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AmEx Platinum Charge Card: 300,000 Bonus Points with $3,000 Spend in 3 Months, $1,450 Annual Fee (New Customers Only) @ AmEx


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Just noticed that the American Express Platinum Card’s welcome bonus got increased to 300,000 from 200,000.

(Spend requirement $3k within 3 months, new card members only - not held an Amex within the past 18 months)

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (25)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Does anyone know if you stack refferal links with this new member offer?

    • Doesn’t look like it, referral link landing pages all show 200k

      • Use incognito it will show 300k

  • It can.

  • Once the first year is over.. what are the benefits if I pay AF of $1,450?

    • Use an ABN and claim some of it back.

      • Yes even if I am on highest bracket.. just about half off.. so say 750 per year.. how can I maximise that or are we just reaping benefits of 300k points then cancelling?

        • Benefit from the qantas ultimate + this is a metal card, good for opening envelops. :)

          Jokes aside, metal card used to suck big time, couldnt swipe them on the old machines coz it is too thick.

    • +6

      Cancel the card and wait another 18 months as Amex don't reward loyalty anyway.

    • +2

      it all depends how much of the card benefits you are able to use

      How much you spend/points
      AMEX/Virgin lounges/Priority pass
      Accor plus membership + free night stay
      Amex travel credits ($450 + $400)
      Amex cash backs
      Amex Fine Hotels and Resort benefits

      For my family of 4 with 2 kids - it was a lifesaver when travelling to be able to have access to lounges nearly everywhere in the world
      Now with COVID its not so great, but we are still making use of the accor plus membership + travel credits to travel locally

    • -1

      When is the AF payable? Do you still pay for it if you cancel before the !st year, assuming AF is chargeable for the 1st year?

      • When you get your first bill I would presume.

  • The annual fee is killer with this one. Even if I was a frequent flyer I don’t think I could get the $1500 back via benefits like you can with most other cards.

  • Does anyone know what conversion ratio is for 1 Amex point is to Qantas Frequent Flyer?

    • Used to be 1:1 now it's 2:1

      • Thanks! Seems likes its not worth it then. $1500 worth of points (if using $0.01 per point conversion) for $1450 fee.

        • +1

          Depends if you value any of the AMEX Platinum perks. $450 travel credit, Centr membership for 12 months, The Australian subscription (barf), Virgin lounge access for 12 months etc.

          Edit: Also free night at an Accor hotel

          • @mthomas87: Good point - didnt realise there was these other perks.

            $450 travel credit is more like $250 travel credit as Amex flights are inflated.

            Virgin Lounge is worth $400+ but in this environment and the cut backs to the lounges, its only worth $200 (in my opinion).

    • it is now 2:1

      However they have increased the rate per dollar spend to 2.25 per dollar spent.

      So the conversion isnt too bad for daily spend, but sucks for those that do new applications with bonus points like this.

    • Converting to Qantas is such as waste of these points since Qantas charges higher taxes and requires alot of points to book reward flights. I would value this points higher and use it to book on Cathay Asia Miles or Singapore Kris flyer

  • If you do a bit of hunting around you can get the card through certain societies for $1200 I believe. It's possible to sign up as a student to Australian Medical Association and get a membership number. Not sure if the portals for that will be the same as for this deal though.
    The card lost a massive chunk of value when they stopped allowing new members to get the complimentary Platinum Reserve with $400 travel credit though.

  • The link is only showing 200k when I click on it.

  • +4

    I find the card worthwhile. You get $850 worth of travel credits. Plus a free night at Accor. Which offsets much of the fee in my case.

    In addition I use the access to Virginb Lounge (bring one guest per card)/AMEX Lounge (can bring four guests)/Plaza Premium and priority pass lounges. Traveling with kids and family this is a significant saving ( when travel is available).

    To offset the lack of available travel in the past 12 months AMEX has run two promotions with $400 cash back (each time) for Coles/Safeway/Woolworths/IGA etc.

    In addition the Rental car insurance on this card is market leading. I make use of the hotel status benefits particularly at Accor and Hilton. The rental car status benefits of less use but still handy.

    I have found their travel agency brilliant, with multiple COVID related cancellations, everything booked has been refunded without the slightest hassle. When booking I can deal with a single agent if I want.

    I've made use of the Financial Review subscription, a little annoyed at that changing to The Australian. I'm sure I've missed other benefits. Ooooh the AMEX luxury resorts and hotels program is amazing!

    So if you travel a bit, and know how to leverage the card benefits then it is worthwhile. If not then it is very expensive. Certainly not a card for everyone.

    Incidentally if you are a part of certain professional organisations you can get the card for a reduced fee $1050 I think (can't remember which associations now).

    • Yeah the Virgin lounge was awesome and unlimited Priority Pass. Funny thing is the Virgin lounge there's no way of verifying the Platinum card.

    • When the Priority Pass could be used at the food locations in the domestic airport it was legendary. Especially when travelling with the person who also has your supplementary card.
      Unfortunately you don't get $850 travel credit anymore as they won't give you the $400 Platinum Reserve credit to new members now.
      The $1050 price was before the price hike ($1050 for organisations and $1200 for regular before, now it's $1200 and $1450)

      • Ooooh wow so no complementary Reserve Credit card. That's definately a value hit.

    • I see several people referring to the Australian subscription - is this a targeted thing? If not, how would I go about getting this subscription? It doesn't seem to be on the amex website anywhere.

      • I haven't registered for The Australian is it has turned to junk in the past 15 years. But I imagine registering is the same as when I registered for the Financial Review. This was done via your Account online. There used to be a tab titled something like Explore your benefits.

    • 450 travel credits for new cardholders. The 400 travel credit on the reserve is no longer mentioned on any of the pages for reserve.

  • I'm only seeing 200k bonus from that link.

  • Only a $300K welcome bonus? I’m holding out for $1M.

    • I will definately go for this if $300K but sadly it's 300K points.

  • Only seeing 200k signup bonus too. Anyone getting the 300k instead?

    • 300k points is showing up via OP’s link now. Just clicked into it, and showing 300k.

  • If you use a referral from the referral code above you get all the above benefits and $500 credit but 200k points

  • +1

    increased to 350K bonus points, pretty good deal?

  • 350k now

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