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[PC, Prime] Twitch - Free - The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - Prime Gaming


Another game to claim for free for those of you that have a Twitch/Prime Game membership.
This time it is the cult classic: The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition


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    I recommend

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      Username checks out.

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      Somebody get this guy an associated tag.

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      I am rubber you are glue

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      You fight like a dairy farmer

      • How appropriate you fight like a soy bean.

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      What a silly name you have! ~ by Mancomb Seepgood

  • Is this Amazon prime ?

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      Prime Gaming, says that in the title.

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      Comes included in Amazon Prime.
      It is called Prime Gaming.

  • Do you have to have downloaded them by the end of the period? Or is there a library you can go to later on to download? Can't see one anywhere (bud admit I haven't looked too deeply).

    EDIT: ah, think I found it. There's an app to download.

    • Don’t need to download with app. Just “claim” via link and it will be added to library.

      • Hey, was wondering more about how I go back to find it later to download (ie. after 3/8). Is there a browser based library to view, or the library only viewable in app?

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          Ah I see. I think the app is the way to both view your library and download to your pc. Not sure if there is an option to view your entire library via browser.

          • @Usernames: Cheers mate. That's all good than. Thanks for responding :)

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    Best game ever back when I was in high school

    I am rubber you are glue

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    Several other games free for this month:

    Portal Dogs
    Batman - The Enemy Within
    The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature
    Tales of the Neon Sea
    Tales of the Neon Sea

    Says they expir August 3.

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      Already been posted and they show up with this game anyway.

    • I bought automachef for switch recently for a few bucks, it's a fun if you are into that sort of thing! Although it could do a bit better at explaining how some components work with each other.. or maybe I'm trying to use the advanced stuff too early, either way it's an interesting puzzle/management game.

  • will it work after I end prime membership ?

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      If you've downloaded it before then, yes.

      • thanks

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          No need to have the games downloaded/installed. As long as you claim the games, they're yours to keep.

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