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R5 3600X + RX 6700 XT Gaming PC: A520M DS3H AC MB, 500GB NVMe SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 600W PSU, $1,579 + Postage @ BPC Tech


First deal, hope I ticked all the boxes.

I recently came across this after months of watching and decided to pull the trigger, let me know if its crappy and/or what should be changed first.

Specs as follows:

AMD Ryzen5 3600X 6 Core/12 Threads Processor
Gigabyte A520M DS3H AC Motherboard
AMD RX6700XT 12GB Graphics
Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 mATX Case
600W 80Plus Gold Power Supply Unit
Adata XPG 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
500GB M.2 2280 NVMe SSD
WIFI Included

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    Seems good given the current situation. This gpu is slightly worse than a 3070 right?


      I believe its somewhere between a 3060 & 3070.


      you are right but it also depends on the game you're playing. 6700 xt does beat the 3070 in some games too. check out YouTube benchmarks if you're interested. imo 10 frames doesn't make a difference to me if it can sustain 144fps+ to match the monitor refresh.


      Slightly better than a 3060*

      *Not including dlss, ray tracing, ai applications and more


    its not bad but lower end (excluding gpu which is reasonable).
    i wouldn't be in a rush to buy thinking prices are going up, as they are coming down (all except ram)

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      I mean the Ryzen 5 3600X is still an awesome CPU. You'd be hard-pressed to find a reason to upgrade that CPU for most people. It's in a sweet spot for diminishing returns. It's not high end, but it's closer to the high end than to the low end.

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    Motherboard is crap. Hope there's an option to upgrade that. Otherwise you could buy this and buy a good board for 120 extra

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    It's a good deal. Mobo is average but fine for this kind of build (although B550 boards are so cheap it's a bit strange they aren't using them. I suspect BPC has a huge overstock of crap A520 boards that they were forced to buy from distributors in order to get GPUs).

    They do a $999 PC with a GTX 1660 that is also good value in the current environment (especially for a fully built system with warranty).

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    Do not get anything you value in that case. It’s literally a Perspex front shield with little to no air flow. Temps will be high

    Source: I bought one, threw it away promptly.


    How does this compare with techfast's builds?? Is it worth buying from here given the whole hacking situation that happened?


    Not too good. WIth the $1k 6700 XT deal you could build your own for cheaper, plus have a much better motherboard (never buy a 520 chipset), case (looks like it has terrible airflow). It's also suspicious they don't mention the PSU SKU, thus it's likely to be a junk "gold" unit.

    It's definitely not worth buying in a climate of falling GPU prices.


    Based on the other bpc deal on at the moment if you Facebook message their sales team they can probably quote you on upgrading the motherboard and case. The PSU is likely an EVGA GD, I don't know if anyone has asked to change it.


    Hey Juzzzz,

    Awesome post as II've been eyeing off the exact same deal. Same outlook not sure if it's a good deal or not as I've been out of the market for years…back to being a noob haha.

    From other posts and comments, it's been said that mobo and case would be best to upgrade…
    Though the gfx looks really great with this Kraken build.

    I've been comparing to this. But yet again, not sure what's the best overall value vs performance deal within this 1.6k-2k-ish range is….. Hmmmm


    Any input or tips from the community?

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      at this price point, i would be ignoring anything with a 2060. The PCCG seems to have a pretty big markup. The 6700xt would smash the 2060 out of the market.

      I find if im ever in doubt about something, i go to youtube to look for benchmarks.


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        Correct, I just figured this was a comfortable price point in the current climate for GPUs.
        I always thought I'd snag a Techfast option but I could never hack the longer wait times, this one was at my doorstep in <3 days!

        I'll be looking at a new mobo/case in the coming weeks.


          Nice!!!!! Thank you, great tip on the 2060. I ended up spending a few hours, re-educating myself on all new pc news etc, and started looking at benchmarks comparisons.. ended up grabbing this deal like yourself.
          Though I allocated some extra money and managed to upgrade the mobo by getting in contact with the rep. Via fb chat. via phone wasn't as easy.
          (B550m Aorus Pro). hopefully was correct decision.

          Wow that's awesome on the doorstep in days. Do you receive the original boxes, manuals with the delivery etc?