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Xiaomi 4K Laser Projector (AU) + Vividstorm 120" Floor Rising Screen $3999 (& Bonus $40 Coupon) + Delivery @ Panmi Group Buy


Xiaomi 4k Laser Projector and Vividstorm 120" Floor Rising Screen Bundle $3999

Join the rewards program to get 4099 points (100 points by creating an account, 3999 points by making a purchase). Points can be redeemed for a discount in your next order, valued at A$40.

GST included, Paypal accepted, AU version Local stock, Local warranty.

Projector Spec :
• 5000 lumens
• 4K Ultra HD Resolution
• Anti-direct-viewing sensor
• 2GB DDR4 RAM and 16GB eMMC high-speed flash memory
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
• DOLBY sound effects
• Voice control Android TV (9.0) Google Assistant

Screen Spec:
• 120’’ inches
• Ultra short throw ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen material
• 170 ° HD view
• No Drilling Is Required

About Panmi
Panmi is the exclusive distributor of major tech brands in Australia including Xiaomi, Segway-Ninebot, Viomi, Unagi, Surron and many more. Panmi’s expertise is in micro-mobility and personal transport, Smart Home, Smartphone and various other categories.

About Panmi Group Buying
Panmi has introduced a Group Buying site into the Australian market. This Group Buying website demonstrates Panmi’s drive and desire to test the Australian market and bring in new and exciting tech products.

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  • is this the new model or old one

    i gather a new model was due to be released .

    Also appears that it has been cheaper in past deals by gearbyte

    So projector does 150 but screen is 120—- what am i missing here —-

    • You are missing some inches.

      • +2

        that's what she said…

    • Hi Max,

      The new Projector 1S 4K is the Chinese version. Our 4K projector is the latest Global version with Android TV and Google Assistant built-in

      $3999 includes one Xiaomi 4k Projector, one Vividstorm 120 inches ALR Screen, and local warranty

      • I've seen 1S reviews, it has better contrast, sound, and lower coil whine unlike the Mijia 4K global/non global version. It's even better than the Fengmi 4K Pro which costs more.

        1S is 2000 ANSI, 4K is 1500. Besides you can flash the firmware to change the language to English. Anyone who's buying these should do their homework despite sellers offering local warranty.

        • +1

          seems Netflix doesn't work even if you flashed the firmware

          • @HanaLF: Thanks. Good to know.

          • +1

            @HanaLF: There are workarounds and it definitely works. Most who buy these projectors don't use the built-in software anyway, they use nvidia shield, android box, amazon fire stick etc

  • Thats a pretty good price if the warranty holds.

    • 24-months local warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee!

  • +1

    1600 ANSI lumen….Most of the cheap Chinese UTS now days goes over 2000 and they're a dime a dozen.
    If you have enough throw distance just get something like the BenQ W27009 (darkroom) or Epson Eh-tw7100 (bright room) for best picture quality.

    • Any cheap dime a dozen 4k UST projectors you can recommend? Dont forget the included motorized ALR screen.

      And no, comparing a regular projector is not the same at all.

      • Read what i said 'OVER 2000ANSI LUMENS' wemax, Jmgo, Fenmi, ChiQ is all around 2k AUD with better specs.
        Yea not the same of course read what i said "If you have enough throw distance" and a coffee table its a better option.

        • +2

          Yeah couldnt agree more..definitely a lot of options if you have a dedicated home theatre, the space and do not need an ALR screen. These single laser projectors cannot match contrast and black levels or colour accuracy of a traditional long throw projector as long as it is a dark room. Even the TW9400 was on sale for 2700 which equals native 4k projectors. But for this combo this a good price taking the warranty into consideration. XYZ screens plus banggood may shave off a couple of 100s but this is a better deal. Horses for courses. Though a motorised screen adds a point of failure if you use it everyday..something to consider

          • @shaidas: Can afford the projector but can't afford the room :/

            • +2

              @slairials: Can't help you with that one dude.. except TCL is coming out with 90 inch 4k tellys … no projector will ever match a telly so why bother in a product that has a selling point of 20 year life span on account of not changing bulbs when things change every 3 years ? Id say stick with what you have or buy a bigger TV given current prices or if you want a larger image and have the distance from projector to screen AND can make the room dark, buy a reconditioned Epson with full warranty and a 300 dollar screen off flea bay .. Would cost you less than 2k for a 4k excellent image 135 inch plus .. add sound to taste. Unless you have an at least 120 inch screen, TVs are way better value and at any size, TVs are way better picture wise.. just not the experience wise :-D

          • @shaidas: Is the TW9400 on sale anywhere at the moment? I'm looking to get one after being disappointed with all of the UST projectors.

            • +1

              @Scrobo: Both Tw7100 and TW9400 come up here with full warranty plus you can buy 2 more years for 200. The thing is to grab them when they come out. A 9400 was for sale for 2600 delivered 2 days back. I got a TW7100 for 1500


              • @shaidas: Thanks so much, I kept checking and got a 9400 today with 3yr warranty for $2999. Cheers!

                • @Scrobo: Thats quite the deal mate..well done !!

                  • @shaidas: There is a 7100 on there at the moment for $1600 as well.

        • Well go on then recommend some. You mentioned they're a "dime a dozen" implying this isn't a deal right?

  • Good price. This entire setup is super cool.


  • +1

    High end Appotronics A300 was AUD $2680 on Banggood 2 weeks ago. This projector should be under $1999 as the newer model 1S is $2100 with coupon, but if you're offering minimum 2 years local warranty then it's a good deal

    • +1

      The newer model 1S only has Chinese version available. Our stock is the global version with Android TV and Google Assistant built-in

      • +1

        Good enough reason to learn Chinese

      • It doesn't kill to be honest. A simple APK download can change the language to English, or a more advanced user could flash the firmware to global.

        • Is there a risk of bricking the projector? I bricked my phone, but lucky it was an old cheap one.

          • +1

            @slairials: Yep if you flash the wrong fw! Many issues with the Mijia 4K and 1S however, and it seems sellers just want to dump all their stock cause no one's buying them as much anymore. Too many models are being released in so little time, factory QC is sloppy since they're mass produced. Most widespread issue is vertical lines randomly appearing on the right half of the screen. What annoys me the most is that sellers know you won't bother paying return postage to China/HK so they cut communication after you ask for support. https://www.projectorjunkies.com/xiaomi-4k-laser-ust-project...
            I'm not saying OP is selling a bad batch and wish him/her good luck with the business, but do your research before you throw your hard earned on these high ticket items as you might not be able to get a refund or support should something go wrong. Projectors aside, Vividstorm Screens are amazing and their customer support is A1. The screen they sent out to me to review had an issue with the motor 9 months after very little usage. The screen would go up but wouldn't fully close, they arranged DHL to pick it up and sent out another unit. Keep in mind it costs a little over AUD $1000 to ship it over to Australia, definitely not cheap. One thing I know is that they back their warranty and care about their customers.

            • +1

              @koalafied: I don’t buy overseas unless I know I can’t be bothered with warranty even if it is dead. That couple of hundreds saved is not worth making my blood pressure high. All electronic i will source within Australia with reliable return policy. Not sure if the screen is worth it since i have a perfectly flat wall. On YouTube reviews, the differences are quite significant.

              • @slairials: It is not about the flat wall, it is more about the screen rejecting ambient light that hits it. The only light that it will reflect back is from low angle where the projector is placed.

              • @slairials: Yeah, the screen is a must, particularly if not in a dedicated theatre room. I won't buy a projector from overseas though, they tend to have issues and the returns are a PITA.

    • You mean ti one: https://m.banggood.com/XIAOMI-Ecosystem-WEMAX-L1668FCF-4K-AL...?

      Well, everyone can claim they're XM ecosystem, but what's it for? any official recognition from Xiaomi? If you trust these then it's your call, I'll more prefer to buy a real Xiaomi branded one which gives me some trust.

      BTW, don't know what is the advantage of the A300, given on their Chinese official website spec highlighted the ANSI Lumen is 250, contrast is 4000:1, you can check it yourself should you can read:https://www.appotronics.com/productlist_5/73.html

      • You clearly haven't done your research then. WEMAX and Fengmi are an ecological chain of Xiaomi. Yes, it's not direct from Xiaomi but they share the same components. I personally haven't had any issues with their products but I have seen many bad batches with buyers unable to get a refund from the seller/store. Many Chinese sellers lie with the title/description, it's best to go on Alibaba and check the real features from the company Appotronics.

  • How much $ is the Vividstorm 120" Floor Rising Screen by itself?

    • +1

      $2530 delivered from Vividstorm store on alibaba. I was fortunate enough to receive the 100" S Pro from them for free. If you have a tech YouTube channel they can send you one to keep, just need to send them a video review of the screen in action.

    • +2

      We don't sell the Vividstorm screen separately. There are other sellers on Amazon sell it at $3,425.99

  • This is indeed a very good deal. I just bought the same Vividstorm 120" Floor Rising Screen from amazon AU with their 20% discount ($2740.79 delivered, i think they reduce the discount to 15% now) and the samsung lsp7t from good guys ($1500 cash back). Combining the cashrewards + ANZ black card + HSBC platinum card promotions, work out to be about $4145 total for screen and projector after all cashback. I prefer to have TV tuner on the samsung. I do also have the xiaomi laser project (full HD version) since 2019 I believe, very reliable, Picture quality is not the best, but I only use a 100 inch non ALR fix screen.

    • +1

      Thanks for your comments! Our Xiaomi 4k projector is the new version launched in July 2020 (Global version). Better picture quality than the old version :)

    • Did you have to pay for customs for the Vivid screen or was it all part of the final price in Amazon?

      • I have not received the screen yet, but I remember reading somewhere on Amazon Au saying the free shipping price should include everything. They are shipping from US for the screen.

        • +1

          Thanks, would be great to hear the final outcome as I too am looking to acquire the screen. I also remember reading about the price including everything but just not sure if it only applied to Prime orders.

          • @bcstyle: screen received and I confirm no need to pay for customs for the Vivid screen from Amazon

            • @biorad: Cheers mate, enjoy before I join in the fun!

    • I see you haven’t received it yet but wondering do you know if it can be moved easily from room to room? Looks from Alibaba that you need wall mounts but it’s a bit hard to work it all out

      • I believe the retracted 120 inch screen is close to 3 meter in length and about 33kg in weight. And you don’t have to wall mount as long as no one push the extended screen forward/backward. I don’t see too much of a problem moving it.

  • Any deal on the ALR screen by itself

    • Comment above says they don't sell it separately

    • +1

      Not yet. But definitely will consider it.

  • How does this compare to the LG HU85LS Or even the Samsung Premier? I know that the LG one is limited to 120 inch, but how does the picture quality and response time compare?

    • +2

      Both of them have better picture quality than this or any other similar Chinese manufacturer unit. The claimed image size is at the maximum brightness by LG, Samsung, Hisense so they can produce a larger image as well but the brightness will decrease which will falsify their claim hence the maximum size caveat. The claimed lumens on all Chinese units is ambitious at best even at 100 inches, anything higher you are losing brightness which is what no one mentions. Another thing is post production quality checks, some of the Xiaomi units have a high pitched whine, some do not but with warranty that even out.

  • +1

    I’m buying this just to get the $40 coupon

    • -2

      $3999 is already a promotional price, compared with the $5998 standard RRP. The $40 coupon is absolutely an additional bonus

  • The $249 Segway E8 sounds more like a deal to me. Is it legal for my kid to ride one of those in the park in NSW?

    • definietly

    • Segway E8 at $249 with local stock local warranty definitely is a solid deal. We will have plenty of crazy deals like this!

  • bought my hisense lf5 with alr screen for $3999 from jbhifi a few months ago.

    • how happy you are with Hisense?

      • Very. just need to make sure your screens high enough or your table is low enough to achieve the full 100"

        Sold my tv table and bought one approximately 20cm lower otherwise the screen would up to our 3m ceiling.

  • When Sydney is out of lockdown, any chance of having the projector and screen available to view?

    • Definitely welcome to visit our showroom :)

      Showroom Address: 174 Broadway Chippendale NSW 2008

      Please contact us via [email protected] to make an appointment in advance

  • Is this a light rejecting screen?

    How well would it work with a ceiling mounted projector like the Epson 9400?

    • It is a light rejecting screen, and the projector screen is a floor rising model. It is not designed to be drilled onto the wall. =D

      • The question was will this screen work with a ceiling mounted projector, not anything about mounting the screen to the wall.

        i.e. does it only work with a projector that sits below the screen?

  • What is the resolution for the projector?

    Description tab shows 4K 3840 × 2160

    Specification tab states full hd 1920 × 1080

    • +2

      Its a pixel shift model, so not true 4K. It also doesn't handle 24Hz properly so judders with movies.

  • Hi OP, any combo deals on Vava 4k ust projector?

  • Does the HDMI pass-through only 2.0 or does it pass through all other audio formats?

  • I got notified from the company that my screen has shipped a few days ago, but the tracking says 'not received from sender'.

    • Can you please double-check if it had been updated.

      You will receive an order fulfillment message when we forward order info to our warehouse. It takes 1-2 days for our warehouse to dispatch and send it out. Then you could track the status by tracking No. we provided.

      Any further questions on the fulfillment please feel free to let us know. Also, you could contact us via [email protected]

      Thanks for your understanding. Cheers

      • Still showing the same…

      • "This has not been received by Allied Express"

        It's been over a week, and I have had no replies to the email sent to the [email protected] address.

        Has anyone received goods from these guys?

        • That email address bounces…

        • Did you pay by Paypal? It may be the issue as it's showing PayPal checkout for this store is currently experiencing problems.

          Plus they seem to have another email for contacting in the form of [email protected] from https://www.panmi.com.au/contact-us/

        • Allied Express picking up was delayed due to Sydney lockdown. We have contacted the carrier to prioritize this order. Will keep you posted

          Re the email address, just double-checked the correct email address should be [email protected]

          Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  • It seems like this not a better deal compared to a deal we had before
    Samsung UST LSP7T Premiere Laser 4K 120" Smart Projector $2,939 Delivered @ Selby

    The LSP7T has 2200ANSI vs Xiaomi 1600 ANSI lumen

    I think I will wait when the Samgun is available again or another better produt.

    • $3999 includes a Xiaomi 4k Projector, a Vividstorm 120 inches ALR Screen, and a local warranty

      Xiaomi 4K Projector is $2499 + Delivery

      • So we are looking at $500 difference between 2200ANSI and1600ANSI.
        I would buy the LSP7T for $3000 or $LSP9T for $600o if you have those in stock.

        • So would I, but the LSP7T isn't available at that price anymore.

  • Found the model here on the MI site. The price is $2,499 https://www.mi-store.com.au/xiaomi-mi-4k-laser-projector-150

    There is an upgraded version with 2000ANSI here but only available in China RMB11,999 (AUD2,474)

    • +1

      The 2000ANSI one only has a Chinese version available. No Android TV .

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