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Bonus $200 G/C ($500 total) on $69 Telstra 12M Contract (Min Cost $828, New / Port in Users) @ JB Hi-Fi


Bonus $200 JB Hi-Fi gift card on the Telstra $69 plan, that's already available with $300 of JB gift cards.

Brings it to a total of $500 gift card and net of approximately $27.33 a month.

Staff member told me that they weren't allowed to advertise the deal (looking around the store, this was true) because Telstra wanted them to sell more of the $99 plans. Also mentioned that it was available today only (28 June), but he may have just been trying to put the hard sell on me.

Seems to be available in all stores. Updating to 30 June based on what people are saying below.

Mod: Some users have reported a $10/month port in credit after some effort/attempts on live chat.

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  • Does this plan support eSIM? Read that for new Telstra sign ups, they don't let you transfer from physical to eSIM.

    • For those wondering, the guy at JB said you can choose physical or eSIM and they’ll set it up in store for you.

      I opted for physical sim as I’ve read that the transfer to another device is a bit difficult and I’m going to upgrade my iPhone in September.

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    Can confirm the deal - just got it from JB Hi-Fi Altona HOME. If anyone is going to that store, ask for Michael!! Really friendly and helpful :)

    • +1

      Same! Got the deal there as well and am trying to merge the two services again (so to keep my current number.) Last year I successfully did this with my wife's phone number 👍🏽

      • You got it at the same store? You must have walked in right after I finished! Because the guy said I was the first, haha. Let me know how you go with merging the two services? That's my plan too. Michael was saying that if they give trouble about it, I may have to port out my number for a month.

  • Finally, a decent deal. Ported out for a couple of months to Kogan and Optus while waiting for this.
    Hopefully the $10 p.m port-in bonus would be successful. Any recommended JB Hi-Fi store in the Melbourne CBD?

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    Just signed up at JB Oxford St. $500 gift card.

    No $10 port in credit. Can do eSIM but I opted for physical sim.

    Will try live chat and see if I can get the $10 credit.

    Also you can check the balance on the gift card here: https://giftcards.jbhifi.com.au

    • Oxford st? In darwin ?

      • +2

        Oxford St Sydney

    • Also you can check the balance on the gift card here: https://giftcards.jbhifi.com.au

      Expiry Date 28/06/2120


    • On live chat and it’s not looking promising.

      They’re taking forever to respond and their first response is “ your number already active in post paid with JB HI-FI & THE GOOD GUYS MOBILE BYO PLAN $69
      so may I know what is the $10 credit you are referring ?”

      • Keep us updated bro thx

        • Now this:
          “as It's new number bill not yet generated
          if you have subscribed for any offer you'll get credit in bill
          I request kindly wait till bill get generate,

          Apart from this is there anything else I can assist you with today?”

          Definitely not an Aussie rep so I’d try again tomorrow during business hours.

          • +4

            @zzzman: So this agent came around after I said “ You don’t seem very knowledgable or helpful. I’ll try again some other time. Thanks.”

            Then they went “ Are you referring $10 discount for 12 months? or any particular offer you offered at the time of enrollment , kindly let me know I'll assist.”

            “ Thanks for all the information. I'm going to get this sorted for you. I need a little bit of time to do this but no need to worry as I'll be back after 30mins. If you need to step away for a few minutes, it’s not a problem. Just have your notifications turned on, you will get one as soon as I reply”

            Then came back 15 mins later and confirmed they’ve applied the credit.

            Good luck guys!

            • +2

              @zzzman: Can confirm. Just got 10 dollar credit applied in one shot. Probably the best experience I have had with Telstra live chat as of yet. Took 20 mins in total approx lol.

              • @Bambini88: Congrats mate. Was the rep more responsive and switched on than mine? My was super slow. Probably responding to 10 different customers at the same time.

                • +1

                  @zzzman: yeah, I talked to 1 guy and he sorted it for me straight away :)

                  • @Bambini88: were you able to keep your old number?

                    • @tliu41: Trying to merge, the rep said I’ll keep my old number. The merge has been submitted by form but hasn’t been actioned yet.

                • @zzzman: Same here. Mine is super slow. Didn't get a reply for 25 minutes, so asked them a question, they apologised for the wait, now its been another 15 minutes haha.

              • @Bambini88: Did they give u any reference number? I am on chat with them but this agent trying to figure out what offer is that :p

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    Yeah, finally pops up when sydney is under lockdown

    • NSW ruined the deal for us West Australians too :(

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    can some tell me $69 gets how many giga?

    • 80GB

      • Correct. 60GB + 20GB bonus (for 1 year)

        • Bonus data should be valid until recontract, so as long as the plan remains unchanged.

          • @Staary: Oh really? That's amazing! Thanks for the info :)

  • Perfect OP. Ported out to Voda 32 days ago. Was waiting for more than the $300.
    No issue at Parramatta. Only issue with Telstra trying to get this turned into a eSim.

  • Does anyone know whether this plan with "No excess data charges" after data allowance used up?

    • No excess data charge.
      Speed is merely reduced to minimum.

  • is this SIM only?

    • +1

      Yes or port in.

  • $10 port in still available ?

  • +3

    Was on live chat for 2 hrs.

    The first rep didn’t know much and back and forth and slow reply i kinda gave up. But 30mins ago. A new rep came in. Added the first $10 port in credit to my acc. Then onto my wife account boom.

    All done. Both accounts with $10 port in per month. Love it.

    • What did you mention to the rep? As in, did you say you were advised you’d get a $10 port in credit?

      • +2

        See my other comments above.

        Some of the things I mentioned

        “Port in credit. I have friends who has signed up with this plan before and they received a port in credit for porting their number from another provider to Telstra.”

        “ You don’t seem very knowledgable or helpful. I’ll try again some other time. Thanks.”

    • Is this live chat for telstra or the jbhifi live chat?

      • Telstra only.

  • Can someone please help me understand how you transfer a new number to your current month to month Telstra plan and keep your old number and not end up paying two phone bills? I can't get my head around it enough to take the risk

    • +1

      Chat with Telstra

      Ask them to close the old and port the old number to new account. Simples

      • +2

        and gt the port-a-loo at$10

  • I just got rejected at JB Hifi Bunbury for only being ported out of Telstra for 14 days. They were nice about it though

    • Do you know the minimum required of days?>

      • 30

        • thanks

  • How can we chat with Telstra? I am not finding that option on their website. Note: I am not a Telstra customer.

    • Through the My Telstra app. "Get Help" -> "Message Us"

      • But I read that I must have a Telstra number or service to be able to create an ID. Am I correct?

        • Correct. I believe they set one up for you when you sign up for a new number.

    • +1

      You can google as well, there is a link i generally use. https://livechat.telstra.com/

  • Has anyone seen a GF offer on the $49/month plan

    • +1

      Don't bother with the current GF offers, wait for the next 'model'.

  • Did anyone transfer belong sim number to Telstra after buying a new number?

  • Belong to this possible?

    • No

  • +2

    Just an FYI, I had an extremely unhelpful "expert" first up. went through the process for about 2 hours. He spoke to the credit team and said no. He then offered to escalate to the complaints team. I disconnected the chat.

    I then tried again. Received a new expert (no name). Within 10 minutes:

    "I have confirmed that you have ported in your service under the JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys Mobile BYO Plan $69. With this, you are eligible to get $10 monthly credit for 12 months. Let me add the credit on your account.

    To proceed, we're currently strengthening the security of accessing your account and will need to complete a quick authentication. I am sending a 6 digit code to your registered mobile number/email address, please provide it once you receive it because it will expire after 5 minutes. Thank you!"

  • Is it possible to add on international minutes to this plan? Cheers

  • I tried to get it and was waiting for an hour and a half and told it has gone to some team and it will take 3 to 5 business days to get a response. I tried again and got the response I have to wait 3 to 5 business days. I will try again tomorrow.

  • Be careful of JB and good guys plans! These are lock in contracts and ETCs are non waivable

    • Yes it's a 12 month contract… which is why you get the gift card.

  • Year after year JB is inflating their deals by offloading their gift card vouchers and increasing the price.

    2 years ago it was $300 on $49pm plan for 12m
    Now it's $500 on $69pm and $700 on $99pm giving ppl value that they don't even need.

    This is really not a great deal unless if you need that much data. As previous poster mentioned, there are alternatives such as boost.

    • +1

      But you can stack multiple gift cards and buy a brand new phone next year with 3 gift cards for $0 out of pocket? So it's literally free money?

    • It would make sense if you're buying this for your work phone which is tax deductible … :)

      • so it becomes salary sacrifice in a way :)

  • iPhone 12 mini was best deal better than this since phone RRP is $1299 and Can easily sell for $900-$1000

    • +1

      That was for a few days only after which the RRP of the mini dropped to $899. Good luck getting $800 for it now!

  • Arg double posted

  • I'm considering moving away from BOOST - do you get cheap BINGE / KAYO with this?

    • In the past, yes. Telstra had deals whereby if you was a post paid member you could get Kayo/Binge etc for a discount for a certain period. In saying that, I was with Telstra last year and when I was with Boost after that - I still had access to some of these discounts.

    • their TnC excludes porting in from BOOST..
      r u considering porting to another number before?

  • Is it definitely still available? Not sure from website

    • It's in stores only. Or call your local JB to confirm before heading into the store.

      A few of us got his deal yesterday already.

      • I think it was on the website before but it's not now

        • it wasnt on the website when i looked yesterday

  • Signed up last night at JB in En-Ex 100, Perth. Jeremy was fantastic. Didn’t mind that I had an existing service with telstra and simply signed me up with a new service / number and gave me a GC on the spot following activation.

    Ported my number last night (pending) and applied a $10 credit for 6 months. Still waiting on the port to occur. Hopefully won’t take too long. Thanks OP.

  • Great deal, anyone looking to offload their gift cards? Please see the classified here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634787

  • Hi Guys just went to JBHIFI Doncaster.

    Not honouring it anymore.

    Said its been changed to $300 or $500 off phone purchase.

    • Same here went to Modbury JB hifi and was told at 9.00am this morning it was changed to $500 off handset instead of gift card. Called Adelaide store and they advised the same.

  • +1

    Same in Sydney. $500 phone credit only. This sucks.

  • Hi I've phoned a few stores (5-6 stores, VIC metro) and they're now only offering $300GC OR $500 credit towards the phone. Anyone have a contact in VIC metro that could still honour the deal?

    • +1

      So I was going to go in yesterday to get the deal, but held off until today when I had time - as the guy mentioned it was available until tomorrow. I just called the local JB and they confirmed it's been changed. The guy said he can't honour it even though I was told yesterday it's available until 30th June - unfortunately it's a head office thing.

      I don't blame him at all - but f JB head office.

  • Has anyone managed to succesfully do this deal over the phone? In Sydney atm and can't go into stores :(

    • Only in-store AU wide

  • Signed up at JBHiFi Northland in Victoria at 10:30am and they honoured the $500 JB Gift Card
    Took around 45 minutes to process it all

  • Yep went to Bendigo store just now and told it's $500 off a handset

  • +2

    JB told me it will probably be a $300 GC again tomorrow and then from July 1st a completely different offer/plan structure. I've been waiting for this for 2 months, so annoyed that I didn't go in yesterday.

    • Anyone know what it might be? Likely worse?

    • I bought the deal today mid-day in Werribee, it was still on and got $500GC

  • Bad news… Just called JB and they said everything has changed now. For the $69 you get a voucher card of $300 that you can use only against a mobile device, nothing else. They also said only in-store. :(

  • +1

    Can't believe they just changed this deal. Was about to head down and sign up just before the Brisbane lockdown :(

  • Good Guys I think still have the $400 gift card offer which started yesterday and finishes tomorrow:


    Will need to confirm though.

  • Just signed up the deal with $500 gift card

    • Which store?

  • If you are looking to buy Samsung phone, S21 $99 deal is much better with $1100 giftcard applied to Samsung phone only.

  • Just spoke on phone with Brunswick store. $500 credit towards phone only.
    Not a GC as per staff member

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