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Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones 57280 QFF Point + 1800 Point Delivery @ Qantas Store


Randomly browsing Qantas store catalog and brought this. Way too many pair of headphones but one more won’t hurt!
Bose 700 is on sales as well though not as much discount 67710 QFF points.

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  • Might be cheaper to buy with gift cards from the gift card sale

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    This seems expensive.

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      ~$590 if you use the normal valuation of $0.01 per point. Each to their own, but this is not great value to me.

      • Almost twice the price of the lowest it's been

      • Agree, for comparison. $590 worth of points vs eg. $330 at Amazon

        Not worth it, unless doing a run on those points…

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          Just paid $259 for the silver one at Sony ($319 price match minus $60 from Amex). Another $29 off if Sydney didn't get locked down (Sydney to Queenstown, might still get there in September).

          This is definitely a shit deal.

          • @z28: Also +1800 Points Delivery… typically free delivery when you pay this much $. 🤦‍♂️

          • @z28: omg, I asked Sony to price match the black one as I guessed Sony might refuse to price match Sth not in stock. I don’t care about the color T T.

          • @z28: how does "minus $60 from Amex" work? Ta

            • @VfromQLD: Not for everyone, it's part of an introductory offer for people who got Amex card for the first time, i.e. targeted.

      • Now knowing the normal valuation, I'm feeling robbed I paid $0.00613 per point for $700 worth of gift cards 🤣 I felt I've dipped into my PayPal account too much during these EOY sales and didn't see the point my Qantas Points sitting there while it's impossible to travel for at least a couple of years or more

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    Tbh, how can this be called a deal?

  • If wanting to get rid of some flybuys points, they’re currently going for 85,468 points there. Apparently, they are normally 94,073 flybuys points. EOFY sale, black and white/beige colours. I think that’s equiv. to around $425 or so.

  • This is not a bargain.

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    Where did you bring it?

  • massive waste of points, this is exactly what QF wants you to do. ebay was selling these for low $300.

  • To be fair they are free to anyone who gets a points card once a year. With zero flights overseas in the foreseeable future it's not a bad deal. But way would be better to buy JB vouchers and zip pay $101 and get $20 back

    • To be fair they are free to anyone who gets a points card once a year.

      I see your point, but regardless of how you acquire them the points are $x per point (whatever you value them at).

    • Is the Tasman sea land?

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    Not a bargain. Not sure there are any bargains on the whole store.

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      Only when
      1,there is a price error,
      2, nobody posted here.
      3,Qantas shipped it.
      4, you received it.( Most important point)

      Then it become a bargain.

  • Fwiw these headphones have amazing noise cancelling, they are incredible at what they are for.

  • Any actual deals on these rn?

  • Too expensive for use points. Better save points for future travel.

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