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[Windows 10] Free PDF Manager - Merge, Split, Trim @ Microsoft


One more. Enjoy :)

Merge, split, extract, and combine PDFs with PDF Manager! An "Essential App" as selected by the Microsoft Store.
PDF Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use app for merging and editing PDF files.
Merge, reorder, and split pages across multiple documents. Extract, rotate, and delete pages instantly, or combine PDFs, all in just a few clicks.
Download PDF Manager today and take control of your PDF files.
PDF Manager's team can support your enterprise deployment. See our Enterprise page for more detail.

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    Hmm, all of the freebies today (this, Penbook and Mind Maps) are made by the same dev team… https://user.camp/apps/

    Spirality is free too: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/spirality/9nrjglmxpv55?act...

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    Free PDF tools does the job nicely (PDFill)

    How does it compare to that perhaps

    • +10

      Well this one looks newer than 1997…

      • +2

        True as long as it works as well, but installed it and will test it out.
        Simpler is better a lot of the time, Adobe DC reader is good for viewing. PDFill for splitting/merging etc

        Agree the MS store is a pain, but found it easier on the phone grabbing it and automatically installs to PC.
        The system exception and popups at the end to 'rate us' are unwelcome in terms of the Screen Recorder Pro that's also free.

        • If anyone knows, does it to editing? Better than adobe pro dc?

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    The fact that there are no reviews of this 4 year old app is weird. I'm keen to know if anyone else has used it

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      It's because nobody uses the MS store…

      • +9

        This is a reasonable answer.

      • +2

        But I can't find anything about this anywhere online.

        Edit: I downloaded it and gave it a go as I needed to split a PDF and then merge it back with a signed page. It unfortunately couldn't do the JPG to PDF conversation but the split and merge capability is so easy to use so it does the job nicely.

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    I would also recommend Pdfsam Basic . It provides the same functions if not more. It is free, open source and cross-platform.

    • Good tip and other review sites also note this as a solid product so I have DLed it for when the need arises.

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    https://www.sejda.com/ , also has a desktop app. Does everything and more…..been using it for years.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • Are there any user friendly 'free' apps similar to Bluebeam, marking up stuff is a little painful in Adobe DC reader?

    • Let me know if you find one.

      • only know of Foxit, but may need to sign up and is a bit sh1t too

        • Yeah, already tried that one - wasnt a huge fan though

    • +2

      PDF xchange is mostly free

  • +1

    I just use XODO, I grabbed it from the MS store when I purchased my Surface Pro 3 way back in the day and have kept using it since, still using it on my Surface Pro 7.

    I also use it on my Galaxy Note 9. It can do a fair job of manipulation, editing, splitting, page deletion etc and I can use a pen on it as well both on the Surfce Pro and the Galaxy Note. I find the UI a little quirky but have adapted to it.


    • +1

      another shout-out for XODO from me too. Great PDF tool, been my goto for about 2 years now. The Reflow text tool under View Mode, and the options to change the BG and TXT colours are indespensible when reading at night.

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    PDF splitters are always useful to me, thanks OP

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    Only my work computer has Adobe Pro. Now I can finally stop emailing myself PDF files to edit in my work computer.

    • +2

      Adobe pro is subscription base, so you can login on ur home computer

  • -1

    how does this compared to Adobe Pro DC which works provides me for free?

    • Adobe Pro DC can do everything else this product cant.

    • What advantages does this motorcar have over, say, a train? Which I could also afford

    • obviouidly pro better and not free

  • Gotta figure out how to collate my PhD chapters sometime soon, this is a good candidate! Thanks OP!

    • PhD in what?

      • +3

        Without being too specific - spectroscopy. Light response of organic compounds in environmental samples.

        • +3

          ok… as you were

    • latex?

      • +1

        A forked version of thesisdown in R at the moment.

        • Stick with that if you don't want grief later. Word is a pain.

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    Thanks OP - great freebie.

  • +1

    Thanks good find

  • +2

    Just what I needed now that I don't get free Adobe CC anymore. Thanks OP.

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    Can this edit PDF content like adobe? If not, whats the best free software to edit pdf

  • +2

    I use this. Don't really want to risk upload and download my PDFs using online tools. This one is offline on your computer. It's simple and does its job. Recommended.

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    Is there any way to install Microsoft apps like this without tying my device (my PC running Windows 10) to my Microsoft account?

    • You can sign into the store and when prompted press to "sign into microsoft apps only" and then your Windows account stays as a local account and you can still use the store.

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    RRP of $74.95… surely not?

  • add this among the library of epic games I'll never play/use.

  • Can you merge PDFs and add a password /security lock to it using this app?

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    I got this free a couple of years ago from an OzBargain post.

    I use it regularly.

    Pros: Simple and quick to use.
    Cons: Crashes every time you merge and save doc in a new name. Though, it does successfully save the doc.
    Also dragging files to the app to open also crashes, instead open using the "open PDF" button.

    • Useless lol

  • +6

    PDFill, PDF24, PDFsam, PDF Shaper, PDFTK Builder. They're all free and pretty much all do the same things.

    • +2

      Been using PDFsam for years. I don't see how this deal is worth so many votes.

      • If their not Open Source I would trust to download to PC

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    Surprising why is this basic functionality not built into Windows like it has been in MacOS for years.

    • Agree MacOS can do things natively. Actually heaps of the MacOS default apps are way better than Windows. Just makes MacBooks so seamless and easy to use

      • +1

        Didn't realise native MacOS apps could do stuff like that. What else can the default apps do that Windows needs a third party app for? Not an attack. Genuinely curious.

        • +3

          Drag any PDF (whole PDF or individual pages) into another PDF, and rearrange the pages
          Signing PDFs apparently but I don't use this
          Screen-shot to PDF / jpg / many formats
          Screenshot - whole screen / window of interest / custom-sized by dragging the cursor
          Numbers (excel), pages (word), keynote (powerpoint) - all free
          Alpha on pictures (this is absolutely awesome)

          Those are some of my favourite
          I use Preview for the above so much it's not funny

          • +1

            @dangerdanger: Never knew. Thanks for sharing.

          • +1

            @dangerdanger: i'm a MacOS newbie, so thanks for pointing this out too!

          • @dangerdanger: .
            Windows 10 has this natively

            …Screen-shot to PDF / jpg / many formats
            Windows 10 has this natively

            …Screenshot - whole screen / window of interest / custom-sized by dragging the cursor
            Windows 10 has this natively

            …Numbers (excel), pages (word), keynote (powerpoint) - all free
            Of course their free as no one uses them compared to Microsoft Word, Excel etc. Just look at any Higher Ed or Corporate

        • +2

          There is also terminal in macOS, has so many packages and does very powerful functions if you are comfortable using terminal and commands. As often people feel the need to install additional software for a one off task that macOS can already do out of the box.

          • @Crownanchor: Thats because macOS is built on Unix as the core system kernel

            • @Andy99: That's good to hear Windows has finally caught up. Pity they lost me when they created Windows Vista. What a nightmare that was. Never went back to Windows since

  • +1

    Also from the same developer and free is "PDF Fill & Sign".


    • Just had a quick look, why are these Microsoft apps so basic looking? Guess they are made to be table friendly or something.
      Adobe DC reader can do all of that.
      The first PDF I open there are boxes around all the text.
      Good to test some of these out but all seem pretty rubbish (not an attack on you).

      • Agree 100%. A very basic app which would not warrant the RRP.
        I think this is an example reflective of the quality of apps available on Windows vs other platforms.
        Let's hope Windows 11 and Android compatibility (albeit via Amazon for now) can catch up.

    • Thanks for the heads up, grabbed it too.

  • Is this available as an app in play store or just Windows?

  • +2

    PDF24 works well, is free, does pretty much all Adobe Pro functions and can be used completely offline.

    • Is it Open Source free or does it have annoying Ads ?

  • As the other suggestion above mentioned there is an office suite called Libreoffice (used to be Staroffice then Openoffice). I used it to replace the pages that requires signature in the document - offline.