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Mechpro Blue Breaker Bar 1/2" 300mm $18.8, 380mm $22.5, 450mm $22.5, 610mm $26.3, 750mm $33.8 C&C/Instore @ Repco


Now even Better no need of the bloody Auto Club card, and even better 25% discount instead of the 20%, I had returned my initial order, and bought same items from a different store today.

Was searching through breaker bars, had not looked up for one in a long time, they always used to be more expensive than torque wrenches so i kept using my torque wrench as breaker bar, But finally found solution to this
1/2 " 610 mm So its a bloody long one okay, seems decent to get the job done, Most importantly its long enough for me to loosen the extremely tight bolts. Well I needed a 3/8 inch breaker bar honestly but seeing 1/2 inch so low I bought these with an adapter to use on 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch sockets, moreover the 3/8 inch is usually not long enough like this.

Also dont forget the cashback from Cashrewards of 2% (Instore or Online)

You can buy the cheaper $18 one too but its only 300mm long and i just personally dont recommend that short breaker bar ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING ONLY 1 (like most of people). Go for at least 450mm i think(same price as 380mm ATM), unless 300mm suits your needs.

Heat-treated Chrome Vanadium for strength and durability
Chrome plated and polished surface
5 Year Nationwide Warranty

Automotive tools and garage equipment for the professional automotive DIYer working from home - Mechpro Blue.
Are you like us and love to spend the weekends and evenings in the engine bay, fixing or improving your car? Do you look forward to track days, off-road adventures, road trips, modifying your car or just fixing the parts that break instead of paying a professional? Then you, like us, are the professional DIYer and you need the range of Mechpro Blue tools and garage equipment. If you're looking to add a few extra tools to your existing kit or wanting to get some power behind your tools with the Mechpro Blue air tools and compressors, Mechpro Blue is designed for you. When you are dreaming of suspension upgrades, the tools you need are Mechpro Blue. When you are looking to adjust your carby to get every last one of those 86 horsepowers from your toyota 4k, Mechpro Blue is there. When you just need to do that fluid change on the driveway, your Mechpro Blue jack, Mechpro Blue socket set, Mechpro Blue hex keys are there for you.

The range of Mechpro Blue is so vast, You can buy individual hand tools, or you can buy entire professional quality tool sets. If you're starting your tool kit from the beginning then grab the essential socket sets, screw drivers, to spanners and wrenches, through to hex and torx sets, chisel and plier sets, we can help your kit out that tool box in no time. Mechpro Blue gives you strong tools, versatile tools and tools that don't cost the earth so you can focus on the job at hand. Of course, you need somewhere to store all of this fancy gear. A Mechpro Blue tool storage system will keep your workspace clean and organised, so your home workshop is the envy of your neighbourhood. Shop the full range online or visit a Repco store today so you can touch and feel the quaility tools we know you'll love. Old cars are sick.

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    You might want to buy a new torque wrench now or get yours recalibrated

    • I didnt really use the toque wrench that much (may be like 5 times changing 2 Car tyres), so i think it would still be accurate enough for wheels, or other heavy duty applications.

      • +3

        She'll be right. At least your using a torque wrench. Most tyre places just use the air impact until it strips the thread then return the car to the customer hoping they don't notice.

        • -1

          Yea but I unfortunately have to go to those mechanics and tyre places shops for cheapo Groupon car services But yeah on my process to do the next oil change myself and not go to those GREEDY MECHANICS, i have had so many greedy experiences with mechanics that I see all mechanics as GREEDY honestly, And I simply tell them ONLY ENGINE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE "DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL, SO DONT MENTION ME SOMETHING IS NEEDED". Some are so greedy they say tyre is worn out when it is completely fine, I Just sometimes also do feel like as if they are partially blind or something??

          • @USER DC: Have you had your doors rotated in the last 12 months? Should probably get the mechanics to do that too.

            • @Hintswen: Maybe they have had their blinker fluid topped up too

          • @USER DC: yep, said I had blown head gasket ….. I said "no water in the oil" went home, bubbles in radiator , turns out the car had plain water, a cracked radiator and the bubbles were steam not exhaust gas, replaced radiator, added coolant, all good ……

            I hate people that try to overservice.

  • Breaker bars more expensive than torque wrenches? Not sure on that one unless you're comparing an expensive breaker bar to cheap torque wrenches.

    If you're really going to be swinging off it, you can get a 600mm 1/2" TTI bar for about $50 with lifetime warranty but by the sounds of the amount of work it will see, this will be fine for you. For this price, they're handy to keep in the boot with an appropriate deep socket attached just in case you get a flat. Much nicer (and easier if it's the partner having to use it) than the factory wheel brace

    • Mechpro 1/2 " $29

      around the same time

      this Craftright one (one i have) from bunnings was same $29 ish too

      • Only a dollar but still more expensive than the breaker bars comparing the same brand and both on sale.

        I'd be interested to see how accurate they are for the price. I mean if you're just doing up wheel nuts with them it's not exactly critical, but they'd be a good buy if they check out to be reasonably accurate.

        • I mean I am doing brake job soon, so will be using the Craft right one to torque the brake rotor, caliper nuts/bolts.
          Hopefully will be a good result

          • @USER DC: Shouldn't need to torque the rotor but the other stuff I guess.

            As an aside, the breaker bars are also the Mechpro Blue range which is a little more expensive than regular Mechpro. 5 year warranty vs 1 maybe?
            The equivalent torque wrench is about $10 more than the "base model" but doesn't get discounted anywhere near as much.

        • I've been using my Aldi torque wrench for a while, hopefully my flywheel stays on.

  • How does the whole auto club membership work?
    I am an ignition member but I would love to access these discounts since I see them so often from Repco

    • +2

      Need to be a member of RAC/RACQ/RACV/whatever is in your state

      You can fudge the numbers if you're doing C&C though. Never been asked for my card instore as proof

      • You can fudge the numbers if you're doing C&C though. Never been asked for my card instore as proof

        Doesn't the website check the number…?

        • It doesn't reference it with the auto clubs no. Can pretty much be a random 7 digit number

    • +2

      You have two options,

      1.) join an auto club - RAA, RACV, RACQ etc.

      2.) Buy online and enter a random 7(?) digit number in the auto club field.

      • +1

        Yeah i love the second option honestly whenever i forget my mum/dad's membership number i put in random number close to their membership number, and somehow it always works

    • +1

      You need a card number of


      you just need a membership number of any of these Auto club memberships

      I don't have one, but my mum and dad have RAA, I use their RAA card to get myself discount. But yeah these Auto club memberships are very handy when in the middle of nowhere your car dies, or you have a problem, or something, they had been a liver saver in my mum's opinion when they came to help us out when our car was stuck at Covid Drive through test centre during October-December 3 day lockdown, he helped get the car going on.

      • +1

        they had been a liver saver

        Does the RAA now do roadside liver transplants?

        • +1

          life saver **

          Bloddy auto correct man

  • What are people using breaker bars for, other than for poorly fitted wheel nuts?

    I highly recommend getting an impact wrench instead.
    I got a 12v corded one for about $60-70 ages ago and it even has a digital torque gauge. Haven't found a nut or bolt it can't loosen.
    That alone can replace your torque wrench and breaker bar.

    Then the cord for annoying so I also bought a cordless impact wrench for about $40 on sale. (Kogan/certa one)

    • I generally won't use an impact on my wheel nuts as I'm too paranoid about scratching wheels and wouldn't tighten them with one anyway.
      Usually prefer breaking with a bar and then using a cordless ratchet. Gets in to much tighter spots than an impact.

    • You'd be surprised how tight things can get, especially after a trip to jax tyres. I had a go at removing the wheel nuts with both the factory brace and $200 makita impact driver with no success. That included hopping onto the bar and both leveraging and jumping on the bar.

      I would like to know which model you got though, maybe my driver just didn't have enough torque

      • +1

        You need an impact wrench not driver.

        I have these two:


        Both can plug into cigarette socket but the second one can be cordless too.

        Both use a flywheel and clutch mechanism so initially it might be slower to loosen tough bolts, BUT it will be able to loosen tighter bolts than non clutch style wrenches.

        Where I've bent/twisted a wheel brace trying to loosen an over tightened nut, the impact wrench has handled it with ease

  • The old ALDI $20 Torque Wrench is still a great Breaker Bar.

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    "No officer, I don't have any weapons in the car, just a 750mm steel bar….for wheels"

    • Haha

    • +1

      I keep wondering how I will explain this in my car.

      Wera koloss

  • No need of auto club now, time to return your orders, and buy at cheaper prices