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Chia Plotter ($1000) and Farming System ($686) + Shipping @ Virco Computer


Chia Plotter

Few basic knowledge for Chia Plotter requirement:

Windows OS minimum requirement: 1 Core + 4Gb RAM

5 Plots required [ 5 Core + 20Gb RAM + 1200Gb SSD (Temporary Space) ]
7 Plots required [ 7 Core + 28Gb RAM + 1680Gb SSD (Temporary Space) ]
11 Plots required [ 11 Core + 44Gb RAM + 2640Gb SSD (Temporary Space) ]
15 Plots required [ 15 Core + 60Gb RAM + 3600Gb SSD (Temporary Space) ]

Actual Size for NVMe drives:
1TB NVMe = 931Gb
2TB NVMe = 1862Gb
3TB NVMe = 2793Gb
4TB NVMe = 3724Gb

Chia Plotter progressing requirement:
Stage 1: required CPU + SSD
Stage 2: required CPU + RAM
Stage 3: required SSD + RAM
Stage 4: required SSD

Therefore, we offer the following entry model of plotter.
From our experiment, considering using the official Chia app, this plotter would take roughly 24 hours to complete 5 Plots simultaneously. If use other third party app such as Madmax..etc, may plot higher performance

Virco Y402a Chia Plotter:

6 Core of CPU Processor
3 Slots NVMe Slots (with expansion card)
32GB of RAM
Contain USB Type-C Ports or USB 3.1 or gigabit ethernet for fast transfer plots to farm system

Upgrade capacity:
RAM Slots x 4, can upgrade to 64GB RAM
PCI-e Expansion Slots x 4, which means can insert more expansion card for NVMe Slots
SATA Ports x 6

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core CPU
Motherboard: B450 ATX board
RAM: 32GB (2x 16GB) RAM
Storage I: 240GB SATA SSD
Storage II: 2TB SSD (2x 1TB NVMe)
GPU: Standard with DVI and DP port
PSU: 450W 80+ Gold Power Supply
Case: Full ATX Case
Expansion: NVMe Expansion Card

Chia Farming

Basic tips for Farming system requirement

Any machine can be used for farming. However, the main program of Chia require 5GB of RAM, plus OS need 4GB of RAM, so pretty much the only requirement for farming system is to have more than 9GB of RAM (ie, 16GB of RAM)

To be able to run as much as HDD possible for the system, the amount of SATA port and HDD bracket can take per system is something important.

Virco Y408a Chia Farmer

4 Core of CPU Processor
6 Ports of SATA connection
16GB of RAM
Contain USB Type-C Ports or USB 3.1 or gigabit ethernet for fast received plots from plotter to this farm system

Upgrade capacity:
RAM Slots x 4, can upgrade to 64GB RAM
PCI-e Expansion Slots x 4, which means can insert more expansion card for SATA Slots

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 4-Core CPU
Motherboard: B450 ATX board
RAM: 16GB (1x 16GB) RAM
Storage I: 240GB SATA SSD
Storage II:
GPU: Standard with DVI and DP port
PSU: 750W 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply
Case: Full ATX Case with 8 slots of HDD bracket

Virco 3.5" Hard Drive for Chia Farming Purpose

for quantity more than 10, please PM us for the pricing.

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  • +2

    Wow, just take jobs from farmers like that.

  • +1

    Is this an educational post or a deal post? ๐Ÿค”

  • With Madmax plotter, it's better to offer systems with higher core count and RAM. Just saying.

    • how to plot multiple plots with Madmax? I can only do one at a time. or anyone know how to plot k33 34 plot with madmax?

      • +1

        Mad Max is a multi core, multi thread plotter. You load it up with as many cores as you can and it plots serially in a much shorter time. So when compared to parrallel plotting it's much easier to setup about don't need to wait 6-8 hours for your first plot to complete. In a 24 hour period you plot marginally more than a well tuned parrallel plot setup using something like Swar plot manager. Afaik Mad max on supports K32 at this stage.

  • +2

    Is Chia farming even worth it?

    • +17


    • +7

      good alternative of egg, also packed with omega 3

    • Only if you've plenty of spare storage and join a pool

  • +2

    Just remember this would generate the plots (plotter) and farm the plots (farmer), but you need to store them somewhere and the drive prices listed on the site are not currently price competitive.

    If you're new to Chia, work out how long it would take to at least recoup the costs (assuming a stable coin value at best), it's a while… a long while…

    (Saying this from experience :))

  • +12

    TL;DR: Purpose built-crypto mining rigs for Chia Coin.

    OP, you gave most of your viewers a stroke trying to work out what the hell you're selling.

  • +5

    What an absolutely asinine crypto. They wanted something more environmentally friendly than cpu mining so came up with this. THIS IS JUST A WASTE OF HDD MATERIAL. use pos you muppets.

    • +2

      Except it may bring up a whole new eco-system that re-using / re-purposing the existing Chia plots to create a new chain in no time is a thing without additional cost, and maintain its decentralised nature unlike PoS.

    • I'd agree to some extent - the TBW loss when plotting is my concern. This is being overcome with more done on ram disks, or spinners. Depedning on the size of the desired investment and where you wanna be.

      From an transactional/operational perspective this is far less of an issue power wise than Ethereum / BTC mining via ASIC or GPU.

      What I do think will be funny is when madmax ends up being written to run on GPUs. - then we'll be back where we started generating plots out of gamers video cards with an average power consumption when mining at the wall of something like 130w per card.

      • Plotting speed is irrevelent in medium-long term, it's all about storage space (netspace) in the end.

        • Plotting speed is not important anymore, 2 months ago, plotting speed was the only thing that is important

          • @ln28909: Logscale growth, many don't understand the term.

            • @Aloa: Doesnt matter when you made $2/tb 2 months ago vs 10c/tb today

              Some people don't understand opportunity cost

              • @ln28909: That's true, many people jumped on the wagon without calculations. People that I know plotting/farming before early April, almost all of them have had their investment back already and rest are all profits. Can't imagine what it feels like for anyone joining after May.

                • @Aloa: Yeah the coin launch price was very unexpected, I joined in April just for the fun since everyone was talking about it, ROI the day it launched.

                  The people that came in May pay more for HDD and much worse outlook, be interesting to see how many has quit after the price crash to $300

                  • @ln28909: Yea that was kind of unexpected. Me and my buddy started in late March and our projected price was around 25-30 USD max and ROI in 6 months based on our investment scale, didn't expect it to be such a hype and all of sudden our plans were scrapped lol.

  • +6

    6 HDD socket chia farmer LOL
    6 core plotter LOL
    Both are joke besides chia is dead.

  • +1

    If you really want a chia plotter, you're much better off getting one of the cheap no-GPU dells on locals

    • Not really,

      no GPU means PCI 3.0.
      the NVME/SSD in it will die in about 2 weeks given its poor TBW.
      The ram is maxxed out - I think they only have 2 stick spaces from the last one i had. might be wrong, but yep, bad idea imho

      • +1

        actually the ones with SK Hynix SSDs have excellent TBW, and if you get the micron version at least it's easily replaced. I've got 4 making 25-30 plots/day, each for <$500

      • A number of PCIe 3.0 NVMe consumer SSD have high TBW (I'm talking about around 1400-1600 TBW per TB). None of my SSDs failed on me over the last 3 months of plotting. Also based on many SSD in-depth review and tests, TBW spec can be clearly viewed as an insurance that manufacturer's willingness to cover, it doesn't necessarliy mean it will die when reach this number of writes.

    • Locals? Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace?

  • I think you also write a paper on how to farm chia, please start with pool farming vs direct farming?


  • +2

    "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die." W.B.

    A passive income source is one of the best ways to break free from the 9 to 5 rat race.

    • +2

      Would you rather 1 million right now, or 5c a month? I'd take 5c a month because a passive income is one of the best ways to break free from the 9-5 rat race.

      • +1

        No one is offering you a million right now just like no one is offering you 5c a month right now… gotta make the dollars yourself.

        • +1

          B-but my ridiculous hypotheticals!

  • What a rip off this is.
    They claim to need all those requirements for a farmer hence needing a $700 computer…. I'm using a raspberry pi.

    Steer clear of these and do your own research
    Buy a NAS and a pi for the farmer and forget these products.

    A lot of people will be able to plot on their own computers.

  • +1

    Bugger, thought I could grow my own chia seeds and not buy them from the shops. Disappointed.

  • 'the main program of Chia require 5GB of RAM, plus OS need 4GB of RAM, so pretty much the only requirement for farming system is to have more than 9GB of RAM (ie, 16GB of RAM)'

    What a misleading and misrepresentation. Running a full node+wallet+harvester+GUI under WIN 10 only occupies less than 2GB of system RAM(even lesser and more effective if you use CLI), you can even run them in a VM or a NAS Docker.

    • Running a full node already takes the system to 5gb ram if you have 8gb stick

      • I am running a full node under GUI, but it only uses 0.6GB in VM (check in the system processes). No HDD farming.

        • not on windows

  • +1

    chia is dead.

  • Chia is gone my friends

  • I don't know enough about XCH to comment on this subject.

    Some of the miners in this link are saying 8% p/m is doable.

    I'm making $2000 a month off of a $23,000,ish investment. Are you at a PB? Please tell me you didn't dump 20k on 100tb or something ridiculous.

  • Too late bro.
    A $50 thin client is enough for farmer.

    • connected to how many drives and in what way? How many plots? Have you tested the lookup times are consistently less than 5 seconds? Full story and context would be ideal!

      • It's not, you want a proper pc, otherwise you will hit many instability issues

      • Recent HP thinclient deals are great, cost less than $200 and can connect to many USB drives. Below is status from one of my harvesters yesterday (0 XCH club welcome).

        โ„น๏ธ Chia-Harvester-2 DAILY
        Hello farmer! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Here's what happened in the last 24 hours:
        Received โ˜˜๏ธ: 0 XCH
        Proofs ๐Ÿงพ: None
        Search ๐Ÿ”:
        - average: 0.75s over 9281 searches
        - over 5s: 18 occasions (0.2%)
        - over 15s: 9 occasions (0.1%)
        Plots ๐ŸŒฑ: 4809
        Eligible plots ๐Ÿฅ‡: 9.42 average
        Skipped SPs โš ๏ธ: Unknown

      • USB 3.0 connected 2 10TB HDD
        lookup time is 0.008s to 0.01s

  • What an uninformed post, the amount of incorrect statments is astounding.
    Also dissapointed the OP has not come back..

    Post and go it seems

  • +1

    In fairness, there is alot unknown about chia right now.
    - It's had its fair share of awesome marketing
    - aA dev team that slowed down once the price dropped along with BTC
    - Then there was issue with fake plots, closed source variants of the plotting software, speculative come and go 'pools', people farming the same plots across multiple pools.
    - General uncertainty and lack of commitment with dates.

    There are statements from the OP - which don't optimise the setup based on the madmax release, but that's been outlined. That said there is equally some invalid statements by posters in here also. There are definitely some further clarification on the build that would help, and for clarity for me at least these are:

    • What is the TBW of the NVME/SSD drive - what brand? What Generation? as the Mobo appears to be Gen 3.

    Even with these being covered, I'd agree more CPU would be good. but even then, it's a cost versus benefit exercise. 6 Cores, a fast nvme, running madmax on a single plot at a time might be more economical than a 5950x / 128gb ram (ram disk setup) etc.. And ultimately the answer to that math equation isnt one anyone can answer right now, until the specifications are clarified, the desired total plot size someone wants is understood, once plotted what the hardware will be used for.

    Key message is if you think you know the answer for chia then let me know when i can borrow that crystal ball.

    I have no qualification in this apart from a vested interest in giving it a red hot go. I've done about 4 Months of R&D. Currently have infrastructure in my lounge room than the local computer store, including 1.5+ PB of Enterprise SAS Storage. waiting on the pool release.

  • The specs for the plotter is pretty dumb ngl

    32gb of ram: pointless
    2tb ssd: pointless
    Nvme expansion card: pointless

    Even then, 5 plots in 24 hours with a 3600, you're doing something seriously wrong, a 3600 should do at least 15 plots in 24 hours even with the official plotting method

    If anyone considering getting into chia, I recommend you disregard what is written in the OP and do your own research

  • How is this on ozbargain its not even a deal

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