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Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm $149 @ Officeworks


If you need 4 units the Good Guys deal is better, but for 3 or less units this seems to be the best price.

Great smoke alarms, we use them at work and are adding more to our factory. I personally use them at home too.

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    Nice. I just bought 4 from OW's two weeks ago. Time to take them back.

  • What makes these $129 better than a $20 unit from Bunnings?
    They send an alert to your phone when they go off?

    I'm guessing they'll still need replacing every 10 years maximum.

    OK, the wireless interconnected alarms are significantly more expensive, around $100… Still a big premium for being "smart".

    • Enables remote monitoring via WIFI to deliver real time alerts directly to your smartphone, making it easy to keep track of what's happening in your home. It is compliant with Australian smoke alarm standards, tests itself automatically and can be used for up to 10 years.

      In summary: if you are outside your home, you will get to know your house is up in flames much sooner (as long as you keep yourself up-to-date with the alerts on your phone)!

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        if you are outside your home, you will get to know your house is up in flames much sooner

        Unless it's your broadband modem (see also) or router that's caught on fire and takes out your network.

        ….in which case, you'll find out on the 6pm news or when the police make contact with you.

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          Guess that’s why channel 9 and seven start earlier at 4pm 👍

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          You at least get an alert that your smoke detector is offline hahha

      • if you are outside your home, you will get to know your house is up in flames much sooner

        Yeah… precisely.
        Doesn't seem worth it to me.
        Maybe if you live remote, you could get the CFS/CFA there in time to avoid complete destruction, otherwise if you're metro, by the time you call a neighbor to verify the reality of the alert, a passerby is likely to have called the firies anyway.

        I've found our Smoke alarms always seems to die well before 10 years anyway, start going off in the middle of the night for no reason (hardwired, with brand new batteries showing full voltage on test).
        Doesn't seem to matter what the quality is.
        I've had the same problem with Clipsal branded units as Quell and Lanson and between dwellings.

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      Not suggesting worth the premium but I really like the night light sensor on these too, they light up my hallways when I walk through in darkness, it's a cool bonus feature.

    • the interconnected part is quite important in multi level homes or larger homes etc.

      If you're sleeping upstairs and there's a smoke alarm downstairs - you may not hear it. Being linked, these would go off all around your house (and presumably you could have it play through smart speakers etc. as well?)

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        Agreed, but these are still calling for a 50% premium ($150 vs $99) over a standard Interconnected model.

      • I read that linked thing is becoming a mamdatory requirement in all fire alarms. Has already been signed in in some states

        • Mandatory in QLD from Jan for any place tenanted or sold, 2027 if owner occupied. The battery model of Nest isn’t compliant with QLD legislation unfortunately (battery needs to be non removable).

          Compliant interconnected battery ones are $75-85. (Note you can only use battery models on existing homes that have never been wired).

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      Something else that no one has mentioned and we appreciate the most - it differentiates smoke from steam. No more waving a towel in the nuddy like a crazy person…

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        I'm not sure that this is even a problem anymore?

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          have you started taking cold showers?

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          You're probably a boomer with a big house with smoke detectors nowhere near your bathrooms, good for you! btw - judge judy is on right now….

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            @goodandterrible: Huh?

            There's a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm in the hallway.
            Same setup as all the houses I've lived in.
            Not once has there ever been a problem with steam.
            I don't even recall a problem when I was a kid to be honest.

            I have a fan in the bathoom to suck the steam out of the room… you should try it!

            By the way, just found a selling point that nobody else has highlighted… It's a CO detector as well…

          • @goodandterrible: My modern ‘quell’ branded detector is 3 ft from the shower and it’s not had a problem despite very hot showers.

            Because you need one in the hallway and any bedrooms I have three all within 1.5m of each other. /o\ little bit of overkill but that’s what the legislation requires in QLD now.

            Older place so they’re battery operated, couldn’t use the nest ones because their battery models are not compliant in QLD.

      • All smoke detectors have to use the same type of photoelectric detectors now or they’re not compliant. The old ionization / dual ones which were designed to differentiate are now illegal because spoilers, they failed to go off during actual fires frequently.

        Not that I’ve had any problems with modern photoelectric alarms and steam anyway.

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      Not saying it is worth it to you, but I’ve got a gas fire, so I have a seperate carbon monoxide alarm - this unit includes one.

    • They also have CO2 Sensors inbuilt

  • Would be great if it had a google home and decent speaker built in as well!

  • Can't see a 4 pack deal on TGG?

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    I love the nightlight on them most!

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      I love the nightlight, I like to boogie, under the smoke alaaaaaaaaaarm yea

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    Do they switch off if you yell 'i just burnt toast' at it?

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      It will just say… Get a smart toaster mate.😉

  • Bunnings price beat? They currently have them for $188 (according to website).

    • None in stock, was able to get OW to pricebeat

      • the Goodguys deal or themselves? lol.

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          I ordered 4 from Officeworks, pricebeating the good guys deal from the other post

      • Had to place a special order. Will be in store in 'about 2 weeks'.

    • do any Bunnings actually have them in stock?

      • Non available for C&C or Delivery, so price beat won't apply

  • ngl, kinda scary how many linked "smart" devices exist now

    • Why?

  • Do you need any other products to use these or are they stand alone? Can you turn off ALL lights 100% so that these are suitable for bedrooms? The second question would be for the battery model, but I assume they have the same features.

      1. They can be used stand alone. You don't even need wifi, but you would lose a lot of features without that.
      2. The "pathlight" can be off, turn on when there is movement, or always on. There are three levels of brightness (low, medium, and high). I have ours set to "high" and you definitely would not get blinded by them. With the battery version, I believe you don't have the "always on" option. There is a small green led showing it has power (at least there is on the wired version I have), but I doubt it would be an issue in a bedroom - you could always cover it with tape if it was an issue, but it is there as a visual confirmation that the unit is working.
  • Can I assume these will meet the new QLD regulations coming into effect next year?

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      Looks like the 240V versions are compliant but the battery powered versions aren't (as the batteries are removable).

      • I thought the battery powered was fine in the bedrooms? My understanding was that we had to change the existing hardwired ones to a different type, but in the bedrooms where we didn't have any we could use battery powered ones. I guess I'll try and double check.

        Edit: ah, you said they are removable. And we need non-removable battery powered alarm to be compliant. That so annoying, I wanted to use the same alarms everywhere. I guess I can't buy these ones then.

    • https://www.qfes.qld.gov.au/prepare/fire/smoke-alarms
      Looks like QLD have until 2027 to get compliant, I am in no rush.

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        For owner occupiers. Need to sort out my rental property before Jan 2022, so might as well do it this tax year

        • Jan 2022 if selling as well.

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    These have a life of 10 years and it starts on the date printed on the box. Anyone that buy this should check the date of manufacture.

    I bought two from TGG and one was manufactured more than 2 years ago. Reducing the effective life from 10 to 8 years.

    Once expired, the app will constantly bug you to change it.

  • Really good devices - the nightlight is a handy feature, as is the fact they have a built in microphone so on a regular basis (default is weekly) they can check that the alarms themselves are working (in theory something that you should do on a regular basis, but almost certainly never do).

    One thing I would note is that when being wired in, your electrician (yes, you need an electrician if you use the wired rather than battery jobs) should use a junction box or similar to cover both the power socket on the unit and the mains connection.

    • Why’s that? If I’m replacing an old wired detector, would this have already been done?

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        I believe that Australian regs require double insulation for extra safety, but the Nest has a special socket with a provided plug with single insulated cables. The existing smoke alarm probably has the double insulated power cable going into a terminal box inside the unit (mine did). Your sparky could just wrap the cables and/or use a junction box to make the installation compliant.

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    Still can't beat when they were 50 bucks on clearance at kmart a long time ago.

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      That was awesome

    • Maybe the older version of these.

      • Nah there's only 2 generations of the hardware and I definitely got gen 2.

        • Gen 2 is rounder