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Dahua 32" 4K Monitor (LM32-F420) $319.95 + Shipping @ ShoppingSquare


Another great Dahua monitor deal. This is a 32" 4K monitor special.

Dahua is the second-largest CCTV manufactory in the world and monitors are designed for heavy-duty usage.

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    the website shows 419.95


    $300 for a VA 32" 4k panel seems fairly ordinary?

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        eh this is bullshit

        i have a dahua 32" 2k ips that cost $199 mwave

        its a straight reshell of a domestic china only model, it comes up in edid as a completely different model

        it even has game modes… that should tell you all you need to know about 'commercial grade monitor' hype

        if you get suck into this hype, you're a straight up fool

        saying that, dahua is offering stellar value for your money

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          Can you give me some feedback on that monitor, please? I'm considering it as a secondary screen to match my other 32". Thanks.


          I have a "commercial" well call it CCTV grade LCD, Korean made. Has a hard glass in front for the LCD panel, RGB inputs for BNC connectors, supports multiple input sources, and can display all inputs at once in a grid, can cycle thru inputs etc.

          Doubt this monitor would have anywhere this commercial level CCTV monitor features.


          Is that 32" Curved or 32" Regular?

          Is it 2560x1440 or 4k or only 1920x1200 (??)

          How's the quality? I want a large IPS panel, preferably 32"


    I've asked around but can someone say 12v or 240v please. Being a …20 model makes me think 240v but it's not mentioned


      i have the 2k ip version and it uses a brick…. pretty sure its not 12v but 19v something odd 4.5 amp etc.


        Thanks but they jump around. I'd say they'd advertise yours as 240v but good to know because it would run on a laptop charger being 19.5v… which is reasonably easy to get a conversion from 12v though the watts sound high.


    Does anyone know what the refresh rate on this can OC to?

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    Anyone with an honest review on this one, not expecting too much since a low price, 12 Volts input would be handy travelling in a campervan I guess 👍😁