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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Black $222.99 (Expired) / Silver $248, Sony WH-1000XM4 Silver $287 Delivered @ Dick Smith via Kogan


Cracking prices for these headphones, perhaps cheapest ever. (Bose QC35 in Black has increased in price, main URL changed to Silver)

Bose QC35 QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones - Silver [Au Stock]

Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone Silver (WH-1000XM4)

Note: Both colours of the Bose headphones are likely imports.

Use discounted gift cards for further savings? Not sure if Kogan GCs can be used at Dick Smith but apparently they can.

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    No one must want silver .. but pretty good price.

    Still happy with $300.80 for the black ones (ebay/afterpay deal a few months ago).

    • +1

      I like silver over black. Just a preference.

      • better when it's cheaper :)
        fairly individual, i liked and had the silver bose QC25, but not a fan of these

        • I like the midnight blue but already had mine when that colour came out.

  • +1

    Silvers are crap because they look old much sooner as the paint wears off quite quickly
    Black ones for 222 are a steal. Great deal!

    • +1

      Mine is fine had it for ages but one thing it needs replacing is the ear cushions. They are the peeling off.

      • Ok.. I have the black ones and I needed to change the cushion too.. A friend of mine has the silver and they lost the colour pretty badly so much so he's not using them anymore as they look crap

        • My wife has the black ones and they do look newer but that’s because she doesn’t use them as much. I Guess it depends how much you use them and if you keep them in the case when not in use.

          • +1

            @Mahalo: the black ones have no paint on them, black is just the color of the plastic, whereas the silver ones are painted, that's the difference. I use my black ones 6 hours a day, as I use them at work (office work), bought them 2 years ago, still look brand new.

            • @liongalahad: Right.. mine have no scratches. Paint is pretty good on them. They look new too except for the ear cushions. Those need replacements. Bought them in 2018

        • Depends if you're hard on your stuff or look after things, unless it's a known issue with paint coming off or a fault. A bit like those soft touch plastic materials years ago that go sticky.

          • @G-rig: could also be fake bose headphones that have the paint issue?

      • +1

        Mine also look fine after probably 5 years of use. I treat em nice and always put back in the case, but I also wear them mowing the lawn…

        Ear cushions can be easily replaced. Cheap Amazon or genuine Bose, not much difference. definitely worth doing.

  • Bose QuietComfort 35 , Bose 700 or Xm4? Which one is better overall.

    • QC35II for sure.

    • Bose

    • XM4 are uncomfortable to me, and the sound quality is 'okay' and the phone calls are terrible. Haven't tried the Bose.

    • I own 2x QC35-II but haven't tried the Sony xm3 or xm4.

      I thought the general consensus was that the Sony was better in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation.

      Bose win in comfort and can connect to 2x blue tooth devices simultaneously (beats xm3 in this regard).

      Having said that, I'm really happy with Bose.

    • +2

      Depends what phone
      Xm4 are great with Android, DLAC codec and goodle assistant, comfortable, long battery, smarts. find them great. The qc25 were pretty light and comfortable too, Bose had more of a robotic sound

  • -1

    Do you have a link to the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Black for $222.99?

    • +3


      It literally took me 2 seconds to do a search on the dicksmith site. I'm sure you could have found it yourself.

      • I searched for 5 minutes and nothing came up for me, hence why I asked.

    • probably was quicker going to the site and searching

    • I had it as the main link for the deal. Unless something messed up with the link? All good now at least.

  • +3

    Black are imports. Sold and delivered by IDS (Hong Kong) Company Limited

    • What's the difference with imported Blacks vs Aus stock? Warranty?? Or diff in quality?

      • +1

        Warranty. Also the risk is always counterfeit stock. But mainly warranty issues. Dick Smith / Kogan are notoriously difficult with warranty at the best of times.

  • +1

    Great price! The comfort of the QC35ii is fantastic.

    I think if you have an iPhone, these are great because AAC codec implemented in both. For the other camp, I've heard that Android's AAC implementation is hit and miss (confirmation? is it dependant on brand or universal?). But availability of Qualcomm's AptX HD et al on many Android phones and it being in the Sony WH1000XM3 (not XM4 though) means the earlier/old/bargainer XM3 Sonys may be more compelling choice for Android users with a Snapdragon based phone. I'm not 100% though, so do your own research over bluetooth codecs if that matters to you. I emplore you to though, the base bluetooth audio codec SBC is rubbish.

    Back to comfort - personally, my ears sometimes touch the speaker lining on the Sonys, I dont think they stick out all that much, i just find that particularly irritating. Bose have more room :)

  • +1

    I purchased these headphones about three weeks ago now through Dick Smith via Kogan, for $232 (using afterpay $20 off). They're fantastic and everything went smoothly.

  • What's warranty like for import stock?

    • +6

      Good luck.

  • Killer deal on the QC35ii, I'm still impressed 3 years later. And I've tried just about everything except one of the Senn, newer B&W, and Surface 2

  • anyone got a view on the qc35ii vs airpods pro (current) for phone calls? cheers (trying to find great earbuds for calls at any price and can't…)

    • +2

      I own both. Both work fine for calls. However AirPod Pro wins in portability and integration with Siri.
      Bose kicks ass with proper noise cancelling.
      Regarding Comfort Bose is better too. I can wear them longer than the AirPods Pro. Although AirPods Pro are very comfortable too and you can use them laying down in bed as they are not bulky.

      Edit. One more thing. If you don’t want to be disturbed by people the headphones are handy. Many times people still talk to me when I’m wearing the AirPods Pro. A handy feature I like is that AirPods Pro pause what you are listening to when you remove one earbud and resume when you put them back.

      • Agree with Mahalo about Air pods Pro. Can down down in bed. Also you can use them as earplugs without connecting to phones if you want noise isolation. I can sleep with them on in bed and not hear the air purifier in the room at max setting.

        For strictly calls, just get airpods pro.

    • +1

      Own both and I feel airpods pro have slightly better phone call quality. Not a fan of the QC35ii's sidetone in noisy environments as it has trouble distinguishing your voice from general background noise, which it also pumps into your ears as you speak.

      Agree with Mahalo on other points, although I find Airpods cancel voices better than the Bose which excel at knocking out low-frequency rumble.

  • +2

    Come on Amazon.

  • Finally caved in and got the black one after seeing so many deals on this. Looking forward to it 😊

  • Hot tip: You can sew the original ear pads back together after the glue fails! The nice soft cover (pleather?) might be gone but the fabric feels ok imo. The official replacements are like $40 and the cheapo ones don't feel as good.

    • Are the official replacements actually original ear pads like for like? Some things online seem to indicate the official ones still aren't as good as the originals that come with it?

  • pulled the trigger! can't ignore this at this price point for an AU stock

    • +2


      • In the world of blind men, silver looks like the new black

  • +2

    Heybattery is very much hong kong stock, since when I brought an 8Bitdo SNpro controller that's where the post tracking said the origin was.

    That being said, their prices are usually the cheapest on certain niche tech like custom console controllers. and there's nothing wrong with buying from them if you're worried about reliability.

    Amazon never matched them, at least for the controllers I was eying, so not sure if they will ever, might have to eat the 2 week shipping tbh.

  • +1

    not sure why i am getting $288 at checkouts for bose black and $259 after discount ?!

  • +1

    Ah what a shame it's such a good price for this product - Avoid Hey Battery.

    I ordered an 8BitDo Pro2 on the 19th of April, expected dispatch 26th of April.

    "Hi it's been 9 days with no information, it says it was meant to be sent out by now, can you please tell me where it is?"

    "Oh hi, yeah we're getting some in soon, maybe in 3 or 4 days we'll have some and be able to send them out to you then"

    Like the plague, just no.

    • Its grey import, give them time bro.

      • No? Not going to give them months and months of time? Not worth it.

  • The black colour Q35 II is now showing $259 to me now

  • All. Confirming black is imported and main reasons to avoid imported vs Aus stock is it warranty claims? Quality etc are identical otherwise??

    Hmm I already have a black from few yrs ago but it's so cheap it's tempting to buy a spare. Would it deteriorate if left unused as a spare for first one breaking down?

    Also what's the reason with the price drops recently for these? Is it heralding a new 3rd version coming out soon? Otherwise why so many price drops recently?

  • Thanks op. Got black one before they raised the price.

  • Price is tempting. But after that last Kogan purchase - no thanks.

    I'll rather pay that extra premium for great customer service and support.

  • scheisse - looks like I jumped too early at $289 for silver Bose QC35ii 9 days ago …

    I see what some are saying about paint peeling - yeah after a few years a couple of black spots where paint has lifted off the top centre of the headband on our older QC35 - but I don't care - I'm not wearing them as a fashion statement - I like the comfort, the noise cancellation, and think I've read they may be better for wireless phone calls than SONY

    I just have to remember to switch my iPhone to the Bose when a phone call comes in while I'm wearing them listening to a podcast …

    from what I've read about Kogan and Dick Smith returns - that may explain the extra discount here …

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