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Export Degreaser 400g $1 @ Supercheap Auto


OzB's favourite value for money degreaser on sale for only $1 at Supercheap Auto.

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635344 (Kas mentioned this in the post).

Add : this is not food grade degreaser, do not use anywhere near food product or food preparation area. I use this for biycle chain cleaning, general household cleaning (sticky tape residue etc), engine bay wipe.

edit : site appears down now so titled as "in-store"

edit : checkout reported working again.

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    check out seems to be down at supercheap overloaded i guess .

  • I suppose this is not a food grade degreaser. I want to use the degreaser to remove the grease embedded in the kitchen range-hood. Any constructive advice would be much appreciated.

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      Not a food degreaser friend .

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      Mmm grease. 😋

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      Hi noramando,

      Added in my description on what and where this could be of use. I go through quite a few in a year for bicycle chain cleaning. The aerosol is useful to clean in between chain links especially.

      add : maybe JIF would be a better choice to clean greasy kitchen surface and safer?

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      The active ingredient in most oven degreasers is sodium hydroxide. you can use alittle bit of drain cleaner and dilute it since it's 90 something percent sodium hydroxide but be careful about skin and eye contact. Read the MDS.

    • Try baking soda.

    • Sugar soap

    • Spray and wipe.

    • I spent a lot of time cleaning my rangehood every time. I haven't quite figured out the easiest way yet. I've recently cleaned mine and then bought a disposable rangehood liner. Hopefully that will help.

      • Do you have a link to the one you bought?

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            @muppet: Have you ever tested how flame retardant the liner is once it's covered in oil? For your own peace of mind I'd suggest letting it get as dirty with oil as you ever would, tearing a section off and check how it burns.

    • 70% methylated spirits, 10% eucalyptus oil 20% water in a spray bottle

    • Remove those mesh and put them in the dishwasher. Double soap and long wash cycle.

  • I get it, it's cheap for what it is, and yes I buy these from time to time, but people should really look into 4L bottles of degreasers, works out heaps cheaper and it's not hard to put some in a spray bottle and spray something down that way. Plus it's much more sustainable. Just make sure you don't leave it in said spray bottle as it can melt the parts and stop working eventually

    • Links?

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        Don't have any links cos I've been using the same 4L bottle for about 15 years sorry

      • this is what I use:


        it is not bad for 1:5 as wheel cleaner. I wont recommend going over 1:10 for painted surfaces but 1:10 is good for general purposes. just dont let it dry.

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          I use the same as well, it's very versatile as you can mix it the way you want.

          I mix it at about 1:6.

          Bit those aerosols do come in handy, but I try to use them only when I need the accuracy and pressure from the pressurised can.

          For a spray bottle, I use empty Coles mould remover or window cleaner. I found those bottles a million times better then the cheaper then actually buying an empty bottle from SCA/Repco/Bunnings.

          • @mrhugo: Re using the cleaner bottles is very good idea. Cheap and sustainable haha.
            Chemical resist bottles a little expensive. So i got ikea domat's. They are still holding but I empty the trigger after every use to extend the life.

      • https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-ready-to-use-wor...

        This is the one I use and I think it's the one that @Jackson was talking about. I dilute it with water to and it works great!

        • do these need cleaning / wiping / washing afterwards? or evaporates like the brake and parts cleaner?

          • @dealmaker: They definitely need cleaning afterwards at least with a wet rag. They have some acidic properties in them so it's best to wash away with water then let them dry.

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    I don't know what degreaser is but I bought one. Thanks!

  • Page just 404s now?

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    Damn, I still hold few bottles from the last deal like 3 years ago ??

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    I find myself stuck in a perpetual checkout loop as I can't seem to get past the checkout screen. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Their site is a bit weird for me. I added to cart and couldn't checkout, now if I click on the link again it just 404s. But if I open it in a new incognito window, the page appears. Still can't check out though.

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        Not letting me checkout either

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    FYI degreaser can be bad for motorcycle chains. They're sealed chains and the seals can get damaged by the degreaser.

    Kerosene works well and is cheap if you don't want to buy expensive "chain cleaner"

    • 2nd this. Kerosene works great on chain & sprockets.

    • yep I use Kero to degrease, give it a spray with the hose after, then lanotec heavy duty spray Pak for lube. doesn't seem to fling much and gear shift better than any motorcycle specific chain lube I've tried. chain is as new after 40k KMs. only downside is your smell a bit like the Freo livestock port while riding around, for a couple days

    • 3rd this. I’ve actually used this exact degreaser to clean my motorcycle chain once and about a week later I noticed that some of the rubber o-rings broke, meaning I had to replace my chain immediately.

      Was very good at getting rid of the grease and gunk but I guess it’s too strong for rubber components. I use kerosene now to clean the chain and my chain now typically lasts around 25k km

  • How is this as flyspray to be used outside?

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      If you add a lighter in front of it, it'll definitely kill flies. You might start a bushfire though.

  • Does this stuff leave an odour?

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      Nah mate. Just use it after sex and the bedroom will smell fine afterwards.

  • So don't spray under the chicken skin?

  • Excellent for sparking up the campfire 🤣

  • Can't checkout.

    • Same here.

      • Checkout worked on my phone this morning.

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    Someone mentioned this makes a good weed killer. I concurred.

    • Really..? I would like to know more

    • That's what my friend told me as well! Tried it out and defo works but best for the weeds between the concrete cracks.

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      boiling water would be cheaper

  • Brake cleaner (Bendix or any other brand as long as it’s solvent- not water-based) is far better at degreasing anything that you need truly clean and isn’t much more expensive when on sale.

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    Spray the whole engine bay and underside of your car before you sell. Extra $300 since "no leaks"

  • Has anyone placed an order in the last 30 mins? Trying to work out if the website is rekt or just me.

    • I can confirm the site is still not letting check out to happen. Worry not, it's deal for next 10 days so you'll have plenty of time to order. They usually have loads on the floor and very unlikely to be out of stock (never happened to me with past 99c deals).

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    Checkout working again now

  • Could this be used for cleaning/degreasing bbq grill and the bbq unit?

  • IMO, this 'Export' degreaser just isn't even worth $1. The other degreaser that SCA sells is much better, get 4 or more when they on special.

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    Thanks Op, picked a few up today and was told they've sold out at Castle Hill (NSW) as someone picked up 600 yesterday O_O

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