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[PC] Steam - Portal Bundle $4.34/Left for Dead Bundle $4.34/Portal 1 $2.90/Portal 2 $2.90/Left for Dead 2 $2.90 - Steam


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    I picked up the portal bundle Friday night.. woah I had a late night. Very addictive and rewarding when you nail a hard level. 110% worth the normal $15 bundle price let alone $4.34.

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      Once you finish both game, there's a couple of extremely well made mods I highly recommend, Portal Stories: Mel and Portal Reloaded
      Both are very well made, almost feel like official expansions to Portal 2. Portal Stories Mel is far harder than the original games though so don't feel bad if you progress slower. I just finished Portal Reloaded, the time portal is a fresh idea that expands on the original games. It does create some minor bugs but nothing game breaking
      Best part of all is that they're free if you own Portal 2

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        Thanks mate I'll check it out


    Has anyone not played portal at this point?

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    I thought L4D2 included everything from L4D1. What's extra being added in the bundle compared to just L4D2?

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      It does, there's no point in getting the original