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[Refurbished] Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitor - S3221QS $359 Delivered @ Dell Outlet


I recently purchased one of these at this price and am pretty happy with it. LED whilst not as bright and fast as $1000+ plus monitors it really is a nice day to day work from home monitor. On the main dell site they are selling https://deals.dell.com/en-au/work/productdetail/9dtb @ $524 30% off the full retail of $748 ( but has anyone been silly enough to pay full price from dell?)

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    Interesting, just 2 days ago they were available for $370 new (eBay+ and a 20% Dell discount).

  • Really contemplating to move from Dual 24" setup to a single larger monitor.
    Anyone that made the move recommend it?
    Main use is CAD (on main screen) with emails/office/surfing on the second-side screen.

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      I work on a 31.5" flatscreen and the monitor must be 40cm from my eyes at most, works for me as I split the screen into 4 16" windows. If you're going for 2 dor just 2 windows side by side I reckon an ultrawide might be a better bet.

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      I use a 32" curved at home and 3x24" at work for cad/cam . For work I think multiple smaller monitors works best because you can just zoom in on anything you need a better view of and at home a big screen is great . I have the 2k165Hz dell which is curved and I wish I had stuck with a flat screen . Nice monitor but I'm not sold being curved is "better" .

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      I run a 32" as my main and 27" as my secondary. CAD on the main, emails and other software on the secondary. I reckon go dual larger screens, made my life easier trying to read comments on the secondary and do work on the main.

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      Hi Mate,
      was in the same boat as you (but don't use cad) have a read on my other post here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10672708/redir

      Now I'm not looking for software that mimic dual monitor setup on a single monitor

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        I came across somewhere in Windows 10 you can do multiple desktops, basically like your Android phone with multiple screens,..

        Edit: called task view

        • Tried this its a really neat feature ….. thanks mate !!!

          Unfortunately it does not divide your screen into sections/parts …… never the less definitively useful!

        • Speaking of similiar, since some update on my 2721dfg it now tries to ALWAYS split whatever window i drag onto it into whatever 1/3rd portion and I'm unsure how to fix if someone knows/has the same issue?

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        I use a Windows 10 utility called FancyZones which is part of the PowerToys (I know right!) suite. Works great on my 34"Ultrawide curved to divide the screen into work areas.
        Here's how to set it up https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/fancyzone....

        This product is out of stock now, by the way

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    Geez it'd be nice if we could get some discounts on the Ultrasharp line of monitors. I'm hanging out for some specials on the 27" or 32" 4K monitors!

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      Same here. Patiently waiting on a 32" Ultrasharp with USB C.

  • Hey OP, what was the condition like, any marks or scratches on the screen?


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      Looked like unused new one as best I could tell. Cables all factory sealed. Could have been taken out and reboxed not sure.

  • What is the viewing angle like on these? I want to put one in the corner of the dining room so we can see it from the dinner table - one person will be on centre but the other will be 30-40 degrees off centre (either side). Closest person 1.5m away, furthest 4m

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      get a TV for that purpose….. regardless of the viewing angles on the spec, curved monitors just aren't known for great viewing angles.

    • horizontal angles are fairly good, vertical angles are okay (but certainly not unusable).

  • Out of stock.

    Why won't it let me post a comment saying out of stock?

    • Because you should use the report button.

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