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[Back Order] Logitech Triathlon Wireless Mouse M720 $36 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Price matching JB Hi-Fi - Dispatch in 1-4 weeks time.

  • Built for endurance, versatility and comfort
  • Easy-switch technology
  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • Durable, sculpted design
  • Effortless multi-computer workflow
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    ow is doing the same price, so no point to wait with the same price.

    • Amazon return policy/warranty/discounted gift cards

      • -3

        Officeworks has a better return policy/warranty/discounted gift cards in comparison. Also available in store.

        • Does Officeworks allow you to return an item you’ve already opened 30 days after you’ve purchased it because you changed your mind/found a better price elsewhere?

          Does Officeworks ship you a new mouse no questions asked one year after you purchased it when you go onto chat to complain? Each time they’ve placed a new order before I can even send them proof of my existing item not working.

          Think before you speak.

          • -2

            @dogsryummy: Mod: Removed Personal Attack and Accusation I’d shop at office works anyway over giving amazon my money.

            Amazon will replace your items until they suddenly blacklist your account and not offer an explanation.

  • Thanks Op, was hoping for this. If you bought it earlier, Amazon might refund you the difference if it's within a week of purchase or try credit card price protection.

    • +3

      Not sure if Amazon does that. I once bought a kettle, which dropped by $50 the next day. I contacted Amazon customer service and they told me that they don't offer refund if the price goes down. They asked me to return the item and place a new order at a cheaper price. I didn't bother and just kept the old item, which was still sealed.

      • Yeah they don't refund the difference anymore. Best you can hope for is some credit, but even that now seems rare.

        • If it’s shipped but hasn’t been delivered yet, the easiest is to refuse the delivery, then it gets sent back and refunded automatically

  • +2
  • +5

    Seems prime day was a failure … better deals are coming afterwards … next year shall start AFTER DARK PRIME DAY

    • +1

      actually after 8pm some more interesting deals pop up on amazon!

      • popped on prime day or they are coming today ?

      • +1

        What deals do you know? Spill it!

      • The up late after dark deals. Saucy!

    • Being a seller on Amazon, Prime day just means a amazon rep contacts a seller and tells them that a specific item they have on amazon has been popular and searched a lot and asks if the can do x% off this item for the upcoming prime day. Doesn't mean it is the lowest…

      • +2

        Thanks for the information. That is why prime day is just another normal sale doing together.

        I don't see the craziness this year

      • But aren't the items sold by Amazon. I try not to buy from third party sellers.

  • +1

    I use this for my laptop/chromeos-tablet, the Bluetooth is fantastic, the included USB is terrible. I highly recommend this as a BT mouse that has a fast switcher button for 3 connection profiles.

    • +2

      Isn't this just a normal Logitech USB? It has always been smooth for me, maybe you have some USB3.0 interference on your laptop? Try to plug it on a USB 2.0 port.

      • Everything like laptop etc has Bluetooth, my only need is on my server which makes it 80cm distance, but it's unusable. Bluetooth on laptop works too well to take up a USB slot.

        • +1

          The usb should work at a 80cm distance though, maybe you got a faulty one assuming you plugged it in a USB2.0 port.

          • @yfxsmike: Could be all the wireless equipment around the server, anyways I just got the $6 Dell mouse wired from OzB which suits me for this device, Anything I need it on has Bluetooth and I don't like taking up USB space.

    • +1

      Does it do well on different surfaces without a mouse mat (eg. glass)?

      • I normally use it on random surfaces like fabric sofa, tablemat, it works very well on every surface I have tried over several months. I hadn't tried on glass, but just tested it out now, glass isn't great and I wouldn't recommend it for that.

  • +2

    I'm so annoyed at paying $46 to Amazon for this.

    • +6

      Well I paid $55, which I thought was a good deal. I then felt bad when it went down to $45. Now I feel numb that it has gone down to $35.

  • Is it better than anywhere 2s? Looks ergonomic ish

  • +1

    Thanks OP, picked one up for $36 from Officeworks to replace a shit work supplied wired scroll mouse.

    Actually bought this exact same mouse for my home computer from Amazon on 16 Oct 2020 for $68.30 so very happy with the price of my new one :-)

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