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Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Switch) $119 + Shipping (WA/ VIC C&C) @ PLE Computers


A really good price for this Filco Majestouch 2 TKL (Brown Switch) at $119 - Normally $219.

Great for typing and gaming and has room to spare for the mouse due to no numeric keypad.

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  • This or Ducky SF 2 or hyperx alloy orgins. Seems like a solid board just given its age I'm worried latency might be high and not a priority when they were designing it.

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      The Ducky SF2 has higher-than-average latency, if that's your major concern. Otherwise both Ducky and Filco are top-tier quality for pre-builts.

      • Had way too many cheap gaming peripherals, most brands build them to be essentially disposables these days. Even Logitech seems to be following the path of Razer et al.

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    My partner and I have been using the full sized Filco Majestouch 2 for years. They haven't missed a beat.

    Edit - Just checked and have had them since December 2013!

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      My first and only mech so far has been Filco Majestouch 2. Mine has to be at least 5 years old. Only downside is the crappy keycaps.

      • Change the keycaps… with $20 you can get some PBT ones from ebay.

  • Good keyboard, in the standard of 2015 - 2016

    I really hope they could update their product line to support wireless multiple-device

  • Am I missing something? Getting $219

  • Yep I'm getting $219 too

  • I think it's all gone.

    I managed to get an order in at $119, lets see if they cancel…

  • Classic but gradually showing its age. Build quality is still top notch, but there are no PBT key caps, no aluminium shield, and the design is arguably boring - yes, this is classic design of a mechanical keyboard, but it’s 2021, users deserve something new (not necessarily has to be flashy RGB thing)

    • I’m totally agree with you then I hold my trigger bought another RGB tkl instead.

    • Do you have a recommendation for a terrific mechanical keyboard up to latest standards?

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        • Ducky. Very good and easily attainable.
        • Leopold. A step up from Ducky but more expensive.
        • Varmillo. Maybe a slight step up from Ducky but slightly more expensive.
        • Glorious. Hot swap so you have many more choices of switches and can essily change if you want. Either the standard GMMK if you want cheap and still decent, or the new Pro while more expensive than other keyboards listed here has features that rival completely custom boards that cost twice as much and are a lot more hassle to put together. I have a pro arriving tomorrow. Have seen a friend’s though and it looks solid.
        • Keychron. Various models. Only ones with bluetooth on this list. Some are hotswap. Relatively cheap and very, very popular but check reviews as some models are better than others.

        From the above, I’d you need Bluetooth, Keychron is your only option. If you want something you can mod easily, or want switches other than the standard blue, brown, or red then the Glorious GMMK (cheap) or Pro (high end) are good options. If you want simple and reliable take your pick from Ducky, Leopold or Varmillo.

        Then there are lots of prebuilt options from more specialist retailers (most of the above were like this until the last year or two), and beyond that full customs and group buys.

        • Terrific write up, thanks.

          I’ve got a Leopold blue TKL (amongst others, like a Unicomp buckling spring and Filco Minila blue) but I’d like to add a brown switch keyboard to my list.

          Thanks for the pointers!

          • @outofgamut: Definitely prefer Leopold over the Filco. But if I am not wrong, Leopold stock key caps have a slightly different profile.

        • Totally agreed.

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    There's still some blue's and brown's left: https://www.ple.com.au/Search/filco

  • This morning I just found the brown ninja is available and placed an order.
    Shame my varmilo’s alt key not responding. After a cleanup found other five keys along with alt keys not working. Good timing this deal comes. First time purchase with PLE, hope I made a good choice.

    Ps previous varmilo bought July 2015. The one before was a cherry board since June 2009 (not broken just left to company)