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50% off 1kg Signature BLK Whole Beans $31 Delivered, 50% off Apparel, Coffee Gear, Chocs, Chais & Syrups @ Undercover Roasters


Hey there OzBargainers,

Flash sale 50% OFF 1kg SIGNATURE BLK BEANS - WHOLE BEANS ONLY. Exclusively available to OzBargainers.
That's $31.00 inc delivery.

Flash Sale this weekend. Whooping 50% OFF our signature BLK beans (whole beans only) also available 50% Off - apparel, coffee gear and choc, chais & syrups range. Discount available on 1kg BLK coffee beans only (whole beans) While stocks last!

Use code: ‘FLASH50’ at checkout

Shipping fees as follows:
$50.00 UNDER = $7.50
$50.00 OVER = $5.00
$100.00 OVER = FREE

Starts today: Friday 2nd July
Finishes: Sunday 4th July


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    Solid deal. 1kg of coffee, a new large milk jug, a new tamper and tamp mat for 78 bucks. Thanks guys!!!

  • Very much liked the WHT that I got last time. After talking to someone from Abbotsford shop about horses-for-courses, I'm getting a kilo of the BLK to collect from Bendigo.

    $23.50 [pick-up].

    Thanks folks!

  • +1

    Is it just me or does it not list ingredients on the website. I am talking about the chocolate and the chai. Seems like good value, but no idea what is in it.

    • Agreed I would like to know what's in it, I purchased the chai in a previous deal and the packaging does not state the ingredients either. However I can say it's delicious and I bought another kilo this time!

  • OP do your scales also have a timer function?

  • Not valid for sampler pack. Disappointing.

  • Sweet, ordered 2kgs to get us through more "stay at home" orders.

    • Hang in there mate she'll be right

  • Anyone in Sydney who ordered got their delivery yet?