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1kg Beanstalker Blend Coffee $31.50 Delivered @ The Grounds


"Order before 11:59pm (AEST) on Friday, 9 July to SAVE 30%* on 1kg bags of Beanstalker coffee beans!"

Seems like the delivery fee/min of $50 is also waived for this deal, so not a bad offer for 1 kilo of beans delivered.

EDIT - use code BUYME to get a further 10% off

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    Where are the coffee beans from?

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      A coffee tree

      • Which country?

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          One that grows coffee

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          Doesn't really matter since it's a blend. Most blends dont explicitly state where they source their beans from and isn't required since it's a sort of "trade secret" recipe kind of thing.
          Instead you should visually inspect their beans for how good their roast and blend is.
          Some factors you can look out for are, whether they pre-blend or post-blend their coffee, the presence of quakers and uniformity of the beans

          Pre-blended coffees tend to feature more variations in color of the beans due to roasting all the beans at once. Some will be under roasted while some will be over roasted due to the variety of beans.
          Post-blended coffee tend to feature less variations since all varieties are roasted individually but comes with roast inconsistency (Hence why the same coffee blend may taste slightly different and require dialing in each week)
          You may also inspect the quality of their beans, if you notice a few beans with a significantly lighter color relative to the rest then you've found yourself a quaker (An unripe coffee bean). The reason for the color is that there's less sugar in unripe beans causing less browning as it's roasted. The presence of these beans indicates less strict quality control and can generally impact the flavour profile significantly.
          There's a lot more to identifying issues with how the coffee is roasted and may be quite difficult to spot, however they will quickly become evident through taste.
          Personally I like to see blends which are uniform in colour with relatively few cracks and no quakers.

          • @Yve:

            dont explicitly state where they source their beans from

            Why not?

            There are some countries that I would not want to consume products from…

          • @Yve:

            then you've found yourself a quaker (An unripe coffee bean).

            So that's how they make porridge

  • Huntley St blend also $37.80.

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    Gosh why so many beans sale recently hahhaa

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      Reduced business from cafes probably. Thanks COVID…thovid.

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        A Look Around You reference on OzB? Now I've seen everything. Thanks tycho… thycho.

  • Love these beans! Thanks OP, ordered.

  • Thanks, ordered.

  • I couldn't see a delayed dispatch at all… Not sure if this is possible…

  • Please delete reference to delivery fee waived, i got stung with $5.00 charge

    • Just ordered then and didnt get charged shipping.
      This was tacked at the end of the order summary: "Free Shipping for 1KG Bags of Coffee"

      • :( definitely got charged, maybe because of being interstate?

  • sale extended to 16 July 21, probably due to stay at home order extended to next Friday.

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    Delivered. Huntley st blend is roasted on 10/6/21.
    Very disappointed

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      got the Beanstalker with roast date 6/7/21

    • Mine was 7 July… This will be the last time from these guys.

    • Received mine yesterday (19 July) in NSW, roast date was 13 July, wasn't toooooo bad (probably luck)…

  • by far the worst coffee I received to date! Requested freshly roasted coffee, received coffee that is over 3 weeks old…when trying to contact customer service there was ZERO RESPONSE! PLEASE AVOID!