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Creative Pebble Plus PC speakers at $59.95, Pebble V2 at $39.95, Pebble $29.95 @ Creative Australia


Due to popular demand, our Pebble series deals are back!

Supercharge and complete your listening experience with the Creative Pebble Plus at only $59.95 (lowest price ever!) This 2.1 system is powered entirely via USB-A, and comes complete with a compact down-firing subwoofer for crystal clear clarity and powerful, thumping bass.

On top of that, you can boost your audio further with a manual high gain switch for an all-encompassing, room-filling audio experience.

  • 16W peak power
  • 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer
  • USB-A for power and 3.5 mm AUX-in for audio
  • Manual high gain switch for amplified audio without distortion
  • 2" full-range speakers for rich acoustics performance

"For anyone seeking a crisp, clean delivery with rich lows and decent balance, the Pebble Plus is a solid, exceptionally affordable speaker system … If your favorite feature is "affordable," the surprisingly strong Creative Pebble Plus speakers easily earn our Editors' Choice." - PCMAG

"For around the cost of a dinner, Creative is underselling and over-delivering with these criminally cheap 2.1 stereo speakers." - TECH RADAR

With over 30k reviews (and counting), our Creative Pebble USB speakers have been awarded "Best PC Speakers" by numerous top reviewers. They are a family of small computer speakers that fit into any home, office, or even gaming setup. Despite their small footprint, this series packs plenty of an audio punch with specially angled drivers for the ultimate listening experience.

View all Pebble Series > https://au.creative.com/pebblefamily/

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  • +3

    Hi OP, Any deals on the V3?

    • Pretty sure the Plus are the V3 with a Subwoofer! 👀

      • +1

        Plus is the V2 with sub

        • Is Plus V2? Or just V1, with a sub?

    • I'd also be interested in a deal for the v3 without the sub

      • Me too.
        Although I am leaning towards the Edifier G2000 as it's not much more.

    • Glad to know that you guys are keen on Pebble V3! (: Will bring it up to the team and we’ll see what we can do. Meanwhile, you may subscribe to our newsletters and be the first to be informed of our latest deals >>

      • Hi op, thanks for looking into this. Any news you can share?

        • Hey, I've heard that there will be a deal coming up within the month! So do stay tuned to our newsletters ;)

  • Free delivery! Thanks rep

  • For a second I thought Pebble smartwatches were back :(

  • That's quite an expensive dinner

  • Hi rep. Any deal on Creative Stage Air? Thanks

  • +1

    For those on the fence - I own the Pebble Plus, personally. I think they're absolutely incredible for the price point.
    The highs, mids and lows are all clear and nicely separated for a clean and balanced sound. They handle both music and games very well.

    The bass is pretty good, but don't expect it to be shaking your room like bigger more powerful subs would.

    To get the most out of it you also really need to have it plugged in to mains power with an adapter (not included, but if you've owned mobile phones you probably have a bunch around the house, so no biggy here) and putting it in high gain mode.

    It's also worth noting that the cables are quite short, so bare this in mind.

    If you're looking for a budget sound option you reallllly can't go past these.

  • Purchased! This should be a nice and compact speaker set-up for my MacBook Air.

  • Can I marry this with my crappy Samsung TV?

    • Unfortunately they are not compatible, as the Samsung TV output only has HDMI ARC or optical. You may consider our Creative Stage and Stage V2 Soundbars if you would like to pair it with your TV :)


      • My Samsung TV output also has 3.5mm AUX as it's quite an old model (sub 2013 ish) but will consider Creative Stage and V2 as per your recommendation, thank you!

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