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Tenda Nova MW3 Home Mesh Wi-Fi 3-Pack + Free Tenda Smart Plug (+1 Bonus MW3 by Redemption) $89.90 Delivered @ AV Mart Australia


We've got a great Tenda MW3 Mesh WiFi EOFY deal for you…

Purchase a Tenda MW3 3-Pack and get a bonus Tenda SP3 smart plug and free shipping!

Don't forget if you purchase by 30/6/2021 you can claim (via redemption from Tenda Australia) a free 1x MW3 unit. Please see Tenda Australia website for details about this redemption offer:

Limited stock so be quick!

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    Anyone know if this issue applies to this version? ie: can only set up using their app , and can't do 2 Factor auth on their accounts?


    • I used the MW3s for a while, but have given them to my inlaws. They can only be set up using their app. I don't recall 2-factor being an option. There was an issue with WiFi security switching to TKIP on its own—I've been told since that the issue was fixed, but I haven't had a chance to check.

    • Yes, it's annoying and insecure. Can only use their app, plus no 2FA. Also, there's no way to split the 2.4 and 5GHz networks. So if you have appliances (smart lights, etc.) that can only connect to the 2.4GHz, you'll have to go through a lot of pain.
      Other than that, works well with good coverage. Good bang for the buck.

      • A lot of companies are doing this, so it's not just a Tenda limitation (combining the two frequencies). It's really really annoying. I usually just disable the 5Ghz radio for the discovery to work. I guess I only need to do this once per device.

        • I don't think you can do that with Tenda. Happy to be proven wrong.

      • There’s actually an option in the app to temporarily disable 5Ghz so 2.4Ghz devices can discover the network

        • Not really. What it does is to connect your phone (that's running the app) to the 2 4GHz network for 30 minutes.

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    If you can do a deal on MW6 3-pack I am in!

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    How long till this is outdated?

    • -1

      by tomorrow. Could already be being outdated as we speak my friend.

    • +1

      "2 Fast Ethernet ports per mesh node", i.e. 100Mbps.
      Got to say I haven't used a networking device with such ports for many years.

      • It says 'fast' though? 🤔

      • “Fast Ethernet” is the technical term for 100Mbps Ethernet, similar to “Full Speed” for USB1.0 and “Fast Speed” for USB2.0

  • Rep, able to do a deal on the MW6?

      • That's via two intermediaries (afterpay and ebay) though. I'd rather do it direct with them.

        • Fair enough, though we are talking about the same seller…

          I received mine today, at the price listed so I'm happy.

          You only have today and tomorrow to buy it for the "4 pack"

      • Cheers MJM

    • +1

      We're unable to do anything on the MW6 at this stage unfortunately. The eBay deal with Afterpay will work out at the best price as they are covering the discount and you get to claim the extra unit from Tenda via redemption.

      • Cool cool. Thanks anyways. I might wait then. Generally buy electronics with my CC (additional warranty). Downside with afterpay discounts haha.

        Thanks for doing a deal on the MW3 rep! That Gigabit ethernet on the MW6 is what I'm after haha.

  • +1

    Thanx Op, got one.. my house is not that big so the 4x MW3 will be sufficient for my needs

  • 3 pack MW6-3PK with bonus 1 for $182.90 from Ebay with ebayplus. Not many left though.

    • what's so much better about the MW6 over this MW3?

  • REP, We need the serial # of the unit to claim the free mesh.

    How are we supposed to get that before the deal expires tomorrow?

    • You have until the end of July to redeem it via the Tenda website

      • Cool. It says while stocks last - you think there will be any issues on stock?

        • We have about 6 units left in stock at this price and with the bonus smart plug. That's all we could get at this price so its best to get in now while you can as they wont last too long.

          • -1

            @AV Mart: Ive already bought one, I meant the freebie!

            • @DKPARTY: I don't really know as the redemption offer is done by Tenda directly. I'd hope there'd be plenty of stock but you would be best getting in touch with them directly to make sure of it

  • Will this (MW3) be enough for NBN50?

    • -2


    • Yes, NBN 50 would be ok. NBN 100 would be pushing the limit of the 100Mpbs ethernet.

  • -1

    Can't even buy it!!! wtf!!

  • $85.99 for first members on Kogan. Same as Tenda MW3 but rebranded https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-wifi-ac1200-whole-home-me...

    Did not buy because only 100Mbps Ethernet.

  • I tried to order but it is saying that the inventory level is less than what you ordered. I paid for nothing!!!

    • Hi 9hundred, a couple of hours before you mentioned that you can't even buy it we only had 6 units left. So I assume when you were trying to order we had sold out. That is why it would have said the inventory is less than what you ordered. Or possibly someone just got in ahead of you through the checkout if you managed to add it to your cart.

      When you mention that you paid for nothing, are you saying you paid an amount and nothing was invoiced? If so, let me know and we will see what's happened but it shouldn't allow you to checkout if there is no stock.


      • I had it in my cart and had all my payment details entered and clicked the proceed button, only to be greeted by that message. So sad.

  • yes sounds like someone may have just got through the checkout before you unfortunately. If any new deals come up we'll be sure to put them up here again

    • Surely I can still get it………?

  • I use this to this day, however, it only works when I plug the tenda wifi in Lan port 1 through Optus modem, from the nbn router.

    I was under the impression I could directly connect it to the optus router ((but when it does, upload speeds max out only at 100kbs), very odd.

    BUT, either way, prior to installing the tendas, nbn and optus was crap (live in a large house, bricks, double storey). This tenda solution definitely solved everything.

    Just wondering if theres a way to up that upload speed though..

    • +1

      Here's hoping they do a deal on MW6.

  • May sound like a stupid question but I only need 1 or 2. Can I sell the other two units to someone? Will they work independently?

    • Yes you can.

    • +1

      sell to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • To anyone who just bought this by accident, I wanna buy it.

  • I've just bought the Kogan branded ones and waiting for them to arrive. I'm a complete noob when it comes to connectivity, but can someone tell me if some of my devices at home which only work with a 2.4 GHz frequency (my smart fridge and eufy video doorbell) will work with this? I connect all my wireless devices to 5 GHz, unless it is a limitation of the device, because I get much higher speeds with it. My current wifi router transmits both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz signals on separate networks.

    • you are not eligible for the free extra unit with the Kogan branded ones.

      • But…but… that is not what I asked…

        • yeah but don't you regret it though, because you don't get the freebie?

  • This is still available on ebay from the OFFICIAL store for 20 bucks extra!

    • if you're in Sydney, I'd love to split

      • I bought it from the ebay store.

  • Did anyone get a confirmation email when applying for the bonus MW3?

    • Got the confirmation email yesterday, 5/7/2021

      Your redemption request has been well received. The redemption will start from this week. Thank you.
      Tenda Australia

      • bonus MW3 arrived today

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