashback today as well!

    • +1

      Finally, i got it today aswell.

  • What did everyone who has received their cashback buy?

    Just normal items?

    • +1

      Gift card