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Macpac Halo down Jacket $99.99 @ Macpac / $99 @ BCF


Our much loved Halo Down Jacket — ideal for outdoor adventures. This jacket features responsibly-sourced down and responsibly-produced bluesign® approved fabrics


Thanks @Pandoraroom (confirmed by @doweyy)

$20 off at BCF $100 min for new users spend brings it down to $80

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    Code work on bcf now

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      Yep can confirm it works now for new accounts again. Coupon is "CLUB20OFF".

      • Does it give you free shipping? I just had to pay shipping for it

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          Looks like the code cancels out free shipping on my end when adding something else that's cheap, but it works on 2x jackets.

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            @doweyy: No it doesn't. You just have to go back a page and put in your address again and the free shipping reapplies.

            Our just log out and in again.

            It happened to me.

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              @shegeloaf: hey i have followed everything what you mentioned for free shipping, but it keep added shipping?

              • @Sunny10: I think they have changed the criteria as more and more people started using the code.

                Read below because others have elaborate ways of getting the free shipping + code discount.

        • free shipping requires $99 min spend

          • @bayc0n: I added enough tongs to have the minimum spend to be more than 100 and still had no luck. Only when I added another jacket did it give free shipping. The minimum must be increased with the code.

            • @ThePriceIsNotRight: oh damn that sucks. Was it over $99 after the $20 discount? It managed to work for me when I ordered.

        • Yeah. Try to add a $5 item to make the total >$100 then apply yhe code.

          Free shipping should be included.

      • Not working I tried. Do we have to add something also as coupon is saying is "Invalid" ?

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      Doesn't work for me

    • But no free shipping

  • What's the equivalent jacket for Kathmandu? they also seem to have a sale and need to use my $20 voucher…

      • Macpac's fill weight is almost a double of Kathmandu one.

    • -1

      KATHMANDU is fast become a Chinese brand. They now have asains modelling their jackets which tells me they are now focusing on that market.

      BTW the heli jacket is lightweight, it comes nowhere near the MacPac Halo jacket for warmth.

  • Don't forget CommBank Rewards if you've been targeted:)

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    Those that are struggling with getting the code to work on the BCF website, I have the following steps to get some sort of extra discount. I have tried talking to about 8 different agents trying to get the total to $79 with free shipping with no luck.
    1. Insert another jacket that is not on sale e.g. Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Shield Jacket and another small e.g. Avanti tongs.
    2. Talk to live chat and say the sign up coupon code "CLUB20OFF" is not working on your end and request them to apply it at checkout for you.
    3. When they say it's applied to your checkout, quickly press "continue shopping" and add the MacPac Halo Down to your cart and remove the other jacket and small item e.g. tongs.
    4. The total will come to approximately $91 including paid shipping (which can only be avoided with another large costing item - not just over $100).

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      Username checks out

    • +3

      The amount of stuffing around to save $9… Lol. Just buy the one directly from Macpac like I did and get on with the day

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        Its OZbargin DNA to save $$

      • Not that hard for people to follow these steps after my long attempt, this takes 5 minutes max.

        • They told me they would not do it as no further discounts. Bad customer service

          “ The 20% off is when there is no sale on. With the current sale, this supersedes that discount”

          Customer service refused

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    Thanks OP. New account. Halo jacket + $2 inflatable ring = $81 with code for C&C.

    • +4

      I did the same, I shall name the inflatable ring in you honor 😀

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        put your 2 rings together and you can call it:


        • its a nice ring

  • Just went down on my lunchbreak and bought this. Thank you.

    Not a massive fan of the outer side of the pockets being fleece lined but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

    Bought a size Large… normally XL or sometimes XXL btw

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    You can add XTM Performance Hot Hands Hand Warmers for $1.80 to get over 100. Ends up around $91.

  • I had to add another item to get CLUB20OFF working. Needed an umbrella, so added the BCF umbrella on clearance for $5. With the unavoidable added shipping, came to $91. Packed and shipped within an hour. Man, BCF is fast!

  • Free Delivery works with some items I tried

    Bought the Jacket $99 + XTM 4x4 Single Canvas Swag Bag $29 for $99.18 using CLUB20OFF and 9% discounted gift card from Suncorp

    Thanks OP

  • If only hooded version was discounted.

  • +1

    Using PC I could not get coupon for $20off at BCF to work, used my mobile and worked fine.. just add tent pegs or alike to get over $100 👍

    .. Total pickup $80.70

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    I have one and live in a cold area & they so warm & light.

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    I bought one of these in summer thinking I might use it in Winter, I have worn mine almost every second day. It's been spectacular. It even manages to fit under my motorcycle jacket making my rides about 100% warmer. I love mine.

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    Purchased today, now sitting on a rooftop terrace in Melbourne, feeling cozy. I'm 6ft, slim build and small fits really well. Normally a medium in t shirt size. Hope that helps!

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    20$ code worked on mobile site. added gift cards. Got one for 75$

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    Don't forget 9% BCF gift cards on suncorp rewards

  • i got one.. thanks guys for sharing…

  • Took BCF long enough to get with the Macpac pricing……lol

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    I purchased 2 small jackets for my brother and I. Got my order today and Macpac send me 3 jackets, 2 Smalls and one Medium despite order and receipt everything showing 2 small jackets. I thought these things would never happen to me haha. Not sure if I should go to the trouble of contacting them and returning the Medium due to their mistake but am happy to return it back at their cost if they contact me for it.

    Glad I purchase small. Like everyone said here, the jacket seems to run one size larger. Cheers.

    • +1

      Wow. You are lucky.

      • +2

        Haha yeah finally! There's a couple of PM offering to take it off me for a slightly lower price. That has crossed my mine, but unfortunately I'll be gifting the jacket to my bigger build brother as an early Christmas present haha.

        Btw I have both Kathmandu and Macpac. The macpac is definitely better value IMO. Very light and warm for the price.

  • is CLUB20OFF working now??

    • Yes It worked for me.

  • How does this compare to the macpac sundowner jacket?

  • If anyone wondering where the MacPac storage pouch is, it's in the side pocket.

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  • How long does the shipping take once you place order with Macpac? and was it express post? Can anyone please confirm?

    • Ordered on the weekend.
      Got tracking number today.
      Will probably get it in a few days.

    • I ordered on Thursday, and it arrived this morning. Came in a standard post satchel.

  • Sizes seem to be a bit strange, definitely one size down from your usual size.
    However, arm length is pretty long still, compared to Kathmandu.

    • True..

  • I finally bit the bullet and went and grabbed one of these. If I could have, I would have waited for the hooded version but it's currently $50 more which I couldn't justify. As everyone has said - these are definitely a size down. I'm a M in most things (even some large) but I'm still swimming in this S. Going camping tomorrow to near freezing temps - hoping this is as good as everyone has said.

  • Can someone please share a photo of their black iris halo jacket?

    I'm confused between black and black iris. I cannot visit a store due to Covid restrictions.

  • Bought one of these, I thought it would be comparable to my Kathmandu, in my opinion it’s lighter but I find myself colder in my Macpac, wouldn’t vouch for Macpac after having my Kathmandu in -17° and not feeling cold whilst on holiday in Canada. The Black iris is very blue as well, just my opinion though.

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