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[Afterpay] Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6700XT Gaming OC 12GB GDDR6 $1010.65 Delivered @ Techfastau eBay


Hello, new user to OzBargain just found this deal with very limited stock, only 3 left in-stock!

So as noted by LukeTechFast, the item has been relisted and the code "PAYAFT15" is still valid with it reducing the price to $1010.65 from $1189. Due to do this, I will put this offer back up but do remember, graphics card prices are dropping and this may not be the best value in a couple months time. Currently there are 8 available for order.

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Nitro+ for $1010.65 (Free express delivery)
Original Coupon Deal

Hope you can take advantage of this deal should you wish to do so, remember though, GPU prices are always dropping and this may not be the best value in a couple months time!

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    Good price compared to last few months, but I reckon these will keep dropping if you are not in a hurry.
    Edit: just noticed OP already mentioned as much. Cheers.

  • No need to remove the deal - it will be marked as Out of Stock

  • In 3-6 months you will regret buying this

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      Unless you need it right now and get use in those 3 to 6 months

    • +5

      In 3-6 months you will have 3-6months of use from this…

    • +2

      Do you know that though? I am 50/50 about to buy the 6700XT Red Devil from pccasegear for $1150.
      What happens if crypto comes back. What happens if Musk tweets "Monero is great" or some crap.
      I wish I knew what to do.

      • +4

        Monero is mined on CPU… But, I get your point.

      • buy (profanity) Elon musk coin instead

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    Still $200 above an already overpriced MSRP for this particular card.

    Wait like 2 months it will be way cheaper, don't give in - every card sold now contributes to the problem.

    • Yeah, I was considering getting it but opted not to. Already own a powerful GPU, and would rather something more within the RTX 3080 / 6800 XT range. But I guess if people cannot wait, this is the cheapest I have seen it for as of late. If the said person can wait however, I strongly advise to do so too.

  • +1

    This is back in stock now - have requested deal reactivation.

    • Yep, just updated the post to reflect this change. Hopefully the deal is live again, and people may see it.

      Thank you also for offering this graphics card at this price, while presumably not MSRP as of yet, it's getting closer and people of whom cannot wait can take advantage of it.