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One Year VIP Club Membership $17.50 (30% off) @ The Coffee Club


In case the 50% discount deal is no longer working: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/623702
UPDATE: Thanks to @Joey4 who confirmed that the 50% discount code is still working 2021VIP1250

Until 4 JUL 2021, you can get a 30% DISCOUNT on an annual VIP CLUB membership (excl. physical card).

To redeem, simply enter EOFY30 at checkout.

Promo code is case sensitive.

Annual membership fee is $25 so a 30% discount brings it down to $17.50.

Membership benefits:
- Buy one, get one free for hot drinks and iced lattes all day, every day.
- Free coffee upsizes. Make it a mug or upsize your takeaway cup at no extra cost
- Sync and Save with the App. Start earning Rewards dollars with the App too
- Exclusive VIP only offers. Access to amazing offers and giveaways

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The Coffee Club



    What's the price before discount.


      I have just updated the post.

      Price before discount is $25 for one year membership.


    Hmm - used to be 50% off $25 for a year.
    So $12.50 per year.


      Yes, that 50% discount was a much better deal.

      I have just updated the post to include a link there as a reference.


    also need to know what's included and benefit from this membership


      Hi zylyz, thanks for the comment. I have added the benefits to the post.


        thanks got one…

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    Trash food


      My wife begs to differ.
      Also like it as they serve food outside of the usual restricted lunch breakfast hours.
      As my wife is French she always like to eat lunch well after the usual 12 midday time frame.

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    The 50% off code is still working


      Thanks for confirming, I have updated the post.


    "Buy one, get one free for hot drinks and iced lattes all day, every day."

    Are there any restrictions, and do you just show them the app/card to get the freebie? Almost seems a bit too good to be true if it's as stated.

    Tried looking around for a bit more info regarding this but can't see much at all.

    • +3 votes

      Public holidays are still excluded I believe. Otherwise no, I don’t think there’s any significant gotchas. Doesn’t have to be the same drink either, you can get yourself a coffee and your kid a hot chocolate for example.

      They also made the sensible change recently to let people buying a single drink get a free upsize. Until this I used to go order two smalls for myself.

      The drink you pay for also earns credit towards a free drink.

      If you don’t mind their coffee, then it’s a great deal.

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        Makes it a good deal for me then. Thanks for the info.


    possible to combine with spend $15 get $5 at coffee club on commbank rewards?