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LG Series 9 WV9-1412W 12kg Front Load Washing Machine $1299 C&C /+ Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Been wanting to get a 10kg washing machine and been comparing the LG series 9 to the Bosch 8 series made in Germany iDos model. This one is the same price as LG’s 10kg but in black, perfect for a bigger household.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • 12kg?

    That thing has gotta weigh at least 70.

    • 74kg according to specs

  • OP, Any 7.5kg deals ??

    • Sorry I’ve only been looking at the higher capacity models

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    Have been looking at this as well. Can you wash a blanket (one that normally you have to take it to the dry wash) with a 12kg machine?

    Be aware if you are going to do 60mth internet free the total payment will be $1836 at HN

    $1399 at TGG but they don't charge extra for installments.

    • +13

      I don't think I could be without internet for that long.

      • Nice! Lol!

    • You not only lose your internet for 60 months, you have to pay even more. That's really bad.

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    Harvey Norman offered this machine to us today at 1299 delivered.
    We opted for the 14kg one instead for 1397 delivered

    • Wow awesome that’s great to know, might go in store tomorrow. Is that with installation and free removal too?

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        Yes correct at castle hill NSW store.
        Delivery Wednesday

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          Managed to get it down to $1230 delivered and bit the bullet today

          • @hexad: did it take much haggling? feel like HN these days have a built in buffer to make us feel better.

            • @Juice08: I did some window shopping at my first Harvey Norman on Saturday, managed to speak to a sales lady about specs and recommendations but didn’t get to the haggling stage.

              Then went to my second Harvey Norman on Sunday, spoke to a sales lady and said the site says 1299 + delivery but lied saying the Harvey Norman I went to yesterday offered 1299 delivered.

              She countered straight away with 1250 delivered. Discussed with the wife, found another sales guy as the lady was busy and randomly said 1230 and he just keyed that into the system and asked me pay at the counter to lock it in.

              Maybe you can try 1200 delivered lol.

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    why do people buy these monsters? I have 3 kids under 7 and we are good with 7.5kg one.
    I am asking as I want to be prepared in case I will need one too =)

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      Both the missus and myself work and have 2 kids at school, we go through 2 sets of clothes a day and it stacks up pretty quickly especially during winter when it's raining every now and then. So we thought if we can do it all one load rather than two and also opens up the possibility of washing our dunas as we had issues fitting that into our 7.5kg.

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    I remember last November, when ebay had 15% off code, the final price wa around 1200 or less, so if you re not in a urgent need, maybe wait a bit.

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    Bought this 3-4 weeks ago from Good Guys Commercial for $1129 + $55 delivery.

    Delivery was great they drop it where you need it.

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    Got this via TGGC too. Not as big inside as you’d think. The 12kg is BS. It’s not much bigger than my previous 8.5kg. Once you get over about 9kg the drums don’t increase much unless you get the larger cabinet models. You just can’t increase its size in a 600x600mm footprint.

    One Advantage over the Bosch is both hot and cold inlet so you can use solar heated water instead of the machine heating it.

    • This is exactly what we thought and why we got the 14kg.
      It looked much bigger compared to the 12kg

    • That's a good point but unfortunately my laundry can only fit a standard size washer. Didn't know about the solar heating bit so that's great to know when we buy our own home, someday.

  • Folks, how does this LG unit compare to BOSCH Series 8, specifically WAT28620AU?

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      8kg vs 12kg
      iDos vs no iDos system
      Conventional belt vs direct drive
      4 year old model vs 1 year old model
      German brand vs Korean brand

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